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Daily writing prompt
Share five things you’re good at.


people holding their hands
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Being a mum

, Talking,

There is a song that comes to mind for my talking ability

creative projects

Creative projects weather it’s arts and crafts, making cakes and getting creative with food layouts. or making outfits for school dress up days, creativity comes in many forms. which I like to give it a try.

I have really enjoyed the creative side of publishing and photography.


In my lifetime i have picked up a lot of skills, being able to work under pressure, managing work Family writing, helping fixing cars, helping with self employment taxes although that was a very long time ago when hubby was a dJ. Courts of appeals, education plans. Supervised visiting. I can pull a pint as well.

Medication management, peg feeding, medical research that i do as a hobby though and really helps with the caring role. Time management based around peoples needs and choices.

Thats it for tonight

Much love Faye

Emo The Emotional Elf

If you didn’t need sleep, what would you do with all the extra time?

Probably more work, learn a new skill, or write more books.

We have a lot going on here at the moment

It’s always a hectic time of year. The more sleep I get the rougher I feel the next day.I always seem to be more active o less sleep maybe adrenaline 😀😀

EMO The Emotional Elf

Name your top three pet peeves.

Good evening . Well, what a daily prompt

You might not expect this answer from me but it’s an absolute fact it happens a lot puts me off answering messages at all sometimes. It’s a big No No from my perspective. Usual earns some sharp words and a instant block so they can’t argue back.

I’m not all sugar and spice,I have some fire when it’s appropriately earned.

People sending rude messages. When I say rude messages , I mean the type that should be kept in their pants , just🤮🤮🤮

Seriously though its horrible

People pretending to be interested in my book or work and then also doing the above. I worked hard on publishing its insulting and makes me so cross

Scammers, you know the type , they all have one child ,they widowed because their wife died of cancer. an only child who’s parents died in a car crash.

There kids are boarders because they work on an oil rig in the North Sea, and they need iTunes vouchers or gaming vouchers cause they miss their child.

Why is it the same story every time. Must be a script.

Lottery scammers , using disability to get you to claim a government funded money that does not exist

People who take advantage of others

Those are.my top 3.

Hopefully, you are fortunate enough not to get this to happen to you

Much love Faye