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Hi first I would like to wish you health, lots of love, and kindness in this time of growing uncertainty. Our lives for this time being are being change in away with out anyone’s consent. But there really is a bigger picture to it now many of our countries fighting this Carona battle. The lowest paid workers now showing just how important there work is in keeping the world running and safe. Everyone from all nations all sectors , Families, friends and connections. Governments having to impose the strictest of times, that go against everything we have caught for.

It is for the good of humanity , it is hard to be calm and and just stay home, this is an understandable reaction but now a must to gain back a life that we are used too a life we sometimes to far too much for granted. I hope a solution and cure for this is found soon. So many of the world’s beautiful souls already lost.

The reasons governments have to make the hard choices for us is when you go into fight or flight mode , when someone says you can’t do something there inside us is that will to be strong and independent. Our want to provide and protect our loved ones to make sure they have all they need to keep them safe and see them through this brand new stage with out losing them

The emergency services, nurses doctor’s, hospitals, carers delivery drivers cleaners and shop workers all putting themselves at risk to keep us safe , warm, fed, and nursed.

I thank you for everything you sacrifice for us.

Help yourself and stay safe at home so those that have to deliver the services we ot our loved ones may rely on cam do the best work they can. Because they must have passion to help to get up and leave there family there home to continue to work.

I will have more time to write now we are staying in our little home, I miss my mum my oldest son ,and family that I won’t get to hug or see for maybe a long time. I know this is best for now but it is still hard and sad.

I will say good night for now, be safe stay home unless it is vital to go out.

Goodnight much love Faye ❤️


Emo The Emotional Elf

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I will be back blogging soon.

For now I just want to say happy world book Day ❤️😁

From me Emo and our family

Well done to all who dressed up and took part in #worldbookday what an amazing job you did.
To parents that keep trying to figure out what outfit there kids want this year, you did a fantastic job.

Reading books and having access to them what ever ability you have is an important part of all learning it can bridge gaps give you some very special memories with loved ones.

It isn’t just about the written words but the whole package, the illustrations or photos.
It’s imaginations and creations.

I have always loved world book Day before I even became an author , I love bringing characters to life for these magical days for my own children.

Spent many long hours making kids outfits seeing the smiles and enthusiasm of my kids going to school.

So I just want to say you all did a great job keep reading and creating, Let authors continue to bring books to all adults and kids with all abilities , let those who can write books continue to inspire , educate, show all children the magic inside the cover.

Emo definatley has plans to inspire a love of learning, kindness and fun through books for the whole family.

For first edition please direct message

Signed copies avalible

Emo the Emotional Elf

Wishing you a peaceful, and Happy day, today may it give you much to blog about.

Something to inspire, something you can relate too, which gives you a push forward to the new day ahead with a clearer perspective 😁♥️☕💻

Sending love and kindness your way