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Good evening to you hope you are well and having a beautiful start to the week.

This is one of my favorites songs it just makes me sit in silence very calmly, I am not sure why but I used to listen to this one a lot when my husband traveled away for work, actually, I do know I always missed him dearly and couldn’t wait for him to return home. we used to have this thing when he traveled away we would bring the mattresses downstairs all the pillows and duvets and have camping nights. the house was never the same without him here.

The kids loved it, we stayed up watched movies, played games I could never really sleep well, timezones made it difficult to talk. he always phoned to say good night and I always called to say good morning. sometimes it was super short calls because he had been working hard. he always used to pack at the last minute although I got everything he could possibly need while he was out there, I am a bit of an over preparer. everything from shoe polish to little glasses repair tool kits. it was quite a difficult time though because the kids were both going through the diagnosis process.

I had lots to share with him but kept a lot away from him because I knew there wasn’t anything he could do while he was working. sometimes I just wish he had been there at the times just for moral support, but you get on with it somehow one day at a time. I still was working here and managing kids in and out of schools those were the most difficult years of our journey. it’s really funny how songs have the ability to flood you with memories and emotions.

I was just driving to the shops and it came on the radio, still, that time of our lives has passed now and we are in a much different and more relaxed and content phase of our lives.

Moving on just had to get that out different things inspire my writing, I write from lives experiences how I think, how I feel. How my family experiences different things,I think many people do though, especially people that have been on big journey’s that have changed and impacted them as people.

I am an enthusiastic jolly person but also a very deep thinker, a little more on the sensitive side although that is not something I always like to show.

What has been going on since the last blog work definitely Hayley and the kiddo’s

Hayley she always her wonderful self she really is coming out of herself lately she is showing a love of learning new things confidence in doing some things herself, she is now super focused on getting even healthier.

she loved the makeover day the other week, dad said pour Fred’s jaw dropped when he saw her I think it’s the most famine Hayley has been in a long time, and obviously there is that very protective side of all of us over Hayley because of her learning disabilities and keeping her safe. but that isn’t a reason to not let her express that she likes her hair longer or likes to wear dresses occasionally.

she has got so used to wear trousers and t-shirts and I see this little sparkle she has when she gets in my car and has a dress on, her words are I out do you, a little friendly fashion competition going on I think.I am a very girly girl, love dresses. I like lipgloss and maybe some eyeliner and mascara, never let any foundation touch my skin though. I used to when I was a teen but I am too old for that now I like it simple and natural just a little bit to enhance my eyes. I am more than happy to go out without any on too.

The weather has been pretty mixed the last week’s rain and sunshine cooler. we got some time in the garden and out for walks. managed to get another trip to the tip so we almost have a finished garden.

Work with little Tom he is such the funniest sweetest boy ever, now it’s a little lighter later we have taken to having a walk together just the two of us down to the sweetie shop, lollipop runs we sing all the way there and back. before meds and settling downtime we sometimes read and sometimes play a little. before he goes to sleep and then listen to some calming music. I don’t stay in the room with him till he goes to sleep it happens naturally after I leave the room he gets way too excited if I stay in there.

Yes hide and seek behind his pillow was his game of choice and little holly must have heard us having fun because out of no one where she appeared and made me jump so she joined in. .they were kind of tag-teaming me. Toms got quite good at hand control with his pillow.

His mum has been trying to sort out some disability areas in the garden for him as he can’t use the other swing because of the accident, I really think it is very important for him to have outside play equipment that meets his needs and is also safe for him and carers supporting him. Kids need playtime and tom is like every other 12 years old wants to play lockdown taught us just how important outside time is in your own gardens especially for those that are shielding and couldn’t leave their house. outside play is such a therapeutic thing. so I think his mum said they are looking at an accessible swing that a mobile hoist can be used to transfer him, a sunken trampoline, and a rubberized play area for added safety. he already has the little Jacuzzi which he loves and is good for his muscles and a sensory garden his dad built. it comes down to working out the cost now. but it will greatly benefit both his physical and emotional health.

Holly and I also went for a trip out around the block one to one time, we always take the scooters it’s our thing we do together. it is so much fun as well though.

We saw the sunset and just stopped to admire it for a while the sky a beautiful pinky color Holly just said wow.

They slept well, actually, tom woke up a lot later than usual so just had time to give him a bath and massage and get him dressed the other carer arrived before I could do anything else so he did his meds and breakfast.

Saturday Niki helped at the Autism charity event and help collect money and helped on a stall it was a great experience for social skills and actually great to mix with other adults with autism people who could relate to her, Plus there were Super Hero’s there and it was ten minutes from home. She didn’t text much only when her walking stick broke and she needed her spare one and sweeties. Jake helped his dad in the garden putting some slabs down he did some of the digging was lovely watching them work together.

That’s what weekends are for pottering , to be honest, I was tired Saturday so spent much of it not doing much at all this mama needed some chill time.

I was on lunch duty

I had a beautiful afternoon nap and when I came down hubby had already got the dinner on the table.

I am going to finish today’s blog talking about the match on Sunday was a great game it’s easier to just share the video though and a few pictures. The build-up was quite exciting it’s hearing the football tune everyone getting creative with the support for their country. The flags hanging outside the excited chatter on the phone with family all gearing up to watch the match, Yes we didn’t win but it’s still beautiful to experience it.

Isn’t this exactly what footballs meant to inspire a love of the game, for all ages and abilities. to have something positive and inspiring whether you win or lose a community spirit. to inspire our kids to get active.

Our Jake as a baby his first kick of the ball. Their are always going to be people in the world who take things too far and spoil it for the vast majority of people who love football and don’t act racist or like hooligans They give our country a bad image. they should make them clean up the streets, and donate their free time to raising funds for kids to get sports lessons or food which some of these players they disrespect have done. that kind of inspired my heading for tonight’s blog kindness

Those last few moments of the game

loved it

That’s it for today’s blog have a restful night

Much love Faye