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First day back to school for kids last Monday

The children’s transition back to school after holidays has been pretty smooth, although for Niki we are still waiting to find out if they can find a placement for her for Mondays’ and Fridays part of her course. this bit is causing a little bit of nerves. you would of though they would have had this sorted before she started the new term, the other’s in her class already have there’s when are people going to understand that for some one who is autistic they need time to plan and find out all the rules and what is expected of them in advance so they are able to begin in a positive way. her last 2 placements had no issues with her infact the feed back was very positive. Being prepared for what you need to do minimizes anxiety, and sets you up to go in there with confidence. This I think is the biggest hurdle and barrier if you have anxiety disorder and Autism, waiting on others sorting things out , Niki likes to know uniform rules who her point of contact is policies and procedures of the placement she wants to be able to do just as good a job as anyone else.

She also has to have a medical for her pip , we don’t know what to expect of this the child tax credit for her stops in march as well as child benefit, so what now if she loses her pip too. something that has helped to keep my child in education , something that has open the boundary’s put in her way since diagnosis. why do i think it is important for her still to receive this because the battle the last few years to get my daughter back into full time education and to catch up on all the learning lost through exclusions, the fight to have her up and out of the house so her depression and anxiety doesn’t take over. The research and statistics show that this is a reality for a lot of autistic harder to get employed and stay employed I don’t want her to end up another statistic , when I know if we keep working together everyday keep having access to support for her and not worry about her needs while she just concentrates on her studies. Why give a child an education and health care plan till there 25 if there is no intention of making it possible to support that .

I don’t think I am the only parent who is concerned about this, we just take one day at a time try and sometimes retry the important steps. any way its been on my mind all week do I talk about it do I not. well i have written it now no erasing it.

Now the rest of my week I have been trying to think of other things , what is good that has happened the positives.

  • We woke up on time every day , except for last Wednesday Niki’s second day back she was on a slight go slow so I had to do to trips to school both in on time though.

Tuesday after I dropped Jake and Niki at school, I had to go and look after Holly while Toms mum took him to school, a change of bus service that takes him to his special school made his first day back a bit of a problem for his family as Holly was off school unwell.

I got to surprise Tom with a visit in the morning

Tom said “oh dear” and “No” to everything I asked he also laughed and was very chatty lots to say for himself. Tom wanted a selfie he loves sharing his smile.

Mika wanted one too
Wednesday is my work day with Hayley too, so she came with me

Tom and his mum left, Holly was still asleep so just waited till she woke , that just happened to be when her mum came home from dropping Tom.

Holly was off with this bug that’s going round sore throat tiredness when she came down she just growled , I soon had her giggling though i told her a short story of a poorly girl who was sleeping and in bounds this crazy elf lady all happy spreading her positivity bubble, all happy jolly all singing and dancing the poorly growling girl couldn’t help but laugh.

The growly girl
The laughing girl, It worked cant stay grumpy around me too long I am to silly

Thursday was much better start. I woke up extra early so I could enjoy my coffee with out being called;

Starting the day with a smile

Niki and Jake up and ready to go on time i dropped them off at there school and college before picking my dad up and taking him to have his 24 hour ECG fitted. well that was a very quick appointment straight in and out. looking at the waiting room though we would have a bit of a wait.

Dropped dad off before coming home to catch up on things, get my house in shape. Before picking the kids up, we are getting that afternoon routine back home get out of uniform check for home work put the dinner on.couple of hours work with Hayley before dropping her home.

Jake came down wearing his Elf shirt ,

The post holiday blues. we all were wishing it was still the holidays it was so much fun being all together and relaxing. So we decided lets pretend it still is and baked the triple chocolate cake that was temping us from the cupboard shelf.

His face he found the apron
he smiles
He did good Triple chocolate fudge cake his favorite

The one thing with different textures he eats, he wasn’t to pleased when I cut it in squares as he wanted a triangle shape. we watched the war of the worlds movie Jake has listened avidly to the older version about five times , even correcting his dad on one part they were discussing.

Both Jake and Niki are still having sleep issues , we come to understand it is just part of them, believe me we have tried everything to stop this happening nothing has worked.

We are very lucky if we hit four hours with one or both of them during school weeks holidays they certainly make up for it sleeping in and catching up. It does mean though that us parents don’t get enough sleep , when they say get 6-8 hours sleep a night , Hello yes please that would be grate just not going to happen here. it is why most of my writing occurs late at night, it isn’t that they don’t want to sleep they just cant and there movements are bad irritable legs they have to keep moving constant need for toilet or water.

Jake is a rocker at night like a worm , constantly fidgets till he falls off the bed with a big crash, i don’t know how the floor boards haven’t caved in. Niki is constantly walking about, or creating.

Friday Niki got to have a lay in because no placement Jake went to school , I took my dad back to hospital to take his ECG off this time was quicker then the day before so quick infact we beat the 20 minute no pay for parking time. dad helped get all the last of the Christmas rubbish that wasn’t collected to the recycling place, not to mention the last grass cut of the year we hadn’t got round to taking yet. boy that smelt bad still he did the gentlemanly thing and dealt with them bags for me. So glad it only was in my car for the five minute drive.

Then on to do an small food shop to get us through till the next Tuesday when my wages come in, and pay my rent. oh and the last school run of the week. almost the weekend just the night shift with kids and Hayley to do that night.

I forgot I even had a catch up and hot chocolate and girly chat with my lovely author friend Sue, So good to just chat with her.

Was a great shift they all were in fab moods, reading and playing with the elves soon had them settled for the night.

All set up for when they arrived
having a chat
all ready for stories

They slept well, only one need for a change for Tom his pain is gone from his op now he finds it funny when you change him. We have our happy young Tom back only way you know he has had a big op is the large scar running down his thigh. He is such a brave sweet heart.

Morning soon came they slowly one after the other ,gave Tom his meds breakfast and dressed him for the day while the girls ate and got themselves dressed.

Tom likes to do little videos saying hello to everyone, especially Nanny and his mum and dad.


The end of night shift soon came, back home to my family freshen up and a day of rest, much needed this week. first week back of rushing around is very tiring.

Ellie is such a sweetie always respectful

Saturday was a pure feet up let dad do it day.

Sunday we begin again, preparations for the next school week, washing ironing ,cleaning shoes. preparing bags and so another new week starts. the last one busy and flying past.

Emo the Emotional Elf book

Still building author page still linking up with other authors. hopefully i can start generating more sales , build some book reviews and my bank balance a little. put pen to paper on new books and make a writing schedule somewhere between everything else going on.

Ebook link


Amazon paper back link on offer at reduced price for short time if you want a copy


link to my Facebook author page I have managed to gain a 120 followers this month I think that is awesome. Good things take time to build.

There is a lot to be said about perseverance and persistence.


Good night much love Faye xx


Emo The Emotional Elf

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Before I start I would like to wish my friends, family and connections in Australia and all of Australia my heart felt wishes to an end to the Fires, it is so sad to watch from here all the senseless loss of life both of people and animals, and Homes. I hope for rain to help those fighting fires to gain control, my thoughts are with everyone as they rebuild there great land and homes.

Not my picture but it was said we can share

Thankfully we haven’t had any news of our direct family and friends there being in that danger Zone. I don’t think anyone expected it to reach so far. I mean how do you ever be prepared for something on this huge scale.

I do have one new friend there who has lost some of there property I was talking to them when they rushed back to see the extent of the damage. It is sad and all I can offer is a friendly ear.

The pictures are so upsetting really and I am only seeing from a far I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like for people there.

Thoughts for the new year ahead

Some how it seems wrong to right about the good things after that, but I will because although I wish I could click my fingers and disappear all of the unsettling things that are happening in the world away I can’t, I can only focus on things I can change here,even then there are a lot of things I can’t change in my own little world.

We sadly lost an Aunty and Cousin this Christmas, I cant change my families Illnesses or the fact we will lose more to Huntingtons. I cant take away the anxiety or depressions I can only help them through it. one day at a time.

The things I will work hard on changing , writing more books , selling more books, my finances, my home, my health. some of these may be easy some may take some time but I am determined to do it. Spending more time with my family that goes without saying. maybe some of them will intertwine and help solve each other eventually.

Today’s Blog a follow up from previous one and the end of our Christmas holiday’s

My mum sent me some pictures of my aunty’s celebrating the New year in together in the care home. what a difference seeing them together spending time as sisters. The Huntingtons affects them a lot now that they need the specialist care. Having lost 2 brothers and 3 sisters over the last couple of years that they are together for as long as they can. Truly makes a difference. We are thankful for this new home and the care they are getting there.

These photos brought tears to my eyes not because they were sad but because no matter what you go through in life having someone you love by your side makes it easier.

New years day

We had my dad and Hayley Join us New years day again, my hubby cooking for us all.

Me and my Dad
Hayley having fun
Niki has decided to add fish back into her diet and not be a full vegetarian, super noodles and Tuna that first time eating it again she wasn’t happy ,but she decided to because she thinks she needs more then what the full vegetarian diet was giving her.

After dinner Hayley and dad went home, Josh Took his dad and Jake to cinema too see the star wars film, Tom and Niki stayed home with me as they didn’t want to go, I got the Dora the explorer movie to watch which was nostalgic of Niki’s childhood and the many times we watched it together , she was happy flapping through out I found the movie very funny She learnt a lot of Spanish watching that growing up. Boots was so cute in the film and the likeness of Dora was amazing great choice of actress.


In my last blog I wrote about going to see CATS at the cinema with Josh , I just love musicals , I enjoyed it i was trying to remember when i saw the original growing up so I could compare it but I cant remember what it was like I must of been young. 2 stand out performers for me and that was the graceful Francesca Hayward, the way she moved and portrayed the character a kitten eager to learn all wide eyed and curious. the other stand out for me was the fabulous voice of Jennifer Hudson, Taylor swift can sing but she was unnoticeable once Jennifer opened her mouth and belted out that song deep from her soul. Maybe that is something only someone who has had such tragic loss in there life can do. make you feel that gut wrenching power right in the pit of your tummy I defiantly needed to wipe my eyes after her song.

We Watched many movies over the Holidays and there wasn’t one we didn’t enjoy.

The 2nd of Jan we spent day together before I had the night out with Josh, Niki. Tom we met dad and Hayley at the local bar for karaoke we had an awesome night all of us got up to sing except dad, that’s not something i think he will ever do all though when he used to decorate you could hear him singing the Barney the dinosaur songs as he worked, yep those songs even get stuck in grandparents heads a permanent imprint of there grand kids first years there forever.

Tom even got up

Friday the 3rd last day of Josh and Tom being with us, Niki and Tom went to town for a walk, Josh, me and Jake went to go shoe shopping and meet them in town, only for me to suddenly remember Jake had a dentist appointment so our lovely walk in town turned into a dash to the shoe shop for Jakes school shoes, we hit a new record of trying on three different pairs of shoes, but ended up buying exactly the same ones he usually wears as everything else didn’t feel right. All in under 7 minutes. Josh stayed to have a walk I dropped Niki and Tom home Jake dashed in cleaned his teeth before we rushed to appointment. things went well at the dentist and again the dentist made Jake feel really relaxed, he had to have X-rays this time and those teeth they had been watching need some attention soon just some surface attention possibly one may need a deeper filling they will be able to tell us when he has the next appointment. Jakes years of sensory issues I am thankful it isn’t worse than that, they did say his teeth were much better and he had been brushing good, they gave him the option of having it done in a few appointments but Jake wants it all done on one day, the dentist explained he may need an injection next time and if he wanted to be referred for sedation again he can, he choose not to, this is the next big thing for him to face, dental injections. I am happy his fear of dentist is slowly going away. soon he may get his referral for braces too which will help with his self confidence. and maybe I will finally get proper teethy smiles one day. Jakes dentist though is amazing with kids with anxiety, he remembers important things the kids say about school and family and puts him at ease but talking about what Jake said the last time he went. Jake is showing a lot of reciprocal small talk now, and returns questions asking how his dentists holidays went. Niki and Tom had thier last Date night before he leaves at T G I friday’s they got dressed up and had a lovely time.

Don’t they look cute

Jake stayed in the front room with his big Brother most of the holidays, the last night was the same. then it was morning the time to say goodbyes and begin the journey’s home. Josh and I left about 9 am before the Drive to Josh’s house in Birmingham we drove to Wiltshire to see his Nan and spend some time with her as her Christmas was spent on her own because she was poorly, and because Josh hasn’t been here when mum visited us so hasn’t had the chance to spend time with her since the summer.

Was great to spend time with her and her partner Marty, we had a beautiful dinner there.

Three generations , Mum ,Daughter ,Grandson

We left mums about 4 to Finnish the drive to Josh’s house. Niki Jake and my hubby were at home because they had to get Tom to Gatwick so he could get the train to his coach in London for his return trip to Holland, sad young adults saying goodby again.

Josh and me arrived at his house about 6.30. We spent a lovely evening together watching movies , bless him he gave me his bed and took the blow up bed. I stayed over night as to not drive home in the dark. plus I wanted to drag out the time we spent together.

When we woke up as us Mums do I took him in my car food shopping I could leave knowing he has food in his fridge, not that he hasn’t actually been leaving on his own for years now, It is a mum thing. Then it was the big goodby I wanted to stuff him back in the car and say the holiday’s have been extended. the drive home was quite except for my favorite tunes on the radio, I only needed to stop twice .

I have the most amazing hubby the kids were fed relaxed and my dinner was on the table when I got home he waited to eat with me.

So that was the end of our holiday’s todays return to school went well and the decoration have all been put away, until next year goodby Christmas.

Some other photos captured by my Josh over Christmas on his new camera

Have a beautiful new year from us all
I love my crazy family
The New Elf additions

Have a beautiful night, Much love Faye xxx

Emo The Emotional Elf

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Happy New year 😁♥️

Hi all so another year, has come and gone and a brand new one has begun. What a year it has been. Especially author wise, I am So glad I started that journey this time three years ago. For many reasons I finally figured myself out. Grown in confidence again as a Mother, wife and author.

I am content with where I am at, and where I belong that is definatley not in the background, time to take the new step of public bravery 😁.

I wouldn’t say the year has always been easy and it definatley hasn’t been without sad unexpected losses Of some beautiful souls.

I have gained some Family, more friends then I ever thought possible, reconnected with old friends and family.

I have written more in the last three years then probably my whole school life. I had many beautiful moments at work, the children and Hayley never failing to bring laughter and smiles too my face.

My kids are such beautiful souls , they give me hope, they inspire and they show me the world for a different perspective, to be honest I prefer their view of our world.

I am looking forward to more book writing, more author events. Developing and honing the skills it takes to thrive in the book industry.

Everything I read, gives me more insite into writing. 😁 And makes me want to continue along this path, as I tell my kids there is a reason for everything that happens ,you may not understand it at the time it may affect you many ways, Good or bad but what it teaches you is what you have inside and the endless possibilities if you believe in yourself.

I am always more thoughtful when I spend time with my family, always thinking what can I do better tomorrow, the next week, the Next year. That is to keep moving forward if something doesn’t work out one way and it is something you are passionate about you will find another way to get there, they maybe twists and turns along the way, and surprises , heck you may even surprise yourself.

Wishing you all a beautiful New Year

May it be all you hope it will, 😁♥️

Our New Year’s Celebration in Photo’s

Love dressing up for New Year’s Eve
My Jake
Emo always brings fun

From My family to you all

Once again Happy New Year 😁♥️

Much love Faye xxx

Hope your will continue to share our journey to something beautiful. 2020

Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi all I hope you had a relaxing Christmas

Wow! What can I say, our break was so relaxing. Preparing a day in advance made a HUGE difference, everything ran so much smoother. For us we normally start the food cooking late on Christmas eve, cooking the gammon, lamb and preparing the turkey to go into the oven as soon as we wake. I am very lucky my hubby takes over my kitchen throughout the Christmas weeks gives me a little bit of a break, in all honesty he loves doing it as well, he never shy’s away from any jobs around the house except the ironing (long standing story behind that job ). Our presents this year already wrapped and ready too layout in the evening after the kids go to sleep, of course that is only if they do. Our house is full of insomniacs so that can be late into the  early hours of the morning. This year was pretty much the same over excitement fueling the inability to sleep. there ears listening out for ever tiny noise the voices calling from their bedrooms has Santa been!!! Presents!! the reply as always he won’t come till your asleep.

The movements and excited flapping intensifies, the sudden need for extra food and drink giving reason for them to come bounding down the stairs just to check.As exhausting as Christmas eve can be for parents you sit their giggling at this child like excitement you play along with it. We truly love it even though our kids are older it is quite a nurturing thing it is one of them times of years to let go of your inner child and adds to the intensity of Christmas spirit.

Christmas Eve

We have been doing Christmas eve gifts for a few years now, Popcorn, movie and PJ’S and one silly gift this year we had Tubs of snowballs soft fluffy white balls that can’t cause any damage but can leave sequels of delight, with permission given to get Mum and dad.

I dressed as Christmas Angel
We all blasted Dad with the snow balls
All very chilled
AS you can see Niki helped choose Jakes Pj’s this year, Teens !!
Parental choise is always more conservative
Once a Huffle Puff always a Huffle Puff

Once the Christmas eve gifts are done the lamb gets put in to cook, the kids get the Santa plates ready.

Team work
Not just for Santa, reindeers and elves too
Followed by the ring of the bell to tell Santa they are going upstairs.
The stockings hung from the fireplace

This year we had our Josh help get things ready, and finally 2,30 am with the kids finally asleep the presents were delivered. in our home only stockings come from Santa he just happens to bring presents from us parents at the same time. Santa only gives small gifts.

The Elves keeping up with the Farmer house hold


The best bits for me on Christmas Eve after all the preparations is sampling the food MOUTHWATERING. Me and My hubby have the pleasure of the front room for the night present guards.

Christmas Day

We made it to 8.30 am before the first shriek of it’s Christmas came from up stairs, that is Niki awake, Getting her to wait patiently till we at least have a coffee to wake ourselves up. she didn’t wait long before running in and waking Jake and Josh who also wanted just ten minutes more sleep, half a cup later the suspense was to much for her we carried the stockings to my room where they were all sat waiting.

They made short work of opening their stockings

We manage to finish our coffee before all meeting in the front room for the big present opening session.

Dad reading the letter from Santa
The Happy Face on receiving an unexpected prezzie the first proper phone

I got some beautiful gifts , Jake has been wanting to get me a particular prezzie since my birthday. It is a beautiful butterfly

From Jake
New jumper, defiantly need this
My new watch

Josh did me a basket of goodies sweets , a candle and a new Elf hedge hog

So cute

With the present opening over the Turkey in the oven and the table set for dinner and visitor’s the kids were busy sorting their things out and having fun with their new things. It wasn’t all just TEC this year we always try to get presents that they can get creative with. Tailored to their specific interests

3d Space shuttle

Keeps even the oldest kids busy

For Niki she got a switch while that was charging she was sorting her sewing kit out, she really is into creating things now designer teddies. so the surprise gift of supply’s and her own sewing machine will help her with that.

A new sewing box to keep things organized, hopefully I will know longer be stepping on pins on the floor, you think stepping on Lego’s bad a pin is so much pain full it in beds right in.
She even organized it herself just how she wanted it

We are lucky enough to have a local Hobbycraft 2 minutes up the road from us which is good because she always wants to create things from costumes to face painting and COS play characters it has a vast range of stuff for all kinds of projects. we even got her some special artists paper for her to draw her designs out.

Jakes creative toy this year has a part Tec side as in it works with his switch but requires physically building. I have never known a kid get so much joy out of cardboard , he spent most of the day creating, the easy online instructions made the whole process easy for him to do without help, he had a big sense of pride for doing it himself. infact he said it was the best set of instructions he has ever read.

Here it is , a big well done to Nintendo for making this.
He found it fascinating watching it move across the floor and show him a video view

2 o’clock I went to pick up guests, good job this year they brought the presents with them instead of me picking up Christmas eve or we wouldn’t have fit in our tiny front room. lets just say it was a big squeeze with these not so little kids.

My room when the guest came with their prezzies thankfully some were their own and i dint have to find space for it all
My dad and Hayley
Starters of the three courses prawn salade, soup, and for Jake crackers and butter.
had to borrow dads table and chairs so we all could sit together.

Jake managed to sit through the whole three courses this year, the smell not as overwhelming as before still only pasta with garlic and butter, for his main course but making an already difficult situation of sitting at the table with lots of people smells and things a little more bearable for him. we still are hopeful one day he will tuck in to the food we eat. for now it is his pace.

The food was fab , even the cranberry sauce was freshly made by my hubby. We chilled together for a while after before I dropped guests back home. we all went to sleep pretty early Christmas night.

Boxing day

Fresh day late start, One excited Niki her Tom was arriving from Holland to see New year in with her she periodically came in showing his journey tracker to me, her excitement at seeing him again building they haven’t seen each other in person since the summer. there long distant relationship is still building , they are still focusing on their studies at the moment. We picked Tom up from the airport it is so cute seeing Niki jump into his arms .

I never tire of seeing and sharing that very sweet beautiful moment.

Toms arrived and we got to exchange pressies

Jake got Elf T-shirt
Tom loved his Transformers he is an avid collector
look at our Niki her eyes on him

Long journeys require sleep , the next day I got some quite time the boys when out for walk round the shops with their dad, shortly after Niki and Tom went out too.

My boys

I did sit down to write but lost all thoughts when the phone rang so decided to chat to Yai Yai instead and leave writing for today.

So you can see busy couple of days but very relaxing. Before I sign off for today as going to cinema to see CATS with my Josh

Jake also got plenty of reading material this year so will let you know what he thinks of the books after.

Plenty to keep him busy if he can’t sleep.

Have a beautiful end to the year enjoy New Years Eve , be safe , leave car at home if your going to drink, let a loved one know where your going

Much love Faye xxx