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Houston we have lift off, faults in the laptop fixed, I am ready to get back to blogging. My hubby is a genius sometimes well most of the time he is my Mr fix it for everything if there is an issue he will solve it. Talking about hubby been a while since I blogged so might as well start off with the Anniversary this year was somewhat different as we were on a major DIY overhaul of our Niki’s room on that day. So a bit of decorating, with short gaps to prepare a special dinner and then cutting in the top of the walls in my posh frock before going out for night shift still we got glammed up for dinner with each other and I always cook his favorite foods.

Anniversary 27 years

27 years of marriage with my best friend, he makes me laugh a lot still, also can be the biggest pain in …. sometimes butt his my beau. I still love him the same now as when we first met. You can bet I get under his skin and on his nerves sometimes.

Dinner was lovely soft music playing the kids had already eaten and were in the other room on their tech, sometimes you have to improvise to get just a special meal, other many parents can relate to that.

We had a lovely time chatting just sitting for a moment together in peace.

I have had many beautiful moments and dinner dates over the years but I love the ones at home the most.

Some of my favorite moments in a photo collection.

As you can see we are truly as bonkers as each other. He always tries to hides the fact I make him laugh more than he cares to admit. He can be having a serious conversation with me and I will just pull a silly face or say something unexpected he has this little turn of his head he does to try and hide the smile but you catch a glimpse before his head shifts. I say this in a happy playful way, not in a disapproving way. his quirks are the things I love the most. well I could go on about him but I have a lot to blog about. so moving on from the lovely anniversary dinner and changing the topic to work.

Tom and Holly and Hayley

Hayley is settling into her new schedule in fact she is loving what is going on at the day center now. She has gone back to her full 8 sessions and her overnight Friday sleepovers with me sometimes at my house every other week and the other 2 weeks she comes with me to Tom’s house and stays. the kids and Hayley are happy that it is like old pre-Covid times and you can defiantly tell in their happy photos.

Tom had me laughing so hard when I was reading awful aunty don’t think he agreed with that he kept shutting the book and pretending to snore, i thought it was a fluke at first but he did the same thing several times love his personality.

This young man loved the music, hide and seek, puppets, and playtime. and he slept so well I am great for that making other people’s kids sleep.

With Miss Holly, it is the hi-energy games because she is super sporty but also loves playing beat the timer, twister, cooking and snuggling, and watching people play Mine craft or YouTube videos. she likes to do the same kind of games as they make her and me laugh so much.

Taken over the last few shifts we had so much fun together. Listening to Holly get creative with her guitar and songwriting was something else her creative flair for making things up as she goes the expression she shows and the comedic value of her style, didn’t surprise me at all. This is one youngster to watch out for in the future not only a talented football player but gifted at this songwriting. looking forward to seeing this develop. I love focusing on people’s strengths and being their cheerleader.

Hayley Turned 50 on the 13th of October

This was a big birthday not just because it was the big 50 but because of who Hayley is and her start in life and the lack of faith and hope around people with disabilities when she was born,

Our Mum also helped with the planning of the surprise party where other family came along not all of them I don’t think there is a pub in our town that could fit a fraction of my family in, but enough to make it a meaningful addition to her party, her amazing friends and the star treatment from her local.

Mum arrived the day before she stayed for a few days it was so nice spending quality time with our mum again. Our parents got her an Alexa Echo as a surprise present, which she is mastering using and is actually a real benefit for her we can set routines and reminders for her on it. I got the house decorated while she was at the day center celebrating her birthday with friends and her other key workers.

Hayley’s birthday morning.

We had fun setting up then it was school runs and picking up the birthday girl, her party wasn’t till the day after but we had a small celebration to celebrate.

Arriving home for surprise in 2 parts
Her reaction

I left her telling Alexa to play Brown, girl, in the ring amongst her other favorite songs

Mid singing and hand dancing

Party Day

All dressed up and ready to party like our family knows how to do in style. Karaoke all the way.

The whole staff was amazing they had a collection for Hayley going around for a week she was super spoilt.

Freddie Hayley’s boyfriend turned up next hiding a bunch of flowers behind his back it really surprised her.

My brother Chris

followed by my Uncles the twins and their partners, my uncle Ni got Hayley the Man u T-shirt she loves it, think she got a little overwhelmed at points through the night.

Trying to sneak the birthday cake out though Hayley kept peaking she was looking for it

That cake was delicious and didn’t last long at all.

There was plenty of opportunity for us all to have a sing-song and Hayley had a dance with Freddie while Niki sang.

So you could say it was a total success.

I have more content to share tomorrow this is more than enough for one day and I completed the blog without any laptop issues so safe to say for now it’s working well.

Before I go though I will share these stunning shots of Niki from a recent autism All-stars event, she looks so stunning and grown-up.

She was Morticia Adams for the day.

My Jake is also all grown up now and had his hair cut.

Wishing you the best night. good night.

Much love Faye xxx

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We are trying to solve the issue, 🥴🥴🥴🥴

Hi all, hope you have all been keeping well and your creativity is flowing, I have so much to blog about but am hindered by a laptop with big issues right now, and as much as quick posts are easy using the phone app it isn’t the way I want to write my blog posts. I find the laptop version of word press has the ability to show my posts the way I would like.

So I am hoping to get it up and running ASAP. Before I forget what I want to write. The best thing is I have the photo’s they will help with remembering.

The weekend here has been super relaxing had a big catch up on sleep, sorted the house,

I guess that’s all for today talking about deep cleaning and washing walls and skirting boards is about as boring as watching paint dry and I have done plenty of that over the last couple of weeks.

The next couple of weeks I have a lot of things coming up, they are going to take a lot of patience a little help and a whole heap of hope. We shall waiting and see how things go. What ever happens I know it’s one less thing to worry about 😁❤

Have a beautiful new week ahead,

Night much love Faye .

Emo The Emotional Elf

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Hi all hope your keeping well, Today’s been a big challenge started off beautifully Jale woke early not quite as early as me, Seems school run mode kicked in I woke up at 5.30 had all the washing done and kitchen and dining room all sorted before Jake even woke up, I even picked some fresh flowers from the garden for the table.

Jake looking pretty smart in his new grown up six form style, still wearing his face masks when outside our house. But glad my kids are both double vaccinated before school went back.

Niki doesn’t return to college till the 13th of September so still some time to get herself super prepared and ready. First though sleep patterns Jake has been totally exhausted after school and has ate and slept almost as soon as he got in, since he returned yesterday. He was so excited this morning he was very stimmy before and eager to go back so much so he was trying to get me to leave at 7am. That didn’t happen way to early to be at school he got their at 8 so he could have a little time before school starts just to get used to his surroundings and be relaxed in school environment. So this morning it was too Jake off then on to pick Hayley up and drop her at the day center she was their for the whole day today. And I Had free time to cook.

I made Greek food haven’t got all the pictures yet because the meal didn’t happen tonight as expected but tomorrow will be different.

Preparation time took the longest but had the music playing while I was in the chef zone

Greek meatballs, (Keftedes) home made Tzaziki, I also made a Greek salad and homemade chips with some pitta. I made an alternative veggie meatballs just changing the meat quorn mince and Meat free pork sausage shallow fry them and adding all the same other ingredients, I let it sit in a bowl in fridge for thirty minutes this helped with them sticking during the rolling and a little flour before shallow fry them. I left the lemon sauce off them menu will add when I make more tomorrow.

I did make some for the kids and for the first time Jake ate the meatballs with all the ingredients added and liked them some that made feel happy, that he liked them maybe another safe food to add to his list.

For desert another Greek cake, Revani now that turned out so well. It was super yummy

Some Greek dishes are new some I have done before and some instill wish to try and make.

Today inbound out who are great friends I can really talk too.

I am going to look at this day as one of them days you wish you could forget parts of and focus on the beautiful parts of the day.

Go to my little imaginary island, yes I find that helps on tough days to imagine you on a beach or something just sitting with the stunning view. It gives you a chance to process things and center yourself. I give myself little pep talks ❤

That’s it for today Tomorrow I have more stuff to share now though sleep early start good night.

Much love Faye xxx