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Good morning all, hope your day began well.

Blogging today to pass time while I wait for Niki’s exam to finish you never stop thinking about your kids even though you know their capabilities and strengths from the minute they are born to the minutes they leave home and way beyond, it’s part of being a parent.

My kids are amazing humans funny, smart, compassionate loving. they have so much to offer the world i am so blessed i got them for my kids.

So the last few days have been so calm relaxed and in preparation for exams it’s just the right atmosphere to reduce anxiety, over the years we developed routines and mindfulness practices to help in these situations, comfort food, music, visiting animals, chatting with friends. lots of different ways to put in positive mindset so we can have a clear mind.

Yesterday we went for a walk at local nature reserve , this I found works well before exams there is something so peaceful about seeing animals.

First though a short walk through the park although it’s not in full bloom and it still has that winter look it’s always nice to see this local nature reserve in many different seasons , i can never get bored going here you see it with fresh eyes and really get to appreciate nature at it’s best. was chilly but the sunlight poking through the trees made it feel alive it was very quite out.

Hayley and Niki enjoyed the visit and seeing the animals also visiting the little shop after and we came home with fridge magnets flick a chicken rubber toy for Jake and a pink teddy Snake for Niki.

Niki made a friend came over to see her.

This blog I am writing over 2 days the fresh air helped us all get a good night sleep so we were exam ready the next day. Up extra early a good warm breakfast and a positive can do attitude saw Niki answering every question on her exam and coming out of it confident and up beat.

We celebrated with a bit of shopping and lunch out always good to end a positive day in celebration mode, and a new outfit

Reach for the stars and outshine them

Well that’s it for today have a wonderful blessed day.

Much love Faye xxxx