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The holidays begin

I just love the school holiday’s mainly because i love spending time with the kids, but also no really early wake ups or having to scrape the car, no constant reminders of brush your teeth eat your breakfast were going to be late, 99.9 percent of the time we make it with minutes to spare. I try to get them motivated to be out the door by 8 am but some how it is always 8.10 am.

This is because, that 10 minutes earlier means we dont hit the traffic lights when they all seem to turn red there are 8 sets on our journey, the usual way we go with less traffic lights have gone down 2 a one lane road due to road improvements, so best avoided during peak times.

Picking Niki up from her work experience placement at her old school saw me getting there late, the one stretch of road to get into the town had the road works extending as they were laying new road, was nice to see plenty of workers getting on with it on a Friday afternoon. Niki should be starting another placement after the holidays so may not be working with the kids she has been she came home clutching a picture of her and the children for her memory book. It is really positive that this work she has been doing as a class helper has gone so well, she learnt everything she could and really paid attention to each child’s individual personality’s and has nothing but praise for each of them she really is going to miss them.


So after the meeting for Niki’s yearly Ehcp review, i have yet to give my section in as originally the meeting was meant to happen for another week , i spoke to her old school who are sorting the review and asked them to give me to after the holidays to get the form to them.

There are 2 reasons for this first this one i think is the most important review because in June she is officially off the role of the specialist school and completely on mainstream college role

and i want to make sure Niki is protected education wise and job wise going forward as part of her childcare course she has to do more placements i know she will be awesome at it because of her dedication to the students she has worked with

and her genuine love and care for them.

Second reason is that her medical results are in and she will be starting new medicine soon for her PCSO , it is after all an education and health care plan. Today i went to doctors and asked if it was possible to pre book an appointment so Niki can ask the questions about her results and discuss the benefits of this medicine for her before she starts them. because she has anxiety and autism this will make it easier for her to be relaxed and be able to speak for herself to the doctor this is really an important part of independent skills, but also will make a difference to what i put as a Mum on Niki’s Ehcp.

I dont want to get this bit wrong so Now i dont have the school runs to do can really take my time to think what she needs, and wants.


Jake has progressed well at school this term and his recent school report and grades are showing he is more settled and reaching his targets and goals. so a fantastic end to this term.

He also has finished the little extra course he was doing which was learning about our towns open house, and homeless. this little group work they made sold cakes and raised £70 then went shopping for things for the open house one group used some of the money to by chocolates and treats , Jake and his work partner choose, coffee, tea, milk , sanitary towels, so nice that our young lads thought of what the lady`s might need.

Jake also got some flowers he though it might cheer them up at the open house, he likes it a lot when when have them on our table to look at, he finds then cheerful.
Jake had the day off today think it was teachers Training or something like that so he spent the day fishing with His Granddad no catches for ever of them today but they still enjoyed each others company.


Work tonight has been so good the kids well behaved , Hayley also has her set routine on a Friday and her programs she likes to watch, Little Tom was great at communicating which books he wanted me to read tonight hitting the ones he didn’t want out of my hand and laughing at the ones he did want i am not surprised by the ones he choose they seem to be his favourite.

Tom had a Seizure about 25 seconds of hand twitching and eyes rolling but he was already laying in a safe place on his side so not much you can do but talk and tell him its OK. He has been having them a little more which everyone is monitoring, sometimes it means his meds need looking at again. thankfully only the one tonight though, he went straight back to sleep after.


Hayley has her set routines on a Friday one weekend at mine and when i have the kids i look after them all at my dads bigger space to fit us all, she likes to watch her favourite programs and to be around the children and help. this is what works for all of us my Niki and Jake stay at home with there Dad.

That’s all for tonight have a great night

All my love Faye xx

Jake and Granddad let the fishing begin
Holly logging in to class website to do some challenges
Tommy Grabbing hold of me for a hug while reading to him
Hayley by love safe in local mall
Even Elves have a date night

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Hi all how’s today been for you,

Valentines Day

I know there is a lot of people out there that maybe don’t see it the same way as me, to commercial for some, not in a relationship for others, just getting together or planning that special romantic proposal.

Some spend it alone or with the ones they Love.

I’m my life time it has been a little of all the above, that was of course untill I met my Nik, he showed me what it was to really enjoy these special moments.

I am not saying I didn’t know these things before him, but was never really treated or valued the way he valued me , I guess that is a huge reason we married and of course he has my heart and soul.

You will probally see from my posts over the last year there are certain times that hold the most meaning to us, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, valentine’s little achievements our kids make.

Have things changed in the 25 years we have been together yes beyond compare really some for the good some, not so good, but 25 years is alot if life’s ups and downs.

Tonight just reminded me so much of when life was less complicated, and then I sat there thinking no matter what, comes our way we always end up both making these times special not only for us but the kids too, because neither of us would be happy truly without those moments where it is us sitting at the table me listening him talking and sharing, his stories and memories,

The more I listen and just look the more he shares,

The kids loved today aswell.

The one thing I want my kids to know and take with them in life is it takes two to make something special, I want my son’s to learn it is ok for them to enjoy seeing flowers on the table and like them as gifts, my daughter to be strong and loving and to make her own memories that will make her feel what I feel , with her own man.

I could write so much but I am tired now.

Good night

Love Faye xx

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Book update liquidator news

Hi all, yesterday I took the step to phone the liquidators myself, after giving my hubby the permission to speak on my behalf before with them before. I only made that decision based on how finding out they stopped trading made me feel.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to get my words out without stuttering because of the emotions.

I waited all day for a call back and I didn’t get it, I thought it would be like last time I phoned and they didn’t call me back, imagine the frustration I felt when my hubby got on the phone and they called him back almost straight away, this time though I was not going to let that happen so sent them an email asking firstly why they didn’t call on Friday as promised, and secondly letting them know that although I am not great with speaking in the phone I wanted them to give me as the author of the book the same respect as they gave my hubby by calling me back,

It seemed to work because they called not long after. I really don’t have time to wait around I want to really get this book out there and ready for sale as soon as possible. So I agreed to pay an extra £100 for the digital copy and indesign copy aswell as finding out then the minutes of the liquidation. Meeting are being sent.but on one stipulation that they get them to me first before I give the money over.

I pointed out a fact they could check that I payed the publishers on time when I was supposed too so my track record of sticking to agreements is there.

They said they were willing to trust me to pay them after I get it.

As an added protection to me and them I followed up with an email stating the £100 will be payed as soon as I have what is promised .the funny thing is I know from years of experience what is promised in a phone call can be taken back but what is written and date and time stamped can’t be.

Fourth time lucky maybe they should be getting someone in to get copies for me middle of next week.

Then the rest is up too me. Some how right now I feel really exposed the things I know how to do and those I haven’t learnt yet, it is a massive eye opener, and in all honesty I really am not liking being this exposed. But now I know I can talk on the phone without making a complete idiot of myself I can do it again . It is a bit like those endless diagnosis forms I had to fill out with big girl words I did even know what half of them ment to start with , now I do but then I didn’t.

Author event

So now I can, share the dates times and place. Of course I won’t be the only author there and some of the new author friends I made a the last event will be there so that will be interesting to see how there journeys are going some were new our at the same time as my book, some had several books already published.

Some self published some has traditional publishing agreements and some like me partnership publishing agreements I hope for there sake they are not in the same position as me with there books that would be sad to see.

Here is details of the event I put them in brackets because that part is a copy and paste of event details not something I have personal written

If your local have a love of books like a day out talking and meeting authors .

Or even if your just an avid reader or reviewer be glad to talk too you there and show my book in all its glory.

I will have some copy’s for sale at the event.

(The Event is the UK southern book show, a free event a chance to meet authors get books find out about publishing and listen to talks, you never know if I may be one of the chosen ones to talk and as nervous and anxious as that makes me feel, I would happily do it.

Come to the UK Southern Book Show WORTHING in the Field Place Barns and meet 50+ authors on Sunday 28 April 2019 10am – 3pm. FREE entry, FREE parking AND FREE tea, coffee and cake (whilst stocks last)

Click here to Claim Your FREE entrance tickets https://goo.gl/Zr8f9Z

We look forward to seeing you at the show!!!)

Book trailer

This is something I have absolutely no clue how to do, I am am only just mastering these apps, but I have a a five short paragraphs of writting I now have to work out a how to get those words and the story behind the book and edit it into a 1 minutes to 2 minute amazing standout book trailer.

See this is where being in a partnership publishing agreement should of been my biggest help and I think would come under the heading 2 years marketing advise in my contract would of helped a lot.

Do you read self doubt in my words? or is it I know I haven’t learnt that yet and it is ok, because my son Jake is learning about this at school in his computer science and it lessons. He is going to try to show me how and this is what I love about this book the most because it can be incorporated into his learning. It is something he is enjoying doing, and has been involved in showing the book from his eyes to, to enrich his own abilities and gift of computer knowledge.

So that it what I have to get sorted as soon as possible ready for the event.

That’s all the book news for today.

New subject immunisation

Just spoke to the nurse today about Jake’s booster jabs diphiria, tetnus and polio plus the meningitis jabs.

After alot of thought and talking through with the nurse about Jake’s needle phobia and medical issues, we have decided he will go ahead and have them, but just in the hospital setting, without having to deal with them in front of his peers i know all the kids will be a bit nervous and many parents will be worrying about the kids having them. I am not worried because he has had them when he was a baby just wanted to make sure Jake is physically ok at this moment to handle his Jabs and checking the finer details because it mentions if they have egg allergy and while Jake has before had a acute reaction to eggs before that cause really bad hives he hasn’t had any more since then I don’t know if that is because he won’t eat them or just maybe the reaction was to something else. At least having them at the hospital there is doctors around.

Jake is preparing for having them but also he has researched and spoken to others himself about them too. It is his body and we work hard on teaching him his body his choise.bje needs to feel that to lower his anxiety levels.


Niki is working hard at college and earnt student of the week certificate again, so very proud of all the work she is doing at college while coping with the new pcos diagnosis.

We are still waiting for the blood results., Hormonal levels and adrinal functioning before a decision is made on treatment. On where she goes from this point. She is a little up and down emotionally over it but that’s alot to the not noing how it will impact future choises and waiting for results it messes with her thoughts sometimes.

Any way that’s my update for today have a beautiful night .😁❤️

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Hi what can i say about this week, It has truly been the most fantastic week, Jake turning fourteen, he is changing and growing so quickly, i want to saviour every moment of it.

Before my eyes he is turning into this wonderful young man, much the same as his older brother but in his own sweet way, he is going from strength to strength. His own opinions on life and so many other things is developing so well, he is developing his own perspective and really seems to understand more than he is sometimes given credit for.

We had a lovely quite weekend, the only down side was the fact my hubby and i seem to have caught the bug that Jake had earlier in the week, which did mean we had to push through it to make it still as special, my hubby more affected then me i guess the flu shot i had meant i didn’t get it too bad.

It was lovely having Josh here for the weekend, He took Jake out for a couple of hours and choose his present with him, the legends of Zelda game. Josh also got Niki a Scandinavian health book with some great vegetarian recipes that will certainly make my job easier making meals for her. He also got her a frog for her collection. Josh is an awesome son and big brother his bond with them is so beautiful to see and they look up to him.

The week ahead and Book

Monday i will be contacting the liquidators as the promised minuets of the meeting and digital copy never came.

This is the third time now, they said them acting on behalf of the publishers was not a conflict of interest but i am beginning to have huge doubts about that.

On a more positive note i have booked myself on another author event in April UK southern book show and am just waiting for conformation of the place so will be able to add details real soon, there is even a possibility of speaking at the event, not something i have done before but feel ready to take that next step if i am choose.

I do think as an author even if you hit blocks you have to show perseverance and belief in your work, be dedicated to get your work out there and seen by others noone can read it if they done here about it first.

Next challenge Jake’s booster Jabs

We have mastered blood tests, dentists visits, this is his next big challenge, we got the forms from school and he is already asking for magic cream or spray, i dont even no if thats possible for jabs. we have talked about it and think it is best if we go to the doctors to get them done and not have them at school, it is one thing having anxiety of it in a doctors but another thing to do it in front of your peers.

Any way i will work it out hopefully we can get it done and out the way quickly for all our sake’s.

I forgot to mention it is Niki’s boyfriend Tom’s 21 today they have been chatting online all day, he is in Holland with his family.

Have a beautiful week ahead.

all my love Faye xx


Boys will be Boys

me and my Josh
Birthday dinner No 2
They are locked on to Tec
Family photo we need a bigger sofa

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Hello how are you today,

Being a carer you sometimes have to put yourself first in order to be able to be a better carer, I sometimes am not good at this but , there are times I no I need to let my hair down go out and have a little fun, I love going out and having a good old sing song always puts in in great spirits recharges my energy, last night was one of those nights , Niki and Hayley my dad and niece came too, I love seeing them all up there singing there hearts out (not my dad though haven’t got him up there YET I am working on it though.)

I have heard him sing a couple of times when he thinks noone here’s 😁

Being able to put on a dress and not just jeans and baggy jumpers. Like mum wear ones you don’t mind sticky fingers prints or general kids mess on.

Hayley got her grove on and was in a extremely Happy mood last night, I think now her new menu is done a she has her little goal to work to she is more relaxed.

I like the fact my Niki is old enough to come with me now as well although last night some guy put an ice cube down the back of my dress while I was singing, it didn’t bother me I know it was harmless, and I kept on singing , Niki didn’t like it and said really loudly you don’t touch people’s mums bless her she is so protective of me, it isn’t just parents that get over protective sometimes kids do too.

I am just so chilled today.😁


Our oldest son is home for the weekend we are having another birthday get together, only this time with Jake’s big brother here. He was working on his actual birthday.


Today is the day the liquidators said we should get the minutes and digital copy, I will give them till 2if they don’t get in touch I will call again.

Hopefully tonight I will have all I need to get to work again.

Have a beautiful day

Love Faye xx

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A big Thank you

Hi everyone first of all i would love to say thank you to all those who follow and visit and engage with me. It is such a pleasure to continue to meet and engage with new people.

I love reading your posts and work, they keep me company when i cant sleep, or just want to relax, reading and writing is the new cool in our home, stepping out of the comfy of what we are used to, it is no longer hesitant or with anxiety but with a new found respect for life, and all it has to offer.

Our life for many years filled with negative feed back, due to the autism and anxiety, it should never have been that way. But it was on more occasions then i would like to remember.

what i have found out is there are more genuine kind people in this world then, then feedback would have you believe. It has really impacted our life and changed it in to a more relaxed kind of life more enriched and rewarding.


Jake had such a fabulous birthday this year, so many lovely messages from all over the world it made him feel very special, we had a lovely time for his birthday dinner and he really loved all of his gifts, but what he loved the most was spending time with his Family,

I have been working on putting all the messages and birthday photos and cards into a memory book for him, i hope to have it finished by Monday, as we still have a little celebration this weekend when his big brother Josh comes home for the weekend. we cant wait to see him we all miss him a lot when he is not here , the joys of grown up kids.

Birthday cake made mummy style no Jam
Niki helped make a poster
All ready by Midnight
Birthday boy
Reading his cards
The joke present
The present that he has already completed
Always a musical instrument, music is important to us
waking up late oh dear
really mum it’s to early
what can i say we are a bit batty
Hayley not wanting to be left out of pics
happy Nan and Granddad came, Granddad a little camera shy


I have been working with hayley today, she again has been practising her numbers, she was helping put together Jake’s memory book.

but the most important work today was re working Hayley’s menu, the old one has stopped being affective in keeping her at her ideal weight so needed changing up, she did really well with giving her impute and i think she now is really focusing on losing the little bit of weight she has put on since this time last year, this is our main focus of work together over the next couple of months as well as continuing to help her express her feelings and know what is a good choise or bad choice.

The biggest part of it because of her prader willi syndrome is learning to say no when people offer her wrong choices and increasing her water intake.

Hayley holding her new menu’s she worked on with me

many thanks have a good evening

Love Faye xx

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Birthday boy Jake 14 today💗🎂🎂😁

Good evening all, it is nearly midnight here and very soon it will be the day my youngest son Jake was born 14 years ago. He is my youngest and weighed the heaviest out of all my children 6lb 8oz, he came into the world all cute and wrinkly he almost didn’t wait till I got to the hospital.

He came home and added so much to our already AWSOME family, his brother and sister plus me and my husband loved him from the very start, he was so cute big eyes really long eye lashes he melted our hearts.

He was so very smart and just wanted to learn everything we couldn’t keep up with his knowledge of dinosaurs.

He just loved being around his family , he used to sit next to Niki while she was doing here games on the computer and just hold her ear.

Jake and his big brother Josh have this bond that will never be broken he looks up too his big brother, it doesn’t matter how long they spend apart they just talk and like the same things.

Jake and his dad and grandad have this wonderful relationship, Jake now getting in there with jokes and talk on politics and music, and world facts .

I look at him growing every year and despite the really hard challenges he has faced he never lets me down I am highly proud of him.

He is kind,caring,funny,smart and such a loving young man always wanting to help everyone always wanting to push himself to reach his goal. Marine biologist that’s what he wants to do when he grows up.

Any way I got everything ready, and am looking forward to seeing his face in the morning.

He has been a bit unwell tonight really hope he is up to celebrations tommorrow.

Good night

Love Faye