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Happy new week

I had an amazing birthday weekend , My mum came to visit for a few day’s to help us celebrate it’s so nice spending quality time with family.

We started the celebrations on Thursday evening having a night out at the local pub Karaoke, my Niki came along with my Mum dad and Hayley. My hubby unfortunately couldn’t come with us as Jake was to young to join in at the pub so they stayed home together it is ok though because we all got to celebrate my actual birthday together at home.

I love the chance to get glammed up .

Mum and dad didn’t sing but me Hayley and Niki got up many times, Hayley and Niki were full of fun and energy and had me giggling all night.

Hayley and my parents arranged for a cake and for everyone to sing happy birthday, Hayley was so funny she was trying to keep it a surprise she doesn’t know this but i know her so well she gave it away with all her whispering with the bar staff.

She put the candles the wrong way round while i am growing older gracefully I am no where near 74 yet did make me laugh though.

They were switched the right way round after.

It was a lovely night out together, There is something about getting up and sining at karaoke that doesn’t require you to be an extroverted person or even a great singer all though most down that pub are great. a chance to just sing your heart out without a care in the world,

I had the day off as holiday on my birthday, still did the morning school run and popped into mum and dad for a coffee, Hayley was waiting for me to open my pressies from them before she went off to day center, she got me a candle which she said i would like before i even opened it also a beautiful leather skirt and new poncho. My parents got me a new Sat Nav which really came in handy the day after my birthday when i went to a baby shower.

I didn’t open the gifts from hubby or kids and it was hard waiting till everyone arrived back from school and my mum dad Hayley and my niece Ellie came for a birthday dinner.

My hubby and Jake decorated and layed the pressies on the table while we were out the night before, when i woke up on my birthday morning they had scattered rose petals and lit the candles and put a photo of me on the table so sweet.

They did a fantastic job
Was a beautiful surprise

My hubby cooked the dinner and we were dancing to Songs from my birth year and a little bit of Elvis.

There is something really endearing about someone cooking for you and going the extra mile to make you smile,

It was the perfect day one i won’t forget.

Saturday morning i spent some time with Jake, The town has it’s Christmas Decorations up they look amazing.

Before i went to my beautiful niece Izzy’s Baby Shower

My Beautiful Niece

I am so excited to find out what the baby is going to be A girl to join all my other Neice’s and great Nieces or a Boy to build the numbers up I know what ever it is going to be love greatly by us all, so here is wishes for a speedy safe delivery.

The drive was quite and relaxing we played party games at the shower, pin the dummy on the baby, guess who would be the first , sniff the nappy that was funny and gross all at the same time, then there was tea and sandwiches and cake, I loved the little elephant picture where we all used our finger print to make it look like the elephant was holing a bunch of balloons what a lovely memory for to frame.

Family is just so important to me as the saying goes it isn’t what you have what you give but who you value the most and spending those precious moments together.

Sunday was defiantly a relax kind of day, to much excitement for one week.

Any way that’s my blog for today

Have a beautiful new week

Much love Faye xxx

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