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Hi all How has your day gone?

Going to start this blog with music just listened to this beautiful song and its defiantly relatable sometimes you want to switch off all the bad things you hear and see and just sit in your own yard and appreciate the sanctuary of you own space just to catch your breath, Answer no calls, and just be.

Being a carer I value every moment of peace I can get from the big wide world. at other times I seek to see the beauty of our world and what it has to offer.I have spoken to people from many countries about many things good and bad, we all search for making things better.

Today has been quite busy for us here starting with negotiating my way round the now started road works to pick Hayley up and take her to day center in 2 days time the other way that doesn’t have road works will also begin major road works to with England going into level 0 this may have a major impact on travel time, and long queues. I might have to adapt my schedules. once Hayley was dropped off I had to go home pick Jake up to get him to Day 2 of Summer school, Today there was a little anxiety especially around group work he was messaging me, about being confused about things and that he didn’t feel the others were letting him talk, but i think it was a little more than that for Jake especially he thinks and works well alone . If a task is set he follows that task exactly how they tell him, for example: The task today was to talk about the town and what goes on, the group he was working with were talking about wide scale communism so he wasn’t getting why they changed from what they were set and then interpreted it that they weren’t listening to him when he was trying to help or give them input. this is sometimes the indicator to anxiety for Jake and where I come in and have a little chat to divert it from it becoming something that stops him carrying on or refusing to do any more work, we talked about him just speaking up for himself and saying he has some Ideas to add about the topic which was originally set and to speak to his team leader about it. Jake never likes to let people know he doesn’t understand something so doesn’t often let people know he struggles and hates drawing attention to that fact.He would rather sit and do nothing then ask for help. so I gentle reminded him these are knew people they haven’t got the chance to be able to read his body language, and needs without words like his school support does and maybe he could give them a chance, and if he wanted to write it like the task was set to ask for a piece of paper and write what he had to say, little things like that are simple to do and helps him feel able to carry on.

I think just that simple little chat helped because the text stopped, and when he came home he said the presentation went ok although boys vs girls he said the boys some went off and did other things and the presentation wasn’t as funny as the girls it was done. He also did basket ball a game of charades which he found very funny. and I had a chat with his team leader who gave positive feed back that he talked well with her was polite well mannered and gave his all to every task.

So while i share and talk about my kids perspective of things it is to show the little tell tale signs of what can start as a small issue if not dealt with quickly and in a calm reassuring way can be a thing that escalates quickly but me and my kids have this communication system going where they message me if they don’t think they can talk to others if they have issues and i can pretty much help them understand others perspectives too. this has taken years of practice.

I am extremely proud he stayed the whole day. then it was time to pick Hayley up my phone was pinging while. I was driving, it was in my bag I could here it, I am thinking its Jake again so when i got to Hayley’s places I had 10 minutes till she came out, it was Jake though it was about 20 thumbs up signs from Niki and the words Big toast. good job I was parked up because she face timed me too wanting me to get her toast. I told her she had to wait till I got back and I would make it. she could of asked her dad he was home. she waited for me to get back. Then it was sorting that out loading the washing machine and making Hayley’s lunch before I took Hayley for photography class at the local park.

We were looking at the wildness of the area which is lovely sometimes Nature untouched.

Here are Hayley’s choices and photographs she took on her tablet I asked her to choose want she wanted to capture.

She captured the playground first it was completely empty we talked on the way up about making sure we didn’t capture other people.

She got some great shots then we took pictures of each other

Hayley is wearing another of her pretty dresses again. we got some good walking time and fun photography.

Hayley wanted some relaxing time on her tablet after our walk she does her puzzles and colour books on there while i prepared dinner. my hubby and i choose where to place some of the things around the garden.

Jake finished at 4 just in time for them all to eat the dinner I cooked. Then it was time to take Hayley with me to drop off Ellie;s birthday present can’t believe she is fourteen this year if feels like only yesterday she turned teenager and we gave her the memory book during lock down. Little Tom was so Happy to see Hayley to as he hasn’t seen her for a long time they were both happy to see each other.

We didn’t stop long as Hayley had to get home before her Freddie arrived for dinner Tuesday and Sundays is there dinner date days.

So I am just Going to finish blog today with some food photo’s I love summer time and the variety of foods kind of changes to more healthier meals rather then warm filling ones you need through winter time.

I love not only growing and makeing food but setting the tables up.

These are some of my favorites just because I love colorful food different textures and taste I am not selective any more and I hope if I keep exposing the kids to food and flavors eventually they will become more willing to try things they can now be around the smells most times. But that’s for another blog.

Good night much Love Faye xxx