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Good Evening, hope your weekend has gone well, We had the best and most relaxing family weekend

Tonights music while i write is none other then the beautiful tones of the most soulful voice of Etta James, Great album so love listening to music while I write.

Tonights Blog is about the night shift Friday, we had lots of fun I got a message not long before I started from little Holly, when am I going to get there, they were eagerly awaiting the crazy elf lady and the boxes of cake mix and Purple Lollies Tom’s favorite . When I arrived Holly Jumped on me hanging while I went into to kitchen Little Tom had been watching the door, I love them very first moments of arriving at work. Then it was time for Baking always one at a time so they get that individual time, They each choose a box to make.

Tom Choose Chocolate Orange Muffins

We had the Christmas songs playing in the background.

Tom already with his spoon and mixing bowl

Was the most fun and messiest cooking session ever.

we made quite a big chocolate mess, took ages to get the sticky chocolate out of my hair.

That look of chocolate heaven

Hayley’s Turn to make fairy cakes

Slight mishap with the icing sugar attacking my face lol

Next up was Miss Holly Green cookies

After baking was time to get Tom settled He showed me his Christmas tree in his therapy room and before popping him into bed i had to shift the cat out

The kitty was way to comfortable.

Hayley was watching her programs Holly played a little roadblocks, Tom and me had a story Time and a few songs before he settled for the night. Then Holly came To sit with me and we catted about some of her favorite You Tubers before she too settled down.

Got to spend a little time with Ellie too which was lovely she is usually at her friends house.

The puppy ate my Elf slipper so a bit of a repair job is needed

The morning part of the shift went well Tom helped choose what he wanted to wear , I gave him his bath and massaged his muscles before meds then it was back to Hayley’s to help her put her Christmas tree up before I finished work for the weekend and while we waited for dad to do his shopping.

Mickey Mouse Tree as its Hayley’s Favorite

The we spruced her Gym up with the decorations and paper chains she has been making, and finished off by adding her Elves and pictures she made to the walls.

The rest of the weekend was hair cuts and taking Jake to do his Christmas shopping, Jake has got so great with hair cuts now we were in and out the barbers in 15 minutes. we were all tired Saturday so went to sleep real early today has just been chilling listening to music cooking dinner and chatting best way to spend the day.

That’s it for today’s blog

Wishing you a blessed evening Much love Faye xxx