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Hi all, How are you all doing? been a while I am starting the month as slowly as possible building up the reserve energy pot. Yes even this hyperactive woman needs a energy top up every now and then. Lack of sleep leaves not much room for focusing on writing I need an unfuzzeled head to write.

So here we are entering the last month of the year and Christmas fast approaching and a long list of things to do. Thankfully I have my own little elves and Santa to pick up wear I have been slacking off around the House.

I am paying Santa in chocolate coins and rum truffles and my Jolly sing along Christmas songs puts a smile on his face when I stop, and quietly take my self off to binge watch Netflix. Netflix is my new addiction in the evenings it seems to be emptying my brain of writing material. still I don’t regret changing providers save myself huge amount of money plus the family all get to watch there own favorites My hubbies is lost in space, my kids Anime and me it’s what ever captures my eye as i flick through the list total random and wide choice of viewing.

These last few weeks since my birthday I have been getting all the Christmas month food in a little bit each week we only have one more meat joints to get and the fresh food and Nuts which haven’t hit the shops yet and that’s food sorted. What I love most about Christmas is handing over the kitchen to hubby sitting watching him prepare the food the smells of the candles warm cinnamon, orange, vanilla, pine.

The music playing quietly in the background the kids pottering around trying to keep them from opening the goodies on the Christmas shelf till they break up from school, Never happens and I caught the culprit who sneakily opens the box first and sits thier looking all innocent like but I know , I always know.

It’s the hubby and he quietly gives the kids the go ahead, me I only tuck in after they do, if you can’t beat them to it you might as well join in, it’s like a little family tradition and game. I could never be cross about it because it’s so unbelievably mischievous and sweet.

So the Decorations took a little prompting we started on the 30th of November putting light’s up my hubby was trying to get away with spreading it out but I was enthusiastically reminding him i wanted it done ready for lighting up on the 1st of December. Every time he sat down and mentioned maybe waiting i got up and as i walked out the room say with the biggest smile on my face once you finished that you can do this. Delegation is a beautiful skill to have, motivation well that’s Just nag until it’s done.

Satisfaction is sitting back when the task is completed knowing you got what you wanted as always.

He even washed the tinsel as it smelt musky surprisingly its years old but still as good as new.

The elves came out in full force , Quite a collection Emo keeping them all in line

The Trees the one in the front room looks so skinny with out all the decorations on i love this one to be busy and it has many sentimental ornaments on it things the kids have made over the years , a few decorations from our grandparents tree, and my childhood parents tree. A reminder of our Amy so we feel she is still with us.

A Family effort all having that little part to play in the the making of Christmas magic and memories.

The Garden also Lit up for the community to share, Coming home after the school run and dropping Hayley off it’s so lovely and welcoming to see it all lit up and the house all warmed up ready for and evening of relaxing.

The nativity Scene is always a lovely thing and the kids love it.

The table set for that first day of December and those much loved advent calendars waiting to be opened before the kids go off to school.

This year was Different as now Niki’s room has all been decorated and storage has left her with more space she decided to have her own Christmas tree where she had full creative control of how it looked putting it all together herself and it was simplistic and minimalist and in keeping with the colour scheme of her room and style. They sometimes don’t like my busy style I get that still we all have to appreciate each others perspective of things and how we each view things with different eyes.

Hello kitty being her Tree topper of choice .

This is a great way to break up all the other things going on this month PCR tests negative thankfully but threw a bit of a spanner in the works as far as me working with Tom the last shift, results didn’t come in in time also had to change Niki’s second pain management appointment because of it too. but all rebooked for new year now they did come in in time for the kids to be able to have thier dental check ups and Hayley’s and Niki’s annual health reviews. Hayley had hers 2 days ago and we are now trialing an new med an inhaler as she has been very wheezy not an infection or covid she gets it every year from around September time we are doing a six week trial and checking her peak flow twice a day its not easy doing it with Hayley but She is coping well with this addition, and it has helped a little when we first checked it it was very low still is but thier is a tiny improvement. Niki has hers on Tuesday next week and i am glad she gets it before Christmas as she is due to be reunited with her boyfriend in Holland for Christmas the first time since this whole pandemic begun , it’s been so hard for them not to see each other in person.

there has been so much needing to be done to make this Christmas wish come true for them both she is fully vaxed and had her booster, sorting the tickets and the Details out it kind of complex but we got the list of things slowly ticked off Pre PCR test booked, The details for PCR on day five of her stay there, and also the day 2 after her return ready to be sorted, plus the lateral flow tests it’s so complex and adds a lot of money to her short stay. we have her Covid passport sorted. and Tickets. I have prepared them both incase something stops it happening so defiantly flex tickets were the right way to go and the best way of salvaging some money should it get stopped before she leaves. but to be honest it is worrying letting your kids travel in these times. It’s the not knowing if thier maybe issues. worry and fear should never stop what is right and this is the right choice for them.

So this year it will be quite without her next year it will be Tom’s turn to join us and hopefully less restrictions will be about then and less expense. Our Josh will be home here for Christmas Jake is so looking forward to spending time with his big Brother as we are as parents. WE are having an early Christmas here for Niki before she goes.

My Mum is also coming Next week too for a visit its her birthday on the 12th of December so will be nice spending it with her. And I have 2 more shifts with Tom before I break up for Christmas Holidays, actually looking forward to seeing Tom and his sisters for the night shift Tomorrow.

I finish work with Hayley also on the 23rd of December but her and dad will join us for Christmas dinner.

We are still doing our YouTube Channel .

Also working on some Christmas Arts and Crafts together we love home made stuff. And Shopping and goofing around

That trip to Santa Niki took her to visit Santa at the local shopping center they both loved it.

We have packed lots in already this Month.

I sold some more books although have been really busy and haven’t had much time for book marketing this year i am happy taking it at a slower pace this year and just savoring every moment I can.

I love listening to music while I write it so calming tonights album is super relaxing i got my headphones on it’s gently playing in my ears. my album choice is funny enough not Christmas music

Some beautiful Songs on here From Anita she has a beautiful and soulful voice.

We are at the End of my blog for today I will Just leave the links for my book hopefully when I am off over Christmas I will actually get it added to my shop on here so I have a direct way of selling rather then posting Links. I just have to work out all the details like postage and packaging and taxes I want to get the Info right first time. I am also looking at Sourcing some other related things for shop. but i think a little more indeph study first.

Paper back



Good night, Much love Faye xxx