Emo the Emotional Elf update #author #christmas #Emotions #Elves #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all, after contacting the publishers, this week they are still saying it is taking longer then expected to sort authors out.

My god I really got it wrong, choosing them I should have gone with my head and not my heart.

My instinct is telling me there is no other publisher or that it is them just setting up a new company.

Why is it so hard for them to do the right thing and give authors there fully typed set book, so they can do it themselves, it has no value to a closed down company anyway.

Yes I am normally a laid back easy going kind person, I just don’t like being misled. I worked so very hard it wasn’t easy to do the book, while sorting schools, doctors and dealing with things to do with my kids needs. At the same time as working full time It isn’t always smily happy thoughts either I am human after all, to make my week even better there was a mix up with my wages, so today the stress left me with a blinding Migriane.

Writing is my way of releasing that.

Oh how I imaging a secluded island at this moment, just me, myself and I.

I just can’t seem to focus to much there is always so much to think about, not much time to do the things I need to do. Don’t get me wrong it is just how I feel at this particular moment while sleep doesn’t easily come, a distant memory of a once peaceful life awaits in my dreams for me to enter the land of sleep where if I don’t like how things are going I can change it.

I will be my cheerful smily self after a nap.

Maybe this is all I should write for now, maybe it is best to not always wear my heart on view for everyone to see.

Jake did AWSOME at his grading today for kungfu his next graduation will be in January it is brown with black stripe next. At least I think that’s right 😀

Niki has let me unblock her ears tonight that get so bad and she can’t hear, this is one of the things that can be anxiety inducing only because before it left her unable to hear and communicate and it caused her to have a panic attack at the doctor’s , because she had to wait a week for it to be done.

Not this time I always watch and learn how they do some of the things to help. Funny what you pick up at visits to doctors along the way, maybe it’s because we have spent so much time there.

These are just a tiny brows inside the head of a Mum, never just quite but perfectly imperfect, That is OK

Many thanks

With love

Faye XX❤️ sorry for the off load of thoughts

I will put it down to just one of them days


Emo the Emotional Elf update. #author #christmas #Elves #Emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all,how’s your day been? I hope things have gone smoothly for you.

Well four days into December my favorite month of the year, I love the lights the Christmas spice scents even the cold weather and although I may sometimes complain about it being so cold it is just all that comes with the Christmas month. Snuggling under a blanket watching Christmas movies or even cooking a hearty warm stew or roast.

The children’s excitement pretending they don’t care because it is only just the beginning of the month.

Niki has already done most of her Christmas shopping me I have got one present, that’s not me normally I have bags full in the attic already wrapped and ready to layout Christmas eve.

This year though much focus has been on the children and school and college, work and the book.

My kids are just that age where toys are not what they want so it is difficult for me to know what to get them.

We are putting more of a down graded Christmas yes we have decorated the same, it’s what makes our home more warm and inviting.

Jake got 💯 on his science test today and the school wrote such a positive message about Jake’s academic progress this term time. It really is to do with the right support put in place and his eagerness to learn.

He is less affected by bullying this has stopped for now I think it is to do with his confidence level and kungfu lesson this has really helped him.

Niki is doing Great on her child care course and with her helping out with classes on college site and school site of her old specialist school.

This goes grate for experience for her

She is so full of positivity about the children she even brought all the children presents just something small each, she spent time thinking about the indevidual child and what they like.

Our Josh is doing great In his job, he even dressed as an elf for the works Christmas do they put on for the kids each year. So a much more productive end to the year.

It is harder I think to keep things positive and takes alot more continued support, to keep things on track.

I am Still awaiting news about the other publishers, so as far as the book goes it is still a wait and see thing for the moment.

Work is going great early have them organised too, although it Hayley’s Christmas production week and we are finishing her shopping too.

That’s our update for today

Here’s some photo’s and moments we have captured over the last few days.

Have a beautiful evening all or day or afternoon which ever country you may be in.

So good night

Sleep peacefully

Much love

Faye xx

Emo the Emotional Elf update. #author #book #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all hope your week has been an ok one.

Ours has been very busy it normally is at this time of year, we have sorted Niki’s trip for Christmas out now I. Really going to miss not having her with us and her delighted squeals Christmas morning, but that is what happens when your kids grow up.

Josh is spending Christmas with us so me and my hubby and him can give Jake alot of our time.

This is the first year my decorations aren’t up yet they have always gone up ready for light switch on the firstof December. I have been on a Nightshift so I might be able to sort some of it when I get back, from work.

As to Emo the Emotional Elf book my husband came with me to publishers

the other day and we have the remaining stock that is not out there for sale , we also got the royalties receipt which I will have to log with liquidators as well as a claim for some of the money paid for the services not recieved,.

Plus we got the origanal copy of the book before type set that I first have them.

While it is not fully sorted yet at least they are communicating and meeting with me, they are also in talks with another publisher about my book too so should here about that soon.

I guess I am one of the lucky authors that have had contact from them.

This is not something I will give up on I believe in my book and what it stands for, it isn’t a book that will be a novelty as there are always going to be families out there who love Christmas and elves and the spirit of it, there are always going to be families who are autistic, have anxiety, disabilities and mental health issues. Everyone suffers loss of a loved one at some point in life our family have been through it all,so you see it is a book for all.

Awareness comes in many different from many different perspectives and all awareness is good.

Here’s some photos of our week the smiles we share.

Many thanks

Much love

Faye xx

Emo the Emotional Elf update, #author #Christmas #emotions #elves #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all still being given the run around with the book, so think a trip up there face to face is in order to get this sorted.

Because they are asking for more money for something I have already paid for before they give me what is mine.

I am not going to hand anymore money over without that meeting, they still say they are in talks with another publisher but won’t give me any information.

So that’s all the info I have at the moment.

On a positive note Niki is getting her passport within the next couple of days so we still maybe able to sort her Christmas trip out.

It was my birthday on the 19th and I had such a wonderful weekend, my oldest son Josh surprised us with a weekend visit so we were all together again.

My mum also came down to spend my birthday with us the kids enjoyed spending time together.

There is always a Sence of peace I feel seeing them laughing and spending time together.

My husband cooked a special dinner it was so yummy😀 it not only melted in my mouth but touched my heart deeply.

Wednesday at work I took Hayley to do her Christmas shopping we had a fabulous time the elves joined in.

Yesterday was Niki’s passport meeting and because it has been difficult sorting it and because of her anxiety we arranged with them that I would go in with her but once we got there they refused to let me go in.

They are very lucky an anxiety attack did not happen,

We spent the rest of the day at toy shops before coming home made a real mum and daughter day of it.

The one thing we both felt this morning was really achy muscles

But it’s a good achy😀

As you can see a busy week for us, but that is cool.

I hope to be able to sort the book soon

It is the most stressful situation to be in I can’t help but be concerned not only for my book but the other authors who are going through this at the moment non fiction is so personal so much of your reality mixed in so much of your own and families journey I guess that is what makes it that little bit harder.

Thanks for reading

Going to also share some of our beautiful moments with you as well.

Goodnight love Faye xx

Emo the Emotional Elf Update #christmasbook #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi Everyone, hope your day has been a great one. Today I had a message from the publishers seems their maybe a solution in the next week negotiations have started which is a step in the right direction, this time I am taking a moment to check every little detail. As this is my first book it is still a learning curve and if I new then what I know now I would of definitely done things differently, I went with my heart and at the time I thought they were the best fit for me but there was no way I could predict the company would seize trading, until that day i found out.

I can`t regret anything though as I would not have got this far without their work,  what I do need to do now is think logically and take my heart out of the equation, as it blurs my thinking at a time I really need to focus and be strong willed and minded. Thank you and a big Hello to all new followers, it is a pleasure to have you join and see my work.

 My other work as a carer

Tonight is a night shift so now the children are asleep ,I can get some writing done, they looks so very sweet all snuggled down in their camp under the bed.

 We have had so much Fun together tonight, dressed as pudsy  bear they arrived with a squeal of delight and a bang on the door, you always here them as they are getting out of the car the little Holly`s feet and little Toms laugh.

 We have read together danced and watched the children in need fund raiser together, little Tom`s school is one of the the ones that will be receiving funds from the the fund raiser via Amazon smile campaign their is a link on the amazon smile page where a percentage of the price of goods brought using the link will truly help them keep up their amazing work.

My children

My sons school did not do anything this year for children in need, first year ever which is such a shame secondary schools is an age where most kids, are out becoming more independent and have so much pressure with exams and all thats involved with taking the them getting them involved with charitable events is a positive thing.

My daughter Niki did get involved wearing spots and odd socks helping to collect money and at the bake sale only her second time doing a student executive event, so proud she was planning it all week it almost all got cancelled but in the end things turned out well.

So as i round up this post i just wanted to say thanks for all the continued support,

Big hugs and love 

Faye xx

Emo the Emotional Elf update, #Christmas #book #Emotions #elves #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Sent a message requesting news from the publisher as the weeks draw on and still no proper communication happening it’s beginning to really make me stressed.

It is on my mind alot, even more so as Christmas is drawing near, the book is our family miracle after so much difficulty it has brought this infectious laughter amongst the anxiety and depression my children have.

The 1st of December 2016, I began to write and start the journey to become an author. It still is important now as then.

Kids think mum can pull another miracle like every Christmas, this year

Niki is supposed to be spending with her boyfriend in his country and meeting some more of his grand parents.

We have hit a difficulty with getting her passport, because they thought the door number was a different one so trying to get it changed and sorted so far 4 phone calls no interview letter yet either. Her returned documents opened by a neighbour we don’t know by accident.

At least they managed to find our home,and who it was ment for, or that could have caused a huge issue.

Turning 18 and having autism,anxiety and tourettes still requires support from mum to minimise stress. It is why an accompanying message was sent about Niki’s challenges so to try and bring interview closer to home.

Thankfully they will talk to me because Niki gave verbal permission so I can sort it, I really am trying.

This trip will be her first trip abroad, but also her first time without us close,

I am not worried she will be well looked after as Tom and his parents are used to Niki and accept her for who she is.

It is more that I hope it comes soon before all flights are booked Or I will have a devastated young lady here.

Hope you all have had a beautiful day 😀

Many thanks


Emo the Emotional Elf update. #author #emotions

Hi all, today a day to remember those who lost there lives 100 years ago, the families left behind to carry on and rebuild a world devastated by war, the injured left disabled the mental anguish and pain for all who lived a life in that time.

Myself I remember and learn more of my family that were affected by it as the years go by.

They had no choise but to stand up and fight to bring freedom and peace.

There was is no winner in war just loss. I can’t even imagine how it was for them because I sit in the safety of home surrounded by my family something they went to war so there future generation can have a more peaceful life.

History cannot be changed that’s a truly sad truth, the past cannot be totally forgotten because it is a lesson.

Something that we speak about even to this day.

My great grandparents and those other family members who were old enough to go to war.

Those who stayed behind but played there bit by nursing of factory work. The innocent children who grew up in an unsafe place.

There are many countries still having wars or families living in the shadow of what is left behind.

I am thankful for my families sacrifice

But i wish they did not have to go through that, I have a deep hope that we as countries and societies learn that life is better with peace.

So in honour of my family who loss Thier life I thankyou from the bottom of my 💓

Many thanks Faye xxx