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Good Evening , Hope your all Keeping well, our weekend is now closing and we are about to head into brand new week.

Oh yes keep telling yourself you ar getting better every day, that’s good advice Mentally stronger, physically strong and most definitely emotionally strong , ready to take on the world each day and what it has to offer, achievement is in your grasp challenges are sent to be met head on, and laughter comes so easily.

I am going to start this blog by something so great that happened today,

Our Jake had a new milestone with his eating and it is something to really celebrate, so if you been following the blog for a while you will know that Jakes eating issues have been quite the struggle to get progress with, we make little steps forward and then it stops and it goes back to his very specific foods limited plain mostly yellow, not long ago he progressed to steak first well done and plain then he progressed to seasoning , next came adding garlic and onion to pan. so that is a food that has become his go to for months now he did try chicken and will eat it sometimes other times it sits on his plate untouched.

He likes cooking for others but never really eats things he makes unless it is for him self the way he likes it, he asked if he could cook dinner today he researched and found a recipe for home made burgers and got me to take him shopping for ingredients, I thought he would put all the extras on everyone else’s but his. Red beans, mayo, chives, red onion , chilly,cheese and oven chips not his usual style chips either he chose crinkle cut chips yes how food looks can also be a barrier for him. the smell of cooking he has got better with, but textures are still a big problem.

That’s quite a lot of different textures just in one burger, Although he was supervised while cooking and his anxiety was high just because he wanted it to be perfect and it wasn’t with out a few issues a dropped plate, the smoke alarms going off lots of smells, I small flash of fire as he spilt a little oil on the hob, a touch of let me do it as he swatted his dad’s hand away from helping. He made a dinner.

It was so lovely this was Niki’s she had a veggie burger but ate the same as us.

He loves to make it look as good as possible, so he can take photo’s and see his efforts and share what he has done with friends. The best part though was he ate three quarters of his burger with all the extra’s and he didn’t throw up. Infact i think he liked it and his mind has now opened to try more new things.

So if any other parents are in the same situation with food issues just be patient all in thier own time they will do it they just have to want to do it.

It is hard though to try and ignore the fact he was eating it when they do something you always hoped they would its hard not to intensely stare and watch every bite they take. Just one day at a time and don’t put added stress on them.

He did get a bit of a migraine attack but that’s to be expected with all the sensory aspects of cooking.

We recently changed from cable tv to online one Net flix the only problem with that is if you internet is down you can neither go online or watch tv, we got through it though a few moans from the kids as they have studies for exams so was a bit of an issue.

Came in handy though when my hubby was watching one of them old Sci Fi horrors.

The Day of the Triffids (1962) [31 Days of British Horror Review] – BIG  COMIC PAGE

Source and picture above, if you like old movies you can find out more about these movies on the link above. I mean i like it watched it a few times over the years. But so very different to what is made these days. the internet dipped about a quarter of the way into the film and i used the opportunity to turn it over.they had the screams down in these older movies and they were great actors and actresses in them too. Have You Watched this one ? if so what Are your thoughts on it? would love to know.

The last few days of the week was I was with Hayley. Thursday we cooked together was teaching her how to make Greek Faki soup, it was so yummy she did a good Job even our Niki ate it too.

Preparation .

Finished off with some crusty French Stick. Niki was at college and Jake at school and as usual my Niki has impeccable timing of knowing just when I sit down to eat to want me to pick her up, you would be surprised how often that happens even if i adjust the times to avoid leaving my food.

We also went for a walk after just up to the local park and back working on Hayley’s fitness is always on the menu.

The moon and sun were out in the sky.

we love seeing the moon. Not often my phone camera captures it this well .

Friday Night Hayley was staying over at ours we often do a pamper night for her curl her hair make up we had a mini disco and Karaoke in the kitchen.

Hayley sang her favorite songs we did a little video dance to send to mum help her smile and feel like we are with her always something positive to see when you aren’t feeling great.

She is home from hospital now recovering.

These next few weeks are doctors appointments,dentist and exams oh and the court case,so going to be busy. That’s it for today just going to think of a song choice to leave you with today. We listened to quite a few and I have lots of favorites.

This one is my choice for today he has a very smooth and relaxing voice

Much love Faye Goodnight xxx