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Hi all hope your days been great, mine has been good, actually got a little extra sleep this morning but woke up a good couple of hours before the rest of my gang.

Day 9 of isolation for Jake still positive on test so think it will mean a slight delay on him going back to school waiting for the 2 consecutive negative tests results. Hubby is day 5 and still testing positive.

Thankfully both myself and Niki still negative maybe because we are both triple Jabbed and had flu shots to this year , but also the fact we where masks if we have to have contact with each other and we are all sitting in separate rooms still.

I think the kids are going to love being out and about again, I wonder if they will spend more time with us after isolation , Jake got a little cabin fever today just wanted to go for a walk but obviously we couldn’t do that just yet. He did say though there is a big difference in choosing to be inside than having to be inside. I guess a lot of people feel that when it becomes there turn. Although I don’t watch news people talking about having the freedom of choice are all over social media and definitely our kids no matter how much we want to protect them from negative outside influence can’t get away from seeing it online or thief friends sharing it with them.

I know my kids research everything they are told and Jake is following political stuff especially what’s happening around the world , I find it heightens his anxiety, and can be difficult to discuss things openly just because I find politics brings aviation in to your home, and that I don’t like.

Topics over the last couple of years have actually change how people interact with each other families friends colleges that got along well with before started seeing each other based on views. Things they may well have agreed to disagree before all tightened by long isolation periods losses of Jobs, the affects of there human rights being changed.

  • Brexit
  • Politics
  • BlM
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • War
  • Global warming
  • Boris party’s 🥴

Very Big topics diversity, rights of people ,divisions in countries and between countries. They are all important topics but are we really grown up and logical enough to see everyone’s perspective and adapt and chAnge the way we view things,

Somehow even with kids beginning to speak up for these thing I somehow feel that there youthfulness and their innocence of life is being snatched from them and they are pushed forward by adults to talk because hey we have to listen to the children, you know sometimes and I admit once we went to a peaceful protest ourselves with my kids for cuts to support workers for kids with additional needs at there school and my kids at least had an understanding of how these cuts would affect them personally. But seeing toddlers and kids as young as six on walks in crowded spaces where relations are high. Do they really have an understanding of what it means or are they just loving spending time with there parents working on projects. Yes they know what they are taught what they see on tv and online and also on the popular apps like TikTok some of the stuff on there really is a concern for younger kids.

Now some of the celebrity families on there too and we have seen little the little Kardashian kids go live without permission, thank goodness for her big cousin who spoke to her mum about it.we also see things get revealed by kids that they are not meant to say as well. Not just celebrities but kids internal blurt things out sometimes. Their little minds so open to input from others. It isn’t a criticism though just simply my perspective on what I see online and as a parent through what my kids say.

I love writing and am open for hearing others opinions and respecting that they maybe very different then my own views, with writing though you let out how you feel and in that moment your writing you don’t have to contends with others view points you don’t have to think what will this person sH or is this person going to get upset.

Is free speech really free speech? How many times have you gone to write something maybe a blog a text message , a post on social media and then you press back space and start again having second guessed or became worried what might happen if you press that button that sends it. I know I have many times even done it tonight while writing this blog.

Of you see someone is typing a response and it stops them they start typing is that conscious like they are not really saying what they think in that moment they type it know they shouldn’t say it delete it and try and find a better way of sAying it or just change the subject completely , it Always makes me giggle little as sometimes they take so long and it simply sYs hi in the end,

I prefer people to just send what they originally were going to say, I can choose to answer or not or delete or no.

Like do you ever get the message can I ask you a question, and you say yes and then they say dosen’t matter , it’s like they think you have this amazing amount of free time to wait for them to say it’s or to ask the question.

Gosh I am waffling about things tonight, but also they must of been on my mind a little,

Tomorrow morning I have the court of appeals feeling a little nervous not hopeful it will go they way I want but from an advocacy point of view I got to take it all the way, this may only be the beginning as it’s first tier. I have another appointee that is meant to be there for all the legal side of things, but they kind of freaked me out with a message the other about if for any reason they aren’t there go ahead

without them it really affected me for a moment it wasn’t easy asking for help and having another appointee attend to think they may not be there after j gave them my trust yep but apparently as it’s all done on phone due to covid their could be technical issue on the day that may affect her attendance. I hope not though as it’s not for to not have the same representation as the the other party gets. I may have to just step up and hope to hell I can keep emotions at bay and speak clearly not always my strong point I can talk lots in text in person not so much I kind of suck at it.

Anyway best I get some sleep.

Much love Faye xxx❤

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  1. Vince says:

    I think you have been very clear in your blog ,I find myself agreeing with every thing you have said. We are in difficult times

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