Hello and welcome, feel free to contact me leave a message or comment, always happy to meet new people, discuss topics share more about my book, and journey as a author.

I am Faye Farmer a funny quirky kind and compassionate person.

I love music, cooking, and being creative, whether it be writing books or poems, or working on creating outfits and school projects with my children. We are a family with autism and after many years of the not so good stuff we are slowly bring the fun back to us all.

This is how I got into writing my book named Emo the Emotional Elf, which I will discuss how that is going as i get used to blogging. It has certainly been a journey for me as writer, given I have difficulties with spelling and punctuation. I am passionate about raising awareness for those suffering from the issues my children have, but also disabilities in general including mental health.

I am new to technology and teaching myself as I go along, so please take your time with me until I am able to understand this new world of tech. So, although these blogs I do talk about sensitive subjects, I will try and inject my creative and fun side though as well.