Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi hope you are doing well we have finished sorting house ready for Christmas. Can’t believe just how quickly this year is coming to an end.

They even put the elf jumpers on 😀😱

This time of year is about the moments you share together, maybe a little more worrying for an autistic family on many levels and for those on very tight budgets. That’s us this year, but we like to give our home a lift with festive spirit and hope for a better new year.

it’s all in light hearted fun

Sitting here and coming home from school run and seeing the lights, around our house all now Led’s so they have lasted many years, we only had to change one set this year.

My hubby managed to fix out candy cane lights the kids love them. We are conscious about not having lights on a fast flashing sequence, just the slower setting. This can really make a huge difference sensory wise.

I would say the elves have arrived but they never left we just added to the little elf family.😀

A little nativity scene sits on our window ledge.

Our Christmas window challenge has begun

Always starts this way then it gets changed each day
One of the kids choise of words

We all get involved, who ever is standing at the sink can’t resist rearranging the words.

Have any of you got a family Tradition a game? or challenge you set at Christmas time?

For us it is all about creating an atmosphere of excitement to laugh to smile to be imaginative it fills in the gaps of last few weeks of school before the holidays. there is always this slow building excitement for families a time for hanging up your work shoes and just be happy sitting with a movie a book your kids.

Some toys you can test out when they arrive so you can stop any unforseen issues that may cause upset, others are toys you wont know untill the day, I remember one year we got a buzz light year thought it all worked lovely till our oldest opened the box and we spent boxingday franticlly trying to change the wing pack , we werent the only paretns with upset kids that year the queue was large at the shop that year. Still it was a quick fix int the end as the store had got new wings to give out.

Santa is very busy this year

Helpful Tips for busy Parent’s

There are many things to prepare for the christmas month’s changes to sceduals, Ordering enough medicines to last through the holiday season its a big pain if you run out and the chemist is shut for the day.

Batteries get plenty for toys that need then to work, tummy settlers these are a must when you eat the richness of Christmas food. Flu shots. have plans in place for what to do if weather stops you from visiting.

Preparing for unexpected visitors, we love that, always have things ready just incase.

We have colds here at the moment so they should hopefully be gone by christmas week, over the years colds and tummy bugs, not to mention chicken pox have joined us over the holiday season. one year all three of them came at once. It was an intresting year that year. We still managed to enjoy it though.

Carry your phone charger with you, this time of year you capture so many photo’s batteries run low quickly, I always find it happens at the worst time, I invested in a car charger after my phone ran out and my car broke down. Now at least I can always call someone if it should ever happen.

If your out doing last minute shopping facture in queues, remember it’s a busy time of year and staff that may serve you , have their own families at home to support. a friendly smile and a thank you is very little thing that can make long busy shifts a little easier to bare.

I work through Christmas most times my job is done sometimes in my home and sometimes in other’s, but always on call for emergencies, another reason for phone being charged.

If your having a drink leave the car at home or have a designated driver who isnt drinking, who can help. if your going out and using Taxi’s always tell someone. the ones we use text us the make, colour model and reg so we know who’s cab we are getting into.

Stamps and last delivery times , a topped up medical kit incases anyone gets a paper cut opening pezzies , the tinest speck of blood from a paper cut can have the whole world think someone is dying. another resason to have a full medical kit is if that one relitive who gets to merry and fulls. you can fix them up in know time.

Celotape and wrapping paper because you always get down to wrapping the last prezzie and you run out, its about being prepared and saving yourself from unnecsessary trips, I have been the one that has to make many of these trips.

Thats really all the tips I can think of right now.

So with my house sorted and my list of things ready to finnish off, maily prezzies and a few of the christmas meats. I am more relaxed now. Writting this blog is really helping me remember all the things I need too.


Her Mickey and Mini Tree
Her home made decoration hanging off her memory frames

Hayley’s been so busy the last couple of weeks changes to routine she has handled quite well, She has been so very busy. she can relax alittle now her Christmas shows are complete, her presents all brought and wrapped. Her tree is sorted, Just her Christmas cards to write for her she can put her own name in them. She has been an awsome little Christmas elf this year she is full of christmas spirit.

Book is going well, still lots of places you can orderer it from. I will pop some links on at the end of the post.

Here is the Book Trailer again for Emo the Emotional Elf

Emo the Emtional Elf book Trailer
The link to my Facebook author page happy for people to visit and join me there.

Ebook link


Paperback second Edition


also Avalible Waterstones, Barns and Noble. Foyles, Abebooks, book depositry, and all the amazons . many more palces be sure to get second edition to avoid disapointment of not recieving the first edition.

Having trouble uploading photo’s today sorry about that our internet is super slow and annoying .

Sent this to my hubby love this t-shirt

I think he is pretty awsome too he has worked hard on decortating, the Kitchen putting shelves up, and all the lights for chrismas as well as keeping me fed while I am busy rushing around . I really am thankfull for his support.

The other people I am thankfull for is my parents for taking the kids out the other night we got a couple hours kids free not somethinng we get alot of , and my oldest son josh who helps us I so many ways, always calls both me and his dad nearly every day, and speaks to his brother and sister regualy. Such a hard working caring young man

To all my new friends and connections that have shared our journey the last three years.

Have a beautiful day thanks for reading

Much love Faye xxx


Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi all hope you have all had a lovely week.

So much has happened this week, this is the busiest time of year here, work, family, appointments, book marketing, and the Christmas month, I am running a little behind but getting there.


What can i say Niki had her parents evening at college, she sent me a message from there on tuesday asking if i would like to go the next night, so booked that in. She was very nervous and didnt know what to expect from it, she has had a lot of work load to catch up with has been giving her a lot of anxiety, a couple of moments of crying but she is catching up. she was so surprised by what her teachers had to say it was all good. They said she was doing better than she thought she was, also that she should be very proud of the hard work she has been doing, she is begining to work well in groups, but as she said the class she is in is a much more positive and supporting enviroment. they are helping her make lists so she can stay on top of work.

We discussed Niki’s sleep as she can be tired in class, insomnia can be a pain and her tics are an issue at night and are happening alot, thats because she trys to hold them in so much during the day.

Niki also sent me a list an said it is something she really relates to I will share it but I don’t know who made it is realy good explanation Niki said.

This is pretty good that she was able to share this with me and she wanted me to put it in a blog post.

She has begun to share a lot of things lately her work, her achievements at college, this is a big positive step forward, she does also share her anxiety and moments when she feels so overwhelmed.

Niki has been really thoughtful latley first flowers then she got excited about buying me a teddy with an Elf outfit on.

She called him Marvin he is super soft and cuddly and has an awsome little smile

Proud that is what I feel of her, and although her life is affected grately she always trys so hard to just get on and do it.

She was at her placement on friday she messaged me to say there was a christmas fayre happening and would I like to pop in and visit and take her home after. when i arrived the first thing I heard was her shout Mummy it was so sweet she came and gave me such a big hug.

Niki had her hearing assessment on Saturday and thankfully now her ears are unclogged her hearing is ok, although the test its self brought on a migriane and took a while to go. she has her next dentist on Tuesday, we are really keeping on top of all these appointments now, takes abit of negoitating to work around Niki’s college and placements as she doesnt want to miss any time away from her work.

She got to choose a treat for hard work she choose a chocolate orange Cake.


Jake also had a pretty good week at school a bit of migrianes just small ones but he handled them well, Jake earnt 30 aspire points this week, good to see that they see how hard he is working at school right now. he passes it off as if it doesnt mean much but he earnt them. for respect, persistance , achievement.

He got to choose his treat , his favorite is dairy milk


I switched shifts around this week to meet her changes in scedual , christmas parties her rehearsals for her daycenters christmas pantomine. this year it will again be in the same venue at our local theatre the kids are lokking forward to nan coming down and her and grandad taking them to see Hayley perform it has become a new christmas tradition.

I get an evening off to spend quality time with my hubby, it isnt very often we dont have the kids here.

Hayley also had her hearing test on saturday and that was ok.

She still loves Mickey Mouse alot

Friday night work with Tom, Holly and Ellie.

Wow what a shift the excited little faces of Tom and girls when I arrived, we had so much fun.

The Emo was creating mischief hanging from his hoist, making him laugh, we read 10 books Holly joining in with the reading session and Tom using his hands to touch the book when the page needed to be turned. He listened intently.

We left Tom to watch his movie yep this boy loves Frozen, while us girls went into the other room, we had a job of putting holly’s birthday present I got her together, once it was done her and Ellie played so nicely together.

Checking on Tom who was signing along to frozen in his own way i sneak in his room with this monkey puppet on my hand crawling in so he didn’t see me an making it poke it’s head over the side of his bed he laughed so much thought it was very funny.

I went back to the other room so Ellie could spend some time doing what she wanted , that was me letting her curl my hair . these three are all different ages so finding activities from each of them that are age appropriate is a great thing.

I love this special time with Ellie and being an older sister can be tough sometimes. Especially in families with a child with special needs.

The girls settled for the night , in thier rooms I went back to Tom he wanted to hold hands , he finally went to sleep about 11pm he is still recovering from his hip op so hasnt been sleeping well. i must have worn him out he woke at 9.40 the next day so a good night sleep for him and his Mum and Dad.

My Hubby

He has been working hard decorating our kitchen which isnt that big but lots of small places to sort, He deep cleaned before putting the fresh paint on. he has early put alot of effort into it, now if we have guest over it doesnt look so run down. I have kepted busy to catching up on chores the ironing all up todate,

Listening to Christmas tunes while doing chores got through them quickly

We are a couple of days behind with the Christmas decorations but made a start today, Jake came bouncing in my room at 12.30 am shouting it is the first of december can I open my Christmas Calendar. It didn’t happen I made him go back to bed.

Today started with, the opening of the treasured calendar’s

Getting the decorations out of the Loft , the unmetionable happened again i’m such a clutch the loft door fell just missing me came crashing down with a loud bang followed by Jake running out of his room and Hubby calling up the stairs have you hurt yourself, Jake having memories of the time our halloween witches head came off and the body of the witch shooting out the loft.

This is just a bit of our Christmas things there is so much more

As usual the simplest of things, are not always as easy as they seem the first tree to put up was the garden tree only as I got it out of the box in fell apart , so I had a mission to go get another one this time I choose a real one, it was only £12 for a five food tree. I manage to carry it from the shop to my car which was not parked close as the car park was so busy. I get the tree home and hubby points out we don’t have a stand for it so I had to go out again and get a stand. The kids helped put it together after Nik popped it in the stand. well when I say the Kids helped Niki came out and put a few things on before she went back inside because it was to cold out for her Jake stayed till the end and helped. One down lots more to go.

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Chrismas

Book Marketing

I must admit this is taking alot of time, and is a little harder than i thought it would be , but having made some really kind new connections with other author’s and families, some progress is being made getting my book out there.

My friends and Fellow authors at red cape publishing have added my book and links to buy on there site.

So sharing this with you all here there are many great children’s authors and books in their December spotlight.

Also my friend an author Sue Lawrence Of Harry’s A Cats Tale has been a great support and has helped with a few tips. here is the link to her Christmas video

THis is the best part not only lifting myself as an author but lifting other author’s too.

Thats it for today or I will over sleep can’t have that on a school day.

Wishing everyone who has been celebrating Thanks Giving a blessed and peaceful time.

Much love Faye xxx

Emo The Emotional Elf

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Hi all How are you today ?

The songs were great today Christmas all the way 😀💗

I am slowly recovering from the weekends event and excitement. my cold is suddenly beginning to shift as well, had a blip this morning just because we were all super tired the oversleeping bug hit our house we were late today not helped by the roadworks, but the positive thing is we got there even if it was just a little late.

Yesterday evening gave me a bit of a shock and a very negative online experience. It really made me sit up and think is it worth it. Putting myself out there as an author? Before I even started writing or really being active on social media other than with my own family and friends. Life was simple then I never had to think about being or presenting myself a certian way I was just me. Do I want the kind of attention that being an author brings with it.

Then I though my whole journey of learning social media ,learning to blog, to write the people I have met.

Yes it is worth it I won’t let a few bad eggs spoil all the hard work I out in to this, and the joy it has brought to my life. The amazing connections that have become friends, the communities I have now joined but would never have even thought of joining before.

One of the beautiful qualities of the online world is sharing your life with family and friends that you can’t be with in person. Meeting new friends sharing your family with others and them sharing theirs with you.

Talking about comman interests, music, books, family, food, businesses.

You can empower someone who is having a bad day just by what they post, noticing and sending a message.

I have changed over the last few years, I am not so nervous starting conversation’s with people I haven’t met in person. I noticed there are alot of people who can’t sleep well cause they are awake and pop a little message to me 😴 2 of them my 2 mums 😀😂 one my hubby.

I see many families that could do with a bit of parental empowerment, and someone to talk to.

I have definatley seen more and more families begin to talk about issues affecting there families, lack of mental health support and services for their children.

You watch as they are going through all the emotions of diagnosis. Their sadness, anger, confusion, trying to understand so they can ease the kids worries. Help their kids have better days, then you see this calmness, acceptance and them joy and empowerment they pass onto the next family.

I have seen business goal and businesses grow, I have seen people hitting emotional lows and triumphant highs.

This is the blessing that being in social media shows you, the human touch the polished photos on some days switched to the I just about got dressed days, the planned out running like clock work days, to days that completely and not so unexpected unraveled days.

Some Families like special needs probally have more of there fair share of all of this, but I noticed it is many families out there and not exclusive to special needs community.

We are living in a world that is beguining to become more aware because more people than ever are in the ladder to diagnosis, it is a sign of society shifting and saying we can’t hide or ignore these important topics any longer.

Now the media coverage of mental health in general is increasing, now there is over the last six months been an increase of bringing topics to do with autism , anxiety , mental health, disability , becoming huge story lines in soaps , medical dramas , and news.

I am proud, tondo my part in making sure these issues are out there through my work as an author.

So many taboo subjects , that people were shamed into keeping secret because they fear what others think.

This is why I will continue and if those bad eggs get through ,block and report, them forget them an not let them impact on the work I do.

This evening has been a mixture of fun, a little mischief and an over night shift with Hayley who is tucked in and sound asleep.

When she arrived here late afternoon time .😀

Jake came home from school happy and excited his teacher gave him something to make they couldn’t do it.

Jake likes these tecnicle projects putting things together,

He was a fan of the instructions and found them a little confusing but pulled up a YouTube video of someone doing the project, which help.

SeeIt was a shame the main plastic pipe that would later become apart of the car, and was the test before putting it altogether had a hair line fracture so we couldn’t even get past page six of the instruction booklet. Can’t make an air car if there is an air leak. Will be going back to the teacher tommorow uncompleted. Frustration levels were raised as he doesn’t like not to finish something, always quick to blame himself even when the answer is a defective part. Still I made him a hot chocolate with marshmallows and made him laugh when dad went for his nap. The Elves got up to mischief .

I really do have that many Elves now 😱

On a real positive note I took the first steps to Christmas shopping today and got some of the Christmas food goodies the kids love each year.

With strict instructions not to touch till the month of December 😂 I know kind of crule to put the things they love and tell them not to touch, the way I see it is they keep QUOTING to me it is to early to talk about Christmas. So good to use you can’t touch till Christmas month. 👌

Not often they have to wait , but this time of year you got to slowly build the drama and excitement of what becomes the magic of Christmas

Ginger biscuits , advent it is slow close to count down to Christmas.

We will start the big decoration of Christmas things on Saturday after my night shift With my Little Tom, Holly and Ellie . Ready for the first traditional light up on the first of the month.

Niki’s squeal of I’m not happy Mum when I pulled up out side her college to pick her up with “Santa clause is coming to town playing in my car , I got the thumbs up from her friends though.

As predicted my Christmas tunes suddenly switched off and replaced by frozen 2 music. I so love my daughter and her little ways.

Another positive from yesterday was finally completing Niki’s pip renewal and sending it off , I now think that is it for a while on the form front thankfully another thing to not stress about.

Now I can focus on the book marketing, building my author platforms , and preparing for the month ahead. Planning fun activities and making awsome memories to share with family and friends who cant be with us.

Good night much love Faye XX

Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi everyone , hope your weekend has been a great one.As you know i had the Brighton and Hove Christmas book event on Saturday. It was an early start to the day finished the night shift with Hayley, dropped her home on my way through to the event. The journey there was great not much traffic on the road, listening to some great tunes on magic radio. We left a little later then I would of liked, but in reality I got there on time, was great to be able to drive up to the event and unload the car. The carpark was not far away so that was good. The Unitarian church where the event was held was charming and full of character. Pillars outside the front and stunning stain glassed windows inside.

The grown up books being in the front room and children’s authors in the back, setting up didn’t take long.

I got into the spirit of things and in the end choose the elf outfit, was a bit cold out so a nice warm woolen dress helped keep me warm.

At this point I was a bit exhausted and the day hadn’t begun, there was a kitchen we could make ourselves tea and coffee in which was great just what i needed at that moment certainly give me a spring in my step and sharpened my brain.

The other author’s also put on a lovely display of their books and little characters , I was reserving my battery on my phone incase my kids called or I would have got pictures of them all.

After about an hour an half one of the other authors said it wasn’t working us being in the backroom so the event organizers helped move us all into the main area.

I even took my table outside to try and draw the people walking by in, as well as another children’s author. unfortunately there were not many buyers out there even though quite a lot came through the door. So no sales for me

Sitting outside with my table

But I managed to get feedback from some, and some went away with the leaflets and details, I spoke to a lovely man he asked if i could spare enough for a cup of coffee he liked my elf outfit and jolly personality. of course I gave him enough for his coffee and sandwich not that he asked for that. It was a pleasure, he was a very sweet man. another older lady from a small group came up and told me all about her and her friends dressing up as elves that night for a party and that they got there outfits form Ann summers they all looked like they were having fun, a girls day out. I think its great they had such a jolly spirit about them. I love talking to people so much you find out a lot about people you may not know about.

The event was also raising money for a beautiful little boy Named max who sadly passed away his parents raising money in his name to help others .There was a raffle and the authors donated a copy of our books to help. we also got raffle tickets.

oh i hope this shares ok this is the link to little max’s story

I won 2 new books which Niki and Jake are reading they enjoying them a lot.

Here is the link from the Brighton and Hove book event some great authors and books if you love reading


So for me it was a great day out, I learned that people loved the idea of my book the lay out, they liked the fact that the kids were involved with making it. and now Niki and Jake are older some of the young kids that have been diagnosed and there families can see and feel hope for their families. what more could make this all feel worth it than that.

Life teaches us many things through diagnosis what ever it is and parents have more strength then they ever know. they have the power to share to support other families through the difficult days and show them they are not alone they touch other peoples hearts by there journeys.

The end of the day I packed up, they kindly watched my things while i went to the car park to pick up my car, now this is the bit i struggled with the most should of been as simple as turn left and left again but the complicated one way system and added road works and a sat nav that was stuck on loading GPs had me driving around Brighton one way system about 8 times. I think it would of been ok if it hadn’t got so dark so quick .

I was also in total shock at the NPC car parking price , another author who arrived 15 minutes before me got charge £8.70 , I put my ticket in £32 I couldn’t believe it was such a jump for 15 minutes difference I was not the only one shocked at the price. defiantly won’t park there again. In fact as a mum on a tiny budget it wasn’t great. Good job no-one was in the car with me on way home. I guess I was really tired by this point.

During the day Niki had messaged me about going to the cinema at 6 pm to see Frozen to I did say if I got back in time, I made it home at 5.45 they had their shoes on ready before I even opened the door all bouncy and excited they were going to watch it together. we drove round the corner to the cinema no parking, this is where the anxiety kicked in Niki said i can go in with Jake and get the tickets, while I tried to find parking. i told them to phone me if they managed to get them only after they went in my battery on my phone died. They couldn’t get tickets for that showing, there was another one only it was audio described and she didn’t know if they provided ear phones or the whole viewing was audio described which she didn’t need, she had a bit of a panic attack, I found parking met up with them managed to get them to except that tomorrow was a better day to see it in the day time. the thing is we never know when anxiety and panics will hit , They were happy we choose tickets and seats together and they could go on Sunday, a bit better planned and a definitive time. I will always let them lead and try to make choices for themselves, I don’t want them to feel they always have to have me do it for them.

when we got back and i finally sat down my wonderful hubby had my dinner all ready for me, I hadn’t eaten all day I was starving. I never have to ask or tell him he just does it.

He even let me watch my program and sat and watched it with me,

Sunday morning arrived with some excited kiddo’s, things happen for a reason I really believe that, if they had gone last night they wouldn’t of had a truly wonderful experience today. we arrive at the cinema and there they stood Elsa and Anna all dressed in there outfits taking pictures with the families, all the kids and even some adults dressed as characters from the film Niki was in that queue for a picture she just kept saying i am so happy she had her Elsa costume on.

But it was not just that it was that they were there raising funds for autism all stars. can you imagine how touched the Niki and Jake were,

When Niki got to front of the queue she was shaking and almost crying. they asked if they could hug her and made her day.

Jake wanted to buy popcorn and didn’t want his photo taken was watching this unfold with his sister and it really was good for him to see how much this meant to Niki. they both put the change from there popcorn money into the charity box.

This would be a new experience for them both 3d and 4 dx, sensory can be tough on them some days sensory seekers other days they avoid it or cant cope with it. I walked them to the door with instructions to phone when it finished.

They did it together and loved it, Jake had a few palpations so was a little affected but Niki just was really into the film,

They were full of excited chatter when they got home but soon went to there rooms to desensitize and chill. I spent the rest of the day resting watching Christmas movies. and relaxing.

Thats my update for today whishing you a peaceful night

Much love Faye xx