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Just a quick update my copies of the book and marketing material have all arrived now.

The funds raised by GoFundMe transferred to publishers, this all happened at the end of last week we have been so very excited here my kids have both read there copies and loved it. I have donated a few books and the children in the family get Thier own copies the rest I will be selling.

This is the next stage in this first time authors debut guys if you are contemplating writing a book if your a blogger go for it, getting my copies the other day was just so out of this world.

This whole book process has brought so much positivity to our lives after diagnosis and made the world look better to us.

All we need now is for others to buy read share and talk about it, feed back is important for authors.

Over the up and coming weeks I hope to be able to update you all on this journey and how we are going.

As well as general things that we go through every day, this is all about being open as a person to help others.

To talk about things that affect Thier lives, and getting support to families I. Need.

All my love


Emo The Emotional Elf Update Release days away. #EmoTheEmotionalElf #book #christmas #Elf #Emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth #publishing #sales #marketing

It is all happening now so sorry for any delays but they were unavoidable.

My copies of the book to arrive with the marketing material either tomorrow or Thursday. Then to make sure the funds raised reach the publishers and we are good to go.

Writing the book was the easiest part, talking about the book so very easy, it makes me so happy to share this whole journey with you all because maybe you are writing your own book or thinking about it, or have already published it is an accomplishment to just get to this very point.

I think the title is very spot on because not just the emotions you feel when going through diagnosis, its the many emotions you go through putting it all into words. the way your thought process works, it is like the biggest roller coaster with dips turns and twists on the emotions.

I wonder how it feels to be a publisher, when they have to work with authors, they not only have someone else`s work but also an inner part of their mind, that they may have not even shown their loved one, do they get as nervous for it to go as well as it possibly can.

I think the publishers i choose really understand my vision for the book, they saw me and what i put into it and they helped shape it into the truly awesome little book.

So i will be able to finally say it is released and available, then its up to the audience to buy, and review and share and talk about, that is how you go from an unknown author to an established one.  As they say ” THE PROOF IS IN THE SALES”  the sales is in the partnership its not just up to them but me i am ready and willing to put in all the hard work i need to make it reach as many families as i can.

Have a beautiful day,

My next update to come when books arrive.

Have a beautiful couple of days until then.

love you all Faye xxx


Emo the Emotional Elf Update #EmotheEmotionElf #christmas #Elves #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth #awareness

So spoken to publishers the other day I should be getting my copies of books by next week and all my marketing material, which we are all so very excited about.

I have been a little quite on update fronts because as you no end of summer term is highly busy not only for teachers and pupils due to exams, but also here we have had some school issues due to funding crisis for Sen teachers at my suns school.

This I think has a chance this week to be highlighted with politians.

Jake’s school teachers union. And Tkat who run the academy are now in talks and as far as we are aware and the feed back we have got officially is that they will be making sure there is

Proper support for the children with autism and other Sen issues. Which is as a parent all we want. The correct support for our kids to thrive in a mainstream inviroment.

So that has been the biggest worry on everyone’s mind. And doesn’t help our kids to have to deal with this on top of trying to cope everyday at school.

I really don’t know yet how far this book will take us but I do believe it can have an affect on others. This I think has really come to light from how many have been so open with me about there difficult times, I feel that when you truly open yourself up and put yourself on a platform for everyone to see with an open heart mind , you can have an impact on others lives.

The other thing is getting in all the children’s hospital dental and eye appointments before the holidays so we don’t spend most of it at appointments and we can really relax and enjoy our time together .

It’s only a couple of weeks till our oldest son comes to visit for a few days and spends his birthday with us.

I truly miss him every day but I know he is having such an awesome experience in his work, and his own little home. He phones almost every day the highlight of my husband and my day.

Our Niki and Jake are doing things at their own pace, there emotions are catching up a bit now.

They have some small health things to deal with but now they are able to participate in getting healthier it is helping.

In the holidays I want to develop and spend more time on. My word press site there is so much more I want to achieve to get this how I want, but also to develope my writing more.

I am hoping adventually to have a page linked to services that will help families in there time of need.

Maybe a list of vital services so they don’t have to spend so much time searching for these things, this did take alot of my time away from my kids while going through diagnosis.

Maybe even have some add for sensory products and disability aids and many more.

So yes selling my book is a huge focus.

As it should be I haven’t spent all this time writing and going through publishing process to only sell a few copies I want to sell alot. I want it to bring something special to others lives.

I know some times when I write I go off topic a little and bring in other things but the book is about all these things.

Life for us is never just straight forward it is a trully a rollercoaster

Filled with lots of love care and emotion it’s just this book has help us slot work through them together and that is a benfit for us all.

I saw a comment on one of the updates on school situations that said “(no wonder people don’t want to become a teacher because parents don’t deal with their kids emotional health and don’t teach them how to read) it made me so very angry because I get out into that bracket because of my kids autism and behavioural difficulities. And my kids reading age is years ahead of where it should be. I constantly read with and to my children all through Thier child hood and still do now. I love that bonding moment I think I get a little ingrossed In the books myself.

One of the reasons for the title of the book is Emo the Emotional Elf dealing with children and adults Emotions is a vital thing or they might not be able to access the support they need.

My kids Emotional,mental and physical health is important to me,

Because of their autism and other issues it means I have to use services and get support for them when they are not with me.

This is my updated for today hope to update you with more about the book as the journey continues.

Much Love and hugs


Here is a some of the photo’s from last couple of days

Emo the Emotional Elf update, as much as it is a book, it is also about an Elf that likes to help other families get support when they need it most. So Emo would like to help Ebonie`s and her family`s story get out there #flossforebonie please check out the help the family need http://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ebonie-rosem

This family`s story touched my heart as a mum who lost a child, and never had hope for her, this family do still have hope, and if there goal is achieved they will have support and love from everyone.

Ebony is a very brave young girl, and her family want her last chance treatment which will be in america, they are looking to raise £400000 , they have already raised a bit but need more donations and shares of there campaign, or other`s that are willing to donate time to do fund raisers and support will help.

They are adding some fun by getting others to floss and uplo

ad some videos nominating others to do the same, they now have some celebrities joining the flossing.

the link is http://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ebonie-rosem

so hope this helps this family

love Faye and Emo xxx

Emo The Emotional Elf Update #author #christmas #elves #emotions  #book #thankyou #autism #anxiety  #mentalhealth #awareness  #visibleandinvisibledisabilities  #EmotheEmotionalElf

Emo the Emotional Elf update,

Hi all i have just been taking sometime to chill and get on with a few jobs at home while waiting for the official release date,

I hope to update you very soon with the details .

so today i would like to share some of the help all the children have given along the way, and how very important there input has been in the making of the book and raising money for the book a long the way,

we have still had challenges and great triumphs, we have learnt more about ourselves and each other and how to surround the children with love and laughter, to make the difficult not seem like that is all they get,

so this is my personal thank you and update for today.

There are so many more thing we did with raising awareness and sharing our story and journey along the way, and so many more people were involved in the whole proceeds .

We have faced paperwork, broken cars and appliances, Computer faults, trips without the parents there learnt to deal with sensory and health issues, tried new foods.Moved schools, campaigned for support and services, and made so much social progress, we have had a prom, taken exams gone up in classes.

Most of all in creating the book we have, made something of a little miracle for that i am so thankful

Family Friends and new connections who have became friends by sharing a little of their lives with us. leaving beautiful lifting messages, and a whole heap of encouragement.

Please if you are not in this update it is only because i cant fit you all in just know you have been a valued member.

I wrote a story it has taken each and everyone of you to bring it life and make it a book, i truly hope you enjoy it.

Dates will be uploaded soon and places of where it will be available.

#author #christmas #elves #emotions #book #thankyou #autism #anxiety 


#awareness #visibleandinvisibledisabilities #EmotheEmotionalElf

Hi all Emo the Elf update Been a very busy weekend for Emo and the elves and all the Farmer Family #EmotheEmotionalElf #anxiety #Emotionalhealth #mentalhealth #autism #senissues #schoolcutsCrawley #Fathersday

Hi all hope your weekend is going great our house has been very busy with lots on over the weekend,

Niki and Jake attended a school cuts rally this weekend to speak up against cuts to special education teachers at Jake’s school, plus removing the from the place they think of as there safe spot to go when there anxiety is to bad to stay in the mainstream class.

Jake wrote a speach to have his voice heard and even thought I had to take to the stage to read it it was an awesome thing for him to do.

Niki and Jake marched and walked along side the teachers who’s jobs are at risk.

For those with Autism and social anxiety you know crowds and noises can be extremely difficult.

After the rally we had to quickly, get changed and walk over to the graduation ceremony as Jake graduated to brown/blue stripe belt.

We got to go shopping for Father’s Day presnts and have a McDonald’s as a treat before returning home.

The kids got to spend the evening with there dad while I took Father’s Day presents and the elves to invade my in-laws house, had a beautiful time talking about the book with them.

I finally got home about 12.30 am to find both Niki and Jake still awake. The elves and kids helped get there dad’s presents ready for the morning.

Dad opened his gifts today and was very happy I spent a little time food shopping before popping into give my dad his presents.

When I got home I prepared a little feast for my husband he offered to cook but I wouldn’t let him today, after all it is Father’s Day.

The Table was set with a lovely roast and an array of sides, after all plates were empty, we watched kids movies so such a beautiful but busy weekend.

I have spent some of my time online as I like to share the best bits,

Tommorrow back to school run, for how long not sure teachers are striking very so start on the 21st.

I can’t wait till the summer holidays when we don’t have to here about schools budget cuts and lack of funding to give kids the vital support .

I wish those in charge spent a week in the shoes of the children and there issues maybe then they will find to cut else where instead of from those who need it the most.

Have a beautiful new week, just waiting for feed back from publishers as marketing team are starting there magic now.

All my love

Faye xxx