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Hi all how are you doing ?

Lazy Sunday’s, Don’t you just love them?

Little Tom was so chatty in his own little way, Ellie and Holly were little darlings. Ellie has a bad foot at the moment a bit swollen and bruised she hurt it on the trampoline at school the other day. Holly she is the cheekiest the little giggler. she loves the filters on the phone and messing about with them.

This is her this morning, Living her best life !!

Little Tom is my little go getter he always finds a way to communicate what he wants he has this clever and funny little personality he captures every ones hearts. who meets him with his cute little smile and puppy dog eyes.

He spends most of his time laughing at me , or saying I love you and NO.this morning when I lined up the elves up he got so excited.

See what I mean he thinks I am silly
Ellie joining in the Fun Too

I don’t think they wanted me to leave this morning , Just as I was about ready to go Ellie asked for a hug, Holly jumped on me and said your not going and little tom grab hold of my top laughing. But on a serious note little Tom has his hip operation coming up soon he had his premed the other day

His mum was saying how unhelpful they were at the Train station because they didn’t know they would have to pre- book help for wheel chair access. What if a wheel chair user wanted to be spontaneous and just wanted to go out. they would normally drive too appointments but daddy wasn’t available to drive thier so she went with toms other carer.

It is funny how if you don’t have a disability either visible or invisible it is as easy as doing what you want when you want but when you do have these other issues thier is many things you have to check out before you even make a decision to go. Will it be accessible what happens in an emergency, what do I need to bring incase of delays . Is thier going to be a changing table big enough. where are they if your not familiar with some where it can be a huge hurdle.

Going into London at the moment with all these protests can be more of an issue for some just trying to get their special needs kids to thier appointments. his hips hurt so sitting in his wheelchair for long journey’s must be hard for him. he didn’t want to go in it this morning, he wanted a leg massage.

Still that was not something I was involved with as I don’t work with Tom on week days.

Upon returning home hubby was already pouring my coffee the kids were still asleep, I was waiting to see how long it would take for them to come and see if I was home but an hour later they hadn’t even stirred, I called up too them one second later we heard this almighty bang and thud as Jake jumped of his bed and came running down the stairs followed shortly after by Niki. I love thier big hugs when I get home. Jake had the baking bug today wanted to make cake and dinner.

Triple chocolate Fudge Cake his favorite one of the only ones he will eat, he found a liking too it when he was anxious one day and cooked one for his teachers, I remember the look on his face when he tentatively took his first ever bite of this particular type of cake.

Still it isn’t all about the good stuff , we are helping him by exposing him to more cooking he is eager to learn and deal with his eating issues.
Preparation and using his senses a big step in the right direction

Smell of food cooking is becoming easier for him , as is touching some foods. one step at a time. he did also have a small piece of chicken on his plate today but only managed a bite, but still it is one bite more. he made a beautiful roast chicken dinner.

Playing cards while we waited , my hubby had the Sunday sleep, and Laurence of Arabia move time.

Niki was talking to Tom and her Friends so was hibernating in her room only coming down for feeding time, she waited till I left the room and put her Brussels on her dads plate , but she did eat her corn on cob and broccoli. so I was very pleased with that , yay me getting my vegetarian daughter to actually eat veg. the rest of the day has just been chilling .,

Any way good night for now our week has come to and end with smiles on our face and appointments done. now to look forward to the schools shutting for half term so we can chill with each other .

good night much love Faye xx


Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi all today was the big book event, and although a quite one it was great.

Outfit of choise Mrs clause
I was the only one dressed in Character
Maybe that will make me a memorable
Author. Willing to go to that little bit of extra effort to make the kids smile.πŸ˜€

I have a a different way of thinking about this it is why I never inbox my book links unless someone asks. I would much rather have people drawn to visit and ask then direct sales. Maybe that is why sales can be a little slow sometimes. The way I look at it is one book at a time, the book may not have an impact of everyone that reads it but it may have an impact on that one person who it connects with.

Setting up was lovely, this time though we all got bigger tables so had the room to really display our books to draw people over.

A large enough table to really spread out.
The room had been redecorated since the last event and had this photo friendly background white and grey.
The only thing I wish would be different is if my table cloth didn’t have fold lines but that is me being picky πŸ˜€

We added a few extra things as give aways, chocolate coins. Not just for the kids adults wanted some tooπŸ˜€

The screens around the library showing the authors book covers and short discription.

The event organisers all Thier to get us set up, show us where to go. The lifts to get up Thier with all our stock.

Our name printed out for our tables to help people to know who we are if they hadn’t heard of our books before.
Displaying both the front and back of the book and that we take cash and credit card makes it easier for sales
Our house definatley believes in imagination and creativity

Having book marks business cards and small posters to show people where they can find you online if they choose to go away and think about it before buying . πŸ˜€β€οΈ

Give aways are always a nice touch
Chocolate coins just to get into the spirit of Christmas plus keyrings.

It really depends on the croud though whether you put a small price on them or give them away.
Obviously they are both for advertising purposes and a little thing that is also practical. They are a good investment either way

I made one sale today so that is good, it was brought by a mother for her daughter who is 10 and not long been diagnosed. We got talking and had something in comman that may have been different if it wasn’t for chatting about our kids.

Emo had his biggest smile as usual

The other children’s author’s in our room were set up and ready for the people attending to come in. Some made sales some didn’t you have to take it as a positive because you learn and pick up tips from other author’s.

I love all Thier work and there different style. I have learnt to appreciate what they have been through to produce Thier books.

We all talked about the marketing side of things and getting books to wider audiences.

The were some children’s activities going on in the lower part of the Library and they ran a little completion, to see if they could find things and then come and get authors to put Thier signiture the winner got a Β£10 book voucher. That was a fun little thing to get people in the rooms where author’s were. They were a little quite so opening the book and showing them Niki and Jake and telling them about the family photos they seemed to relax,

Maybe they can run a selfie completion next time, getting pictures of adults reading with them parent’s or care givers , grandparent’s aunt’s and uncle’s teachers. This could work well for all kids even kids with disabilities because it could be something for everyone to be involved with. The one with the most selfies wins the prize. That’s a way to get on and off line working in tandom with each other, plus gets adults to take the time to engadge with reading.

I found it helped our family alot you get quality one on one with each child Noone feels left out. You find kids really benifit from it and start opening up to you more plus they start inviting you into the online places they love it if you notice Thier post and put a ❀️ on it. This is an unintrusive way of keeping an eye on them online making sure that Thier ok. The best thing is they invite you.

I spoke to some dad’s too about the book, and found out one of them taught kungfu for about 25 years so I shared that I found it was really benificial for Jake.

I spoke to another lady, who was an English teacher who has written a book too but waiting to get a publisher. She shared that she lost a child in later stages of pregnancy that is something we touch on in the book not in the main story but in remembrance of my daughter who passed. In the dedications part of the book.

This is what I hoped too achieve by writing a book opening up chats about the more difficult subjects. It’s as much for parents and families as is it for kids. Finding away to understand each others feelings and what makes us feel the way we feel sometimes it helps kids learn how to find ways to cope with Thier feelings if they see Thier parents are open about how they feel.

Any way that is all for now have to get ready for my night shift with the kiddo’s lots of fun to have tonight with them .

Much love Faye XX

Been walking around with a big smile all day.

Emo The Emotional Elf

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Hi all how are you?

I am excited and so ready for this book event.

It is great because one leads to another then more opportunities come your way, which is great if you are starting out as an unknown author. These events don’t just bring opportunity to show your book off, they give you a huge chance to meet other author’s , librarians, readers.

A massive opportunity to get into speaking events, sharpen your skill set, and learn alot about the publishing industry. Sharing other authors journey’s and making friends it pretty awesome.πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ

You get to be a little creative and think about marketing, other products you might want to add to your list of things to sell. Metadata is a bit of a minefield especially if you change publishers getting new up to date data or have corrections made not an easy task can leave you frustrated.

That is definatley the biggest issue if your self publishing after having a publisher.

The amount of people I have connected with on many sites and enjoy conversations with really opens your eyes up to the bigger world outside of your norm.

I enjoy reading other blogs especially here on wordpress because Thier is such a wide range of blogs people’s perspectives, people’s work.

The majority of new authors have too work real hard at promoting and selling Thier books making valuable connections. I would not say my journey has been the easiest, infact it isn’t something I would wish on any other author, but I am really resilient I never give up no matter what obstacles get put in the way. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜€πŸ’―

Would I have done things differently or even published if I knew it would be so hard, that is something I ponder on occasionally before I give myself a talking too, and focus on the future.

I had hoped to have my next book finnished by now , it is started but the obstacles that have arisen for the old publishers going into liquidation has made me take a big step back from that and really focus on this first book and doing what needs to be done to get it where it was ment to be last year. The book data is being sorted and slowly the old book will be replaced by my own self publish book. It is out both in ebook format and print format avalible to down load through kobo and appearing on many book seller’s sites. Now to get reader’s and reviews the next part of the process. Events although are fabulous it really depends on how many people turn up and if your book catches Thier attention enough to buy it. I tend to talk to people who come to the event. Usually at this time I would feel the nerves bubbling as the reality that the day has come to get out there.

I just don’t feel that now , I feel just excitement even sorting some of the issues today, has not dampened my excitement of tomorrow’s event.

I had a big think and a small spend for the table to look nice and inviting, a new cloth, a display stand for the book marks and poster’s, adding a little bit of glitter in the shape of a Christmas bow. It is relivent to the book being a Christmas story.

Playing about with the layout , I always like to plan how I want it to look. Hope the table isn’t to small though so have to be prepared to change things a little
Making sure the credit card machine is fully charged and ready to work
We still have some promotional things like key rings that the children made and book marks. They sold quite well at the events and a great way to get your book marketing out and about
Emo is ready too

Bring your Character’s with you, what made you begin the book , my little buddy Emo Elf has helped us through so much. Although we have 16 elves now he is the only one coming with me tomorrow my silent friend Thier for the reminder that I can achieve great things. To never give up.

I am not sure what I will wear yet sometimes I dress up in my elf costume sometimes I don’t I shall see in the morning,

As you can probally tell I am in a rather chatty mood tonight.

My hubby has been a star this week, phoning around and sorting some of the data stuff, coming with me to both school meetings, sending me really silly posts that I should not really laugh at but some how has had a calming affect. I have had such a busy couple of weeks but it has been so much fun, 4 birthdays , work, doctors, dentist, schools, life seems to be falling back in to place like it was before the diagnosis maybe we just got better at relaxing and taking the moments we need to rest in-between all the things. We move in random sometimes know what the other needs and silently doing it. Oh dear that’s sounds like way too much adulting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ .

Jake’s meetings and parents evening was very good , it is great actually seeing the teachers and getting feed back on his strengths and what he struggles with, he has hit his targets for end of year 11 and even exceeded some, and for a young man with serious eating issues he is inline for a distinction in health and catering.

Jake decided to come with us to parents evening, there were a few things he brought up himself especially with his catering teacher first are you going to stay, he has had three teachers the class is a bit of a handful, she assured him she will be staying, the next he just out right said I think you should have some help in this class because everyone keeps messing about. The teacher asked him to give her a chance to settle in as she has only been Thier three weeks, it will get better in thier. She also said that Jake and a few other were put at the back of the class because they worked hard and that the ones that needed more supervision were in the front. Jake just nodded his head. She asked about Jake’s eating issues and said in this class they do cover what food groups help the body to grow and she opened up to home about having eating issues herself for about a year. Where she could only taste a metallic taste. This is what some of our kids need to know they are not alone in Thier struggles teachers have this huge thing where they teach but don’t always let Thier barriers down, but for kids that have issues they are looking for people who get how they feel.

The only thing that came up was organising extra time for Jake in his exams, which I can get added before the final adjustments to his EHCP plan is done.

The thing is getting Jake to accept this help, he does understand that it will help him, but it troubled a little when he said it isn’t fair to other students he doesn’t want a normal kid to be demoralised if he has the extra time and in that extra time he gets more marks them the normal student will be upset that an autisic kid got better grades. This is something both him and Niki have worried about showing and getting fab grades. If they study hard work hard get good grades Thier called geek or need if they get help they get called stupid.

I am Working on them not worrying what other people get or say, but it’s hard to change the way they think about these things.

My kids can be a bag of contradiction sometimes , i.e they don’t like noise but don’t like it quite either, they are loud but also anxious and shy, they are smart but sometimes Thier need for perfection stops them from starting things. They need help sometimes but don’t always want it. They hate attention on them but draw attention to themselves. They must be so confused sometimes I know this causes them a lot of anxiety.

Oh dear I think I talk to much.❀️😬

I am going to say goodnight for now

Here is the link for the Ebook again should anyone want to get a copy quickly. If you do please be kind and leave a review it helps more than you know.πŸ˜€β€οΈ


Much love Faye XX πŸ’—πŸ’—

Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi all how are you today

working with Hayley spending her birthday money and vouchers today.

Special blog today

New addition to our family, an Elf baby and a rainbow baby

So first I want to say congratulations to my beautiful cousin Abbie,Tom, Rosie-leigh and Elsie on the birth of thier beautiful new baby girl Daphney.

Like Abbie I know what it is like to welcome a rainbow baby, after such a sad event a miracle baby, being pregnant is a bag of mixed emotions being, expecting a rainbow baby that only intensifies your feelings, you anxiously wait for thier arrival praying everything will be fine, I will tell you i know everything your feeling and so very proud of you for the strong mother you are, I know that your mum would be smiling down right now looking over you all with such pride and love. your one of the bravest women I know.

You are an amazing mother too all your children, a wonderful big and little sister always watching over and nurturing your family. I love you lots my beautiful cousin. what ever you go through you always put your girls happiness first and they are such a credit too you.

Now on to the other bit of news our Elf family also had a new addition a baby Elf his name is Elliot and he is a scentsy Elf which was sorted out by my neighbour and friend Niki , as scentsy is her own little business venture

So we were able to get this little unique Elf and support a fellow mother who is on the same diagnosis journey as we were once on. A great sensory product to he smells homely like Christmas cranberry I would definitely recommend this or other scentsy products. I am also up for helping other mums find thier own thing that makes them feel empowered. For me it is being an author for her it’s Scentsy.

Emo the Elf was excited to have a brand new elf buddy, he introduced him to mummy Elf and all the other elves in the family it’s a large family of 16 and counting.

Here he is ready to be born, a new member of the Farmer family

He slowly emerges from his little cocoon slowly at first, then with a big smile on his face

Emo places the baby Elf in mummy Elf’s arms and her heart melts, you see elves are not so different from thier human families thier feelings are the same. They love to help share stories of thier experiences and the love and kindness they feel. they have a want to help families in hard times and in beautiful times. help them to talk and to share thier feelings. so life is so much more fun.

So here we are introducing little Elliot the Elf to you all, welcome to the family Elliot and little Daphney.

Just to end our days blog with other updates, Niki got sent home from college after being sick, Jake has a cold, my Mum has shingles.

Tomorrow is a brand new day with a lot to do and a fresh new perspective, of life an what each day brings to people. you are the one that can make it great. our day tomorrow is busy as usual with parents evening and Niki’s appointment to have her ear syringed we are hoping once it is clear she will get her hearing back in that ear. we do it with great positivity and a smile on our face.

Have a beautiful night

Much love Faye xx

A new life always something to make you smile,unconditional love, a chance to love harder, care more and teach more.