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Good evening how are you all today. hope your week has been great.

Lots to share from my last update and My week has been full on and Difficult which I will share our Journey when covid hit. But first I will start off on a more postive note I really prefer having positive things to write about but life isn’t always like that you are sent challenges to over come, It really shows you just how strong you are, and skills you learnt come in handy in a crisis.

Thursday 20th on January Work with Hayley

So the day was shopping and choosing different textures and arts and crafts, we got the walking in while we we shopping, Hayley loves going to the till to pay was counting her money in the car on the way, but this time she decided to get distracted when it came to paying so I brought the things for her you should have seen the sneaky smile on her face as we walked out the shops. She is smart than she looks she sat in the car counting her money again as we drove home. My daughter does that sometimes to they get you to hold what they want to by and then disappear or stay quite till I say I will get it. Got to love them though.

We also listened to music while we were getting creative and she did some work on her tablet we talked about the day center and what she had been doing there.

Jake had an exam and it didn’t go to well he had real bad anxiety, had to leave the room thankfully his teacher gave him sometime and they discussed what he needed to move forward, the teacher said he would adapt to Jakes learning style, but also suggested maybe having a pot everyone could put something in what works and what doesn’t I think its a great thing that way for those who are having difficulty or didn’t understand something but don’t want to speak about it in front of their pears have a chance for the teacher to know that they may need a bit of a private chat to talk through the issues.

Exams are hard for because some of it is memory based which isn’t always something that comes easy for him, he actually does real great in classes but that test situation is a struggle though, it all depends on mindset on the day, wether anxiety is high.

Friday night 21st I was on shift with Hayley and Tom, holly and Ellie. I started earlier because Toms Mum had her operation on that day and there dad is still recovering from being in hospital plus it was my scheduled shift.

Tom was in a great mood when I arrived, although he was refusing to eat for the others looking after him till i got there, I manage to get him to eat he has new meds for sleeping now so they have changed to Melatonin and he also been given some painkillers for his hip pain he is due for a reassessment with specialist soon as his pain has been bad in his hips which also has been affecting his sleeping pattern.

we also read some of his new books Hayley brought for him, He loved story time we had to wait a while for medicine time and he was a little uncomfortable so we put some music on and he snag while he was in the bath, the hoist decided to play up and not lower so thankfully the bath itself raises up so it was still possible to give him a bath, then a massage to help loosen his muscle his legs were pretty stiff changed and all tucked up in his bed i gave him his meds and sat beside him told him another story and played him some calming music and that was tom a sleep went to see what Hayley was up to and she was fast asleep to. toms dad had to go pick his mum up from hospital, so I cooked the girls dinner Holly was complaining of a bad leg to as she hurt it at football practice, but she fell asleep after she ate think she was tired. with all of them asleep it gave me a chance to spend so one on one time with Ellie, which was really nice she has been out every time I have been working over the last few months so real one on one time she gave me a make over i don’t use foundation or contour or eyebrow colour normally but i just let her do it while we spoke about her life her new school and had a good catch up, she only told me after she did my eye brow it was one of them tattoo type pens lol took me ages to get it off. it was just fun spending time with her again, Tom slept well though he woke about 7.30am slept through the night. i got Hayley to get up and take her meds then got tom up gave him his meds cleaned him and got him ready for the day and his other carer arrived at 8.am to take over. they were on extra shifts due to his mums operation.

after furnishing at work Hayley came back to my house till it was time to drop her off usually dad does his shopping on a Saturday so we pick him up on the way through. Then it was weekend off for me this is where things changed had a lovely afternoon with Niki she brought some wedding dresses from the charity shop for her cosplay characters and we spent sometime with her trying them on they need a few alterations but it was lovely seeing her in them a real bonding experience, she always says she wants a black wedding dress when she gets married.

It was really quite an emotional experience but i didn’t cry though, my god she is growing up so quickly.

Niki is loving the slightly old fashioned style right now.

That first Covid positive test, Jake came to me not long after these pictures were taken complaining of a stinging pain in his tummy he used to get it a lot when he was younger and has had mesenteric adenitis a few times something that took us to a&e on multiple occations. so then he coughed but it wasnt lots of times i don’t know what made him take the covid test that that moment but we normally do them on a sunday or monday morning befoire school and friday they were negative up to that point, it turned positive it really scared and paniced him at first he put a mask on striaght away grab the can of dettol spray and went to his room emidatley just for precaution we took another test and it was negative slightly confusing for him , we all took tests as well and they were negative.He actually said he isnt coming out of his room for fourteen days why that long I don’t know. as the test were showing positive and negative for him i told him we would test again in the morning, just to be sure. and it was a bright positive the next day, Day 2 and 3 were the worst the coughing the dizziness and aching muscles and headache and tiredness, he has just a slightly raised tempreture 37,9 for the first few days day three it went up to 38.9 in the morning before breaking and going back down to 36.4 which it has remained since. we were all staying away from each other in different rooms i was the only one giving meds checking vitals and making sure they ate. Niki wanted to do home school but they wouldn’t let her she was anxious about going in and giving it to her friends who are clinically vunerable but as she is triple Jabbed and testing negative they said she had to go in to class, really funny that as her teachers have been off 4 times in the last year as soon as one of them or thier family tested positive she was stuck on remote learning.

We are all testing everyday, so my hubby started feeling a little off on tuesday evening he was shaky in the night his test in the morning was positive he has a cough any way but it started to change he had the shakes and shivers headache feeling sick. The next morning which was day three for my hubby and day five for Jake who still tested positive, I dropped Niki at college came home and my hubby came in the room said he wasnt feeling Great i took his tempreture which was actually showing 35,5 he was sitting on the chair in the kitchen i was just getting him some pain killers when he said he felt funny and dizzy his head was wobbling a little then all of a sudden his head dropped forward he was grey and unresponsive i listened for his breathing and just couldnt bring him round i got on phone to emergency services my heart was beating so fast i wasnt sure what it was you know those 45 seconds or possibly longer as time stood stil a second of panic then this calm came over mem aybe carers instinc i was scared as hell but flashing through my mind was them adverts staying alive and fast, Face arms speach time how i didnt stutter on the phone as i was giving the info over to the dispature i don’t know repeating sevral times he was covid positive and he is unvaccinated, then suddenly his mouth started to move i new then it was a seisure i am talking on the phone as he was coming round i had his head in one hand for a second he was a little confused but then it was like it didnt happen and he was talking he had to go use bathroom and i was waiting for the ambulance to arrive while also telling him not to lock the door and kept calling to make sure he still was responding and ok. they arrived and had to wait a while but then they checked him over and ran an ecg before saying he would have to go in for a check up, while they were assessing him I checked on Jake who was in his room and got a bag ready just incase he had to stay Charger, clean clothes. I wasn’t allowed to go with him and they said given them a couple of hours before I phone and check on him. before the dispature put the phone down once they new he was moving around and responsive I asked if i would be allowed to go and that i would have to call someone to come sit at my house, they said make it quick and leave the line open just in case. I phoned my dad he was going to walk over. The ambulance siad to phone him and tell him not to come because Jake has covid so thats what i did although i really wanted him there right at that moment I knew that was the right choice to make.

It did bring back memories when hubby had a heart scare in 2016 thought that day was the worst day ever and to be honesty that day i was an emotional wreck this time though once the initial shock wore off and i knew he was alive I was pretty calm, I learnt a lot of calming tecnques since 2016. Plus i had Jake to think about i didnt want him to think it was his fault his dad was sick or going to the hospital.

After hubby went to hospital i went up and explained to Jake what was happening, Niki was still at college i told her when i picked her up. They handled it well jake already had prepared himself for the fact if his dad caught covid there was a high chance of him needing to go to hospital Niki was amazing too , as you know alot of our family have passed away over the last couple of years so you become a little desensitised to hospitals and ill health. after about 2 hours i managed to get through to hospital and they said he was having a cup of coffee and ham sandwhich well thats my hubby best news i heard they also said i could phone him on his mobile and they were just waiting for tests results they ran bloods and pcr to confirm but all cam back clear and that different heart beat that was showing on the ecg hasnt change since he had tghe angioplasty done in 2016 and it was probally just unque to him. he came home that afternoon no more episodeds of seisure they said it was most likly caused by the fever. still when this is all over and he is covid free i am sending him for a check up and mot. which i have been trying to convince him to have for years.

So now its day 8 for jake and he is still testing positive he had a really bad headache last night but seems a little better today maybe still a little tired he lost his sence of smell and his taste change a little on day four, hubby has now reach day four and still a little bit if the shakes and achy musules but alot more himself than he has been.

Isolating from each other isn’t the best, and i am running up and down the sairs after text messages for snacks drinks and Mum can you seralise the toilet so i can use it yrp that has happened many times even in the night when i am sleeping thats my nikishe has exams next week and wants to remian negative. I actually think they all enjoying this watress service to much.

So ending todays blog with something positive that has kept our spirits up and gave us plenty to smile about the birth of our great Niece Toula Elizabeth arriving healthy and at home getting to know her mum and dad and they are getting to know her too. She is so cute I am afraid I can’t share a picture of her but i got to see her the day she was born over face time it was the best thing in the world.

Have a beautiful evening much love Faye xx wishing for next week to be healthy happy and back to our best.