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Good evening , Hope you are keeping well

Where to start this blog. Starting is always the hardest part I find I sit and think for ages before I actually get started on writing. That’s probably a good thing though I used to use note books and have a rough plan of what I want to write and in what sequence but I find it works for books not so well when you want to blog. My weekend started off with taking Niki and Hayley for booster Jabs they all ready had the winter flu jabs a couple of weeks ago we wanted a little break between the jabs. As a bonus I got my booster at the same time. The girls already had the Pfizer vaccines and I already had the Astra Zenica. But the boosters for us all were Pfizer. the girls only had a sore arm I however had a few more symptoms with this booster I felt pretty bad on Sunday Shaky and achy my arm felt like it had been punched by Mike Tyson. I feel better today though and it’s worth the pain especially in my line of work.

As it’s a personal blog it’s my own perspective of how me and my family deal with things, I am always going to be open and honest about our journey. so my weekend was me laying down under a nice warm blanket. I couldn’t even put the tv on for most of the day and just power napped. Sometimes your body tells you what it needs I am lucky though my hubby did the chores and made dinner which I am entirely grateful for, he just seems to know what I need and gets on with it. I also think i was tired from Fridays double shift it was fun packed and full of energy.

Me Tom and the Elves got up to mischief , singing playing , Tom was in and awesome mood very cheeky.

I got to meet Toms new Therapy puppy who is being trained to be Tom’s support dog he is so fluffy and Cute our Ellie named him Bayley.

It was wonderful to see Tom with the pup he was waving his arms like he normally does but the minute the pup sat on his knee he went so calm and just sat still , I think the dog was comfy too.

Toms old dog Buster passed away a while ago he was great with alerting to seizure activity or when Tom was unwell so will be interesting to see if this pup can develop those skills as it grows. It is actually quite fascinating to see the beneficial and therapeutic affect animals can have as assistant pets.

After all the fun with the Elves Tom settled quickly and slept all night, then it was on too spending time with Holly Hayley had already settled down early she was watching the football match.

Miss Holly she was very full of energy as she missed her football training, we burnt that energy off with a little pillow fight she is brutal with a pillow we have these mad hour of play very affective for getting out all that pent up energy especially before sleep plus it keeps her off the computer while I am with her. She wanted to play road blocks but she just can’t resist the made hour of jumping around. we then settle down for some goofy picture time I love this part making photo’s with her for her memory books.

The objective is to be as silly as possible and to laugh as much as you can. Laughter is good for your brain.

Last week the car decided it needed a new clutch my legs got good walking time, My dad helped with funds to get the repair till after Christmas and helped with the school runs, you know families really pull together in times of need. The car is up and running again hopefully it will last another year then I should be in a better position financially to change it. My car is one of my biggest out goings and is vital as a parent carer and for my work as a carer.

We have got Niki’s pain management appointments coming up and she is too see a Rheumatologist tomorrow she is having her hyper mobility looked at again, Now Niki is an adult and we are teaching her to ask questions about her diagnosis for herself this has all been about 7 months to get to this point from the first physio appointment at the doctors earlier in the year, she never spoke much at appointments before left me to do the talking, we found this year getting her to write what she wanted to ask at that appointment really helped break some barriers for her and while I still go to all her medical appointments I try to get her to talk for herself now. I am more of a support anxiety wise. So really it’s just her getting some answers to how she is feeling and what she can do to help herself and to make sure the diagnosis is right. What we can do for pain management and to strengthen her joints. How that can stop her from falling over in the long term. Getting a little stability for the physical problems which in turn will help with her sleep and mental health.

Niki’s UC judicial review and court case is still on going could last another year I hope it won’t take that long but wouldn’t be surprised if it did. There is always lots going on in our world lots of fun things and lots of not so fun things but we take each day as it comes, each day as a new day with new hope.

Christmas is fast approaching and for once I have not done anything yet to start things off and get plans in place but I am looking forward to the decorating ready for Christmas and all the warmth that brings.

We also lost my uncle John recently which was really sad he was a great man , he gave me some work experience when I was young first baby sitting his kids then with his cleaning firm gave me that starter job, he was a very funny man he always made me laugh. I feel sad for my aunty and his kids.

This Friday is going to be my birthday and my mum is coming for a visit we are going out Thursday night for karaoke to celebrate then on Friday I am going to have her my dad and Hayley over for dinner, It won’t be the same with out my josh being here but i shall see him at Christmas and spend time with him then. and Saturday I am out visiting family, so pretty busy week coming up.

We got these awesome photo’s come through of out Niki and they are simply stunning. we did not take them It was taken at the autism all stars event they have been so kind to Niki and it has been so good for her to be with other autistic adults.

Niki also sent this to me there is about 12 years difference between these photo’s of her she has always had her own style going on.

She is studying for her science GCSE at the moment and is due to do her exam in January. She is really engaged with the lessons and it’s nice to see some excitement towards her learning and the fact she is beginning to share that to.

That’s it for today.

Good Night Much love Faye xxx