Emo the Emotional Elf update, #Christmas #book #Emotions #elves #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Sent a message requesting news from the publisher as the weeks draw on and still no proper communication happening it’s beginning to really make me stressed.

It is on my mind alot, even more so as Christmas is drawing near, the book is our family miracle after so much difficulty it has brought this infectious laughter amongst the anxiety and depression my children have.

The 1st of December 2016, I began to write and start the journey to become an author. It still is important now as then.

Kids think mum can pull another miracle like every Christmas, this year

Niki is supposed to be spending with her boyfriend in his country and meeting some more of his grand parents.

We have hit a difficulty with getting her passport, because they thought the door number was a different one so trying to get it changed and sorted so far 4 phone calls no interview letter yet either. Her returned documents opened by a neighbour we don’t know by accident.

At least they managed to find our home,and who it was ment for, or that could have caused a huge issue.

Turning 18 and having autism,anxiety and tourettes still requires support from mum to minimise stress. It is why an accompanying message was sent about Niki’s challenges so to try and bring interview closer to home.

Thankfully they will talk to me because Niki gave verbal permission so I can sort it, I really am trying.

This trip will be her first trip abroad, but also her first time without us close,

I am not worried she will be well looked after as Tom and his parents are used to Niki and accept her for who she is.

It is more that I hope it comes soon before all flights are booked Or I will have a devastated young lady here.

Hope you all have had a beautiful day 😀

Many thanks



Emo the Emotional Elf update. #author #emotions

Hi all, today a day to remember those who lost there lives 100 years ago, the families left behind to carry on and rebuild a world devastated by war, the injured left disabled the mental anguish and pain for all who lived a life in that time.

Myself I remember and learn more of my family that were affected by it as the years go by.

They had no choise but to stand up and fight to bring freedom and peace.

There was is no winner in war just loss. I can’t even imagine how it was for them because I sit in the safety of home surrounded by my family something they went to war so there future generation can have a more peaceful life.

History cannot be changed that’s a truly sad truth, the past cannot be totally forgotten because it is a lesson.

Something that we speak about even to this day.

My great grandparents and those other family members who were old enough to go to war.

Those who stayed behind but played there bit by nursing of factory work. The innocent children who grew up in an unsafe place.

There are many countries still having wars or families living in the shadow of what is left behind.

I am thankful for my families sacrifice

But i wish they did not have to go through that, I have a deep hope that we as countries and societies learn that life is better with peace.

So in honour of my family who loss Thier life I thankyou from the bottom of my 💓

Many thanks Faye xxx

Emo the Emotional Elf update, #author #christmas #elves #emotions #anxiety #autism #mentalhealth

Hi all wishing you a beautiful new week ahead.

Still very much a waiting game for the book many thoughts are in my head new ideas, like an endless ticking clock waiting to strike the midnight bell and bring a new day.

A new day to learn more a new day to bring about change which is what the book is about it still brings smiles and laughs to me each day even if the day is difficult I think back to the time I was sat down thinking up ideas for elf mischief. I loved slowly drawing more of the family into the story by adding little snippets of them as I see them.

I love sharing and talking about it online, because the people it has drawn my way some I am still getting to know, some sharing Thier own stories and pictures of Thier families with me.

I have made some really cool new friends who have a positive impact on my life, the uplifting messages received mean an awful lot.

Thank you for all who follow my posts or like them, I love reading what you all write too. There are so many people out Thier who also have many challenges to face maybe now and again maybe everyday or even multiple times a day.

I will carry on writting and sharing, learning more as I go, growing as a Person and author, if only determination and passion for what you truly beileve in was enough to make a situation change around quicker. My life would be so much easier.

I would like to see a change that all our young kids have hope and safety and somewhere to go that doesn’t envolve feeling hopelessness, an out let that everyone becomes envolvement in lifting them and showing them the possibilities they have for a better life.

The Emotional support to understand themselves there mental and emotional health is as important as Thier physical health.

For kids from a young age to understand all emotions and how to handle them safely for their own sense of self to build friendships and meaningful relationships with others,

I talk about these things with my children alot, what’s ok and not ok.

Have a beautiful evening

All my love

Faye xx

Emo the Emotional Elf update, #christmas #book #emotions #elves #author #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

IMG_20181031_160330403.jpgHi all, hope you are all doing great.

It`​s so great to see more countries appear in my blog stats, other then Checking my Facebook or email or what my kids were visiting. since writing the book and joining more sites to get the book out there and meet knew people from different cultures and countries, it is so fantastic because I realy believe it brings something new and exciting to our families life.

It`s been a busy week for us after my oldest son left on Monday for his surprise visit we were on back to school routine, then Halloween was quickly appeared. Our niki spent it at a friends house which was a first for us not having her home, she had fun and that was the main thing.

Jake had both me and my husbands attention and hayley decided she wanted to stay a little later with us to join in, it was such a fun and fabulous night, we had a record amount of trick or treaters this year, i would say over 80 through the evening.

They were all so very polite and their costumes were amazing, I love the excitement in Jake when the witch outside went off he was so bouncy and jumping with excitement to be able to put sweets in their pots and to wish them a happy Halloween in his best Mickey mouse voice it was a great impression. Jake and his dad went out trick n treating too we only started taking them out about three years ago before that we had little party`s at home.

I have heard from the publishers they are still saying they are trying to sort something out for my book, but they have lots of other authors to deal with too. i no this is hard for us all to deal with I am trying to think positively about it and still remain hopeful for a solution to this soon, the book is finished. It`s ready for sales there are still some copies available online depending where you look. It is easy to type in Google Emo the Emotional Elf by Faye Farmer and see the results for yourselves.I am still keeping my book out there by talking about it.

Jake although he is slowly getting over his cold had physio today and they feel he is able to do his excersizes without seeing them now but they have said they will keep his file open for a couple of months just so if he has difficulty again he wont have to go through the GP and we can just phone them up, This is good news his posture has improved a lot and although the back bruises are slowly happening less and less and his knees still crack a lot his tendons in his legs have gone from 30 to 20 not completely sure what this means but they said it is an improvement, now his cold has nearly gone we can Push him to do his excersizes even more. Jake is becoming more aware now of his posture and is learning to correct it because his body is learning where it is suppose to be.

we have also been trying to sort Niki`s passport which she needs for visiting Tom at christmas, a little on the frustrating side as the computer though the house number was different to what was written, which has led to many phone calls trying to get sorted.  Things sometimes are never simple but complex when transitioning from child to adult services.  So doing things independently but still needing help to minimise stressful details, I don`t want to give her panic attacks another way in,

when we have the anxiety at a some what stable point.

well that kind of all tonight as I am working the night shift here the kids are sound asleep we had lots of fun tonight.

Good night to you all.

Faye xxx

Emo the Emotional Elf update #author #book #christmas #Emotions #Elves #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all having revieved a message from publishers, the other day which to be honest because of situation I wasn’t expecting just yet, and can’t say much about till they contact me again, so now I wait as calmly as I can.

I really don’t like that I am in the situation just as it is the best time for most sales.

This weekend has been focused on my little family, my oldest son Josh gave us a surprised visit, we have had a beautiful weekend of watching movies, shopping talking to the echo I got for my hubby’s birthday, we are all having fun with it.

Me and the kids set an alarm at full volume before we went out as hubby was having his Sunday nap, he said he was nearly out the back door. 😂😂

We are always playing little tricks on each other, we are as mischievous as our Elves.

This evening was pumpkin carving, for those with sensory issues not an easy thing Jake managed to scrap most of the insides with out getting it on his hands, Niki really didn’t like the smell, and Josh he is never affected these things, well maybe only with Brussel sprouts.

My Family time I can it matters more than anything they are growing g so quickly, I feel we missed some of the most important times of there life when the journey through diagnosis hit us.

Things we can’t change or get back

I write to remember, I write to capture I write to express so many things. It is good for my own. Families mental and emotional health.

That all for today, tommorrow it is return to school and saying goodbye to Josh. Loved having time with him.

All my love

Faye xx

Emo the Emotional Elf update.#christmasbook #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all still no news as to what is happening with the publishers and their seize in trading.

It is a time will tell kind of thing, i am hoping to pull out a miracle as soon as i can dont quite know how yet. Feeling motivated to continue with second book regardless, i know i can hold my head up high and say i payed on time after raising the funds, i met every deadline I was suppose too, I learnt so much as  progressed from first draft to second draft then final draft. i am a published author noone can take that part away, the book is mine and my families.

The initial shock is wearing off and the tears are all dried, you cant right a book about emotions if you dont feel them yourself.

Today i have a calmness taken over me what makes me happy is doing things that make my family smile, today is my husbands birthday, I have enjoyed the day so much  the kids joined in when they felt like it , my hubby​s parent`s came and mine.

The elves as always causing mischief, food was delicious, cakes were fab, Greek music playing in the back ground, it has so much heart in their songs, full of soul and emotion.

Not much else to say other than that as i am just to relaxed tonight.

Have a beautiful evening or day which ever it is for you.

All my love

Faye xxx

Emo the Emotional Elf update, #christmasbook #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi guys. To say I am full of many emotions right now is so understated.

I am in pieces the publishers put a post up saying they have seized trading and be in contact in due course.

2 years of hard work to years of improving and bring just a little bit of light into our families hearts after diagnosis and devasting loss.

And I find out in one sentence that, on this journey I have been honest heartfelt and very open about the issues our family have, the book is a great book and doesn’t deserve what has happened, I have to try and stay calm and hold it in because of my children who right now are angry and upset, they are autistic so these things truly do affect them.

I can’t say much more than this untill they contact me in due course.

I don’t know when that will be at the moment but I have my book and it is a Christmas book, and now I just don’t know what to think.

If feel a great sense of disappointment for all those who kindly gave donations to make this book happen.

Because they believed in me and the causes it is to raise awareness for.

Please remember the book and as soon as I can I will update you on further progress I don’t intend for this journey with writing or Emo to be over.

To much has been put in to it.

Many thanks Faye xxx