Emo The Emotional Elf

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Feeling awesome this week

AS the week is coming to an End and the First week of full school is now over, I can sit back and think just how far my children have thrived this last year


This is Niki helping me with little Tom he loves her

Wow she has rocked this last year shown people just how much thier judgments isn’t going to hold her back from her passion with working with children. Her dedication to her own education her want to learn everything that will make her the best child care worker despite being autistic despite her anxiety or Tourettes , she has had to learn for herself without pressure what she needs to do to make it happen and every day she continues to to prove others were wrong. The biggest change for her came when others change the way they supported her, when they understood she wasn’t a bad child just a child that needed to believe in herself and her own abilities.

I get the most beautiful texts when she completes her work or receives a certificate, and recently her first diplomas in health and social care and early years. She shared it with me just like she shares her anxiety and many other things with me I give her a safe place to let it out all the emotions she has to hold in to be able to do this work. I give her a non judgemental ear and a voice of reason when she needs it.

Very Recently she has been doing the same with my hubby

The reason I have always known she is great at this is because she has a compassionate heart, a love of helping other’s , and she will make a fantastic member of the team.

She sees things differently and maybe she will be able to help identify undiagnosed children when she does her placements so support can be put in place for that child before they have to go through half of what she has had to endure to be educated and become an autistic adult that is independent enough to work get married and have a family of her own one day, it is certainly something she is working at achieving. not because it is expected of her but because it is what she wants.

The final reason is that NT people who work with our kids or even diagnose them look from an outside in perspective what they see in body language how they show thier emotions how they deal with everyday things.

An autistic person or other special needs kids see it from the inside out funny way of putting it but they feel things and no what helps and what doesn’t, what helps or hinders.

Before Niki even began this course when she was in mainstream secondary school, she would come and help when I worked I never not even once had to stop her from helping she amazed me the kids loved her.

She is not afraid to get down on the Childs level and play, she thinks outside the box if something isn’t working she finds another way to communicate

So the beginning of her year 2 course and she has already phoned and set up her new work placement she has been busy working out how she is going to do the 500 hours placement with her college course work, she completed her first homework over 1000 words. she is so dedicated.


Jake has also had a good week back, he has told me he had some panicky moments and anxiety but now he knows when to take him self out of the class room and go to the support when he needs to, I chased up his EHCP date the other day as I couldn’t remember where I put the letter thankfully we have an till October. part of having things run smoothly at school and to have support thier when he needs it , is relaying when Jake mentions he has an issue at school and relays it to me it helps the teachers to know where he may need a little more support or not. But also the importance of letting support know if thier is anything that may affect his behavior , I passed on that his uncle had passed and Nan had been ill during the holiday’s. these things can make him a little more anxious the normal, he was quite quite this holiday which is understandable .

If Schools don’t know they cant help.

Emo and the Elves

Now to the inspiring bit and what I love about this time of year first Halloween then my favorite time CHRISTMAS.

A time i find the most inspiring seeing the glow on kids faces the laughter the joy of doing things with thier loved ones, never easy if your autistic but for us it has always been very creative we always go loud and proud, Halloween has seen this massive increase of repeat visitors knocking on our door our kids joining in now and no anxiety of it, they are happy giving others things , they are happy joining in.

Then thier is Christmas i was inspired enough to write a children’s book with a difference , a Christmas book filled with special intrests fun,love, family.

Yes it is only September now but having this little story book now is really the time to start to market it, what better way then to use what helped our family Elves.

I was at the shops picking some storage boxes to organize the kids important paperwork in when I came a cross the first Christmas stock I have seen this year, and like i brought Emo on an Impulse i saw another elf and my mind was running away with it self picturing what mischief this new Elf can get up to. It is huge the biggest yet I may need a new house soon I also thought it would be a great investment for book events the Elf that loves a cuddle.

I definitely got some smiley looks at the traffic stops

He even teaches independent living skills , Try putting him in the front of the car when you pick your kids up from school, they suddenly want to move out.

Or put put them in your daughter’s chair where no-one is allowed to sit EVER even Elves that make you laugh.

Hopefully I can upload the video’s to media later because it was very funny. Thier faces.

Hayley and the New Elf

Hayley loved him and wants one she was so excited she grabbed him for a big hug, and left a video message for Mum saying I want one lol, cant wait to show him to Tom and the girls when I have them next week.

So before I sign off for the night i will leave you with the first bit of mischief this elf got up to while kids were at school.

This story is a story about Daddy Elf .

A big day today dad is working at home and has been given the task of kid watching because mum is sorting out issues with schools, one school exclusion one school refusal, so kids are all off. dad starts up his computer ready to get on with his work his on a deadline,

he makes himself a coffee settles down to get work done before the kids come down for thier breakfast the boss phones some big issue , he talks to his boss for a minute gets on the phone to sort it out with the Tec team, just as he puts the phone down it rings again some alarm has gone off at the office he loads up the data on his screen and pics up the phone to call them to check it out, thier is banging and shouting from upstairs “he is in my room”, “she took my stuff” , yep the kids are awake he calls them down for breakfast thier still arguing he chooses something they can watch while they eat breakfast, oh boy he better get this one the phone rings again , he answers it while watching that the kids are still eating, goodness he is thinking, his boss calls again the problem is sorted but can he take a look at this new project and give his opinion, he goes back to his laptop sits down to check it out.

Oh boy they have finished thier breakfast

he is on the phone and looking at the work project, the kids are asking him one question after another dad ” where is mum” ” dad when she coming home” he tells his boss to “hang on a minute” Tells his kids “dad’s on the phone” he starts talking to the boss again ” Dad i am Still hungry” “Dad where is mum”.Dad tells his boss he will have too call him back he takes the kids tells them to do any home work they may have, goes back to his computer, the kids are auguring over who’s rubber it is he better get back in thier and sort this quick, the phone rings it is mum the meetings are done but the car has broken down she is going to be a while till someone comes and helps.

he tells them to stop fighting and get thier homework done. the boss calls back thier is another issue he talks it through with his boss. puts phone down goodness he is feeling so stressed right now.

Then his mind switches the kids are still messing around he isn’t going to get his work done right now. What should he do before things turn into everyone upset,? sort the children first . he gets them to put away thier homework he switches his computer off, sends his boss a message he has to sort something out here and he will phone back once he is done.

He calls the children who have run off to thier bedrooms to come down they appear still stressed and anxious ” whens is mum back “? he explains about the car braking down the kids state again !!

He grabs a book and gathers them close and reads to them they are looking up at him while he reads with such enthusiasm, they are calm they snuggle closer as dad continues to read that is how Mum found them when she got back.

A great little story that was capturing thier hearts and brought a little calming fun

All on the settee relaxed, she knew he could cope with what she has dealt with mostly by herself while he worked..

He had a new found respect for his wife and just how much it took to do this daily.

Mum took over with the kids while he got back on with his work, after a while he said you sit down, I will cook he proceeded to took his wife dinner and the children the foods they will actually eat, his wife sweetly smiled up at him and said thanks.

Thier are many ways of looking at a story many perspectives if you don’t try to see it from someone else’s you never know how different things can be or wether that one tiny thing will have a lasting impact.

How did the day Finnish a snuggle and super hero movie which they all loved,

Good night all have a beautiful weekend much love Faye xx


Emo the Emotional Elf

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It is always up to the person to know when you are ready to take the next step on your personal Journey , I love this Jumper one of my favorite ones my kids choose it.
Probably because it’s a graze I have used with them alot when they say I can’t πŸ˜€

Hi all, back again to actually write the post, yep pressed publish by mistake.🀦

Second week back to school

Today has been an awsome day, both Niki and Jake at Thier school and college, both had fab days.

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Emo the Emotional Elf

#author #emotions #book #selfhelp #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

A little self pamper after night shift πŸ˜€ not one for a lot of makeup but still feels nice occasionally

Hi all how are you today? Hope your week has been a great one. 😁 It has been an ok week here had some beautiful moments some challenges. A lot of joining in and team work.

My hubby has been helpful this weekend doing washing, spending time with the kids, after Fridays night shift. Little Tom was awake most of the night he was uncomfortable with his hip, had a nose bleed , and an unfortunate exploding dipper in the middle of the night which he found extremely funny he laughed for an hour after. At me πŸ˜‚ he is such a little monkey sometimes, and why he thought the nosebleed was funny too I really couldn’t say. This young man has me wrapped round his beautifully manicured fingers which his other carer did for him.

Would you believe this was actually 3.30 am had to capture his little smiling face πŸ˜€


It was great spending time with them all Ellie was a little tired and the first to go to sleep Bex helped Holly with her homework then joined us in the front room for some old fashioned pen and paper games. Was lovely Bex was there too


Bex was fantastic helping Holly

Bex/ DJ
Her thinking about what to write at the end of the story

Hayley was also there but Friday nights she wants to watch her programs that is her personal choice to do that.

We were running late in the morning for once Thier Dad and the other carer got Thier before we were all finnished getting ready. Tom was up dressed had his med but wouldn’t put his bottom in wheelchair properly again uncomfortable hip. This is something he is having an op in November for so hopefully they can make it not so painful for him.

What else did we get up too Tom played knock Emo off the stack of cups and find the silver magic trick, he decided to knock them all over at once. It is great playing these little games with him learning to control his arm movements . His grip is getting really strong lately too.

Saturday I wasn’t much use really very tired I even fell asleep in the afternoon, I got a wake up call from Hubby “what’s for dinner”

The kids decided they wanted to do some wood work together and spent most of the day upscaling our old garden chairs in to wooden swords with a tiny bit of help from dad.

It was great they spent so much time working together, bonding over tubs of screws, some old wood and she’d paintπŸ˜‚

Many hands and no arguments
Team work just what I like to see
Will they find what they were looking for in the shed ?

While Niki and Nik looked for the right size screws Jake was busy sawing the wood he makes up ready

Experimenting and getting creative

I watched from the kitchen before leaving them all to it, my body clock finally telling me to sleep.

The evening was quite, we all just relaxed.

This morning we had the Sunday sleep in 11am not bad for a Sunday.

As I went to the kitchen to grab my morning coffee in walks my hubby with a cheerful smile on his face and a box load of fresh salad and veg from the veggie patch. Him and his Green fingers. Not just for the plants in our garden but this year our home grown garden too

He messaged me a picture he edited adding the little touch of words and the sunshine.
Put a smile on my face.

I have been to tired still to do much today except cook dinner, The best way to teach your kids self help is to show them you do the same for yourself too.

Didn’t take long to prepare

Was lovely to eat too πŸ˜€

We also had Tomato and onion salad plus some boiled cabbage and beetroot. Was impressed our little vegetarian Niki actually ate vegetables for once the power of home grown. Not Jake though he ate his usual Sunday dinner smiley faces grapes and spinach.

Jake has school tomorrow but Niki isn’t in the part of her course for child care is placement which she will be setting up soon. We had a pain moment in the middle of the week couldn’t find her disclosure form, or exam results from privious year which she only just found out she needed to provide again. But we found them in the end. Plus we also found her tourettes diagnosis form which has been missing since we got it. It was with her old schools certificates . We had a minor panic attack from her over a misunderstanding at college with Sen department but she sorted it herself. This time, so proud she stood her ground on the issue. As she knows her self better than anyone. Maybe it’s that she has worked so hard to do this course that she doesn’t want people treating her like she can’t do things anymore. She has proved she can do placements and the course. She completed her homework the night she was given it over a 1000 words written first price of homework for the year all ready to give in on Tuesday.

Jake had a good Friday at school, settling back in ok, he fell asleep really early on first day back.

Next thing on agenda is his year Ehcp review that’s coming up in a few weeks, after the school saying he needed to move up to top set science about 8 weeks before they broke up for the holidays that has finally happened now, he can be stretched to full strengths now science being his favorite subject. It also has been a go to place when anxiety was high, his middle school had a science club at brake times for him to help him mix with others at brake time.

Book trailer is almost complete I can’t wait to share it , my oldest Josh has been working on it and I think he has captured it exactly the way I want it.

Yep my little face and voice will be on it at long last I did the video step.

I wanted to keep it real to my style of writing and my book itself being non fiction an important part is staying true to who you are and not trying to be perfect. It’s what keeps you humble and true to your own values in life. πŸ˜€β€οΈ

Slightly different layout to this post as I am using my phone instead of my computer tonight so didn’t have the same tools I use on computer.

My week ahead not sure how it will be but I am ready for it relaxed and raring too go. Challenges bring them on, quite yep would love a little of that too, but most of all I want it to be a stress free week at school for the kids with no set backs. They are both progressing with there work alot.

Good night all have a beautiful new week ahead.

Much love Faye XX❀️

Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi all how was your day today

Their are times in our life that bring families together the most. Birthdays , Christmas, a birth of a child , weddings and funerals.

Today for us it was my uncle Peter’s funeral, I felt honoured to be able to get up and say a few words about him from my own perspective , but also from the heart.

Yes thier was a few nerves getting up and speaking Infront of everyone, but really not as much as I expected Thier to be.

Such a beautiful send off beautiful words from my aunty, and poems from my Mum and uncle. Our bed even getting up , and singing the most beautiful song and rendition of ( seasons in the sun) .

The service just perfect , the wake beautifully done at my other uncles home. It was so lovely to see so many of our family we maybe don’t get to see very often.❀️today was Niki and Jake’s first funeral they have attended before they maybe grew up not seeing the people who already have passed over the last couple of years so we thought it was better they didn’t come. This time though it was completely different they new Thier uncle Peter well, and were extremely fond of him, to be honest as a parent of kids who are autisic with anxiety it’s something you think alot about ,how will they feel, emotionally , how will they cope with lots of people, will an anxiety attack occur are they old enough for this right at this moment in Thier lives, before they weren’t today they were , I have them a choice and accepted Thier opinion and decision to attend. they were fantastic and Thier uncle Pete would have been so proud of them. He would of be proud of all of his family today. We sat in one row together Niki then Jake and my hubby was by my side.

Their were quite a few children Thier today all different ages I was amazed by them as we gathered in my uncles garden after the children just played together randomly coming for hugs.

Jake Sayed in doors with his books and Niki occasionally came out to join us. The beauty of my family accepting everyone just as they are, no pressure to be different then the people we have grow to be we are all a little bonkers but our kind of bonkers.

Back to college for Niki, tomorrow with Jake will follow his back to school on Thursday .

Look forward to sharing out kids journey’s with you a long the way.

Much love Faye xx