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Hi everyone how are you. We have had some beautiful sunny days here since last blog,


Thursday we had the most beautiful day out at the beach, Me Hayley and Niki. Jake had a day out with NCS he learnt some great team building skills and joined in, with the rock climbing which he loved that was his favorite part, climbing has always been one of his things he literally climbed the walls when he was little.

Somethings will just always be, it was only in the beginning of lock down he climbed on the Bannister on stairs and it ripped out the wall. He joined in the water challenges despite not being able to swim the first thing he said was he nearly drowned, his head went under but he had a life jacket on. When the leader came out with him she was saying how proud they were of him.You know i remember the day he excitedly came home and told me about this course he had me sign him up that night the best choice he ever made. yes we have had a lot of anxiety in the build up but its a life experience he needed , We have to buy new shoes again though, he goes through shoes so quickly, I still have four brand new pairs he won’t wear because of his sensory issues with them. wish me luck we have to go hit the shoe shops again. He is working on the Charity part of the course next, he added someone that he knows in person to his discord this is big progress they have been working on the project together most of the day. While Jake was off doing that we hit the beach.

The drive to Shoreham was lovely Niki wasn’t keen on the tunnel she held her breath as we went through and the other part we didn’t like was going over a bridge that was very open high and went in a circle I must admit I am not keen on seeing whats below me that one minute drive I could of done without. but we made it there early to the place we dropped Jake off the sat nav wasn’t to bad and Google backed us up when it went wrong. I left Niki in charge of Google. Parking was free and we easily found a space close to the beach.

It was nice to see a big path for disabled accessibility although it didn’t go down to the beach and the beach was pebbles.the views were outstanding, the sun was out in full force at 9 am.

Niki always wears her sunflower lanyard , actually since we got that it has really been a good thing it’s a shame some people misuse it or have fake ones made I heard it on the news the other day because it really helps those with invisible disabilities access things without actually having to ask on days they find it difficult. I Guess they just don’t understand what damage they do by doing that. Lets hope one day they aren’t affected or a loved one of theirs I think people never see the ramifications of doing that on the people it really helps.

We got Niki a knee support as we would be doing some walking we took breaks when she needed, we are still waiting for that pain management appointment to come through and certainly that one day out was physically draining for her and left her in pain.she hasn’t moved much out of her room since, accept for food and drinks. Her hips and knees are hurting and her head.

The Knee support did help though it didn’t pop or give way as much as it usually dose. she even spray painted her walking stick to match her out fit. and there were benches we could all sit every so often so that really helped.

we did buy some flat shoes while we were out but she is pretty much like every woman with shoes they hurt but we wear them just because they look cool, I tend not to wear heels often now especially when walking I don’t want painfully feet.

There was beautiful rockeries you cant see it from the pictures but they looked like they were covered in splashes of silver glitter when the sun hit it it left this beautiful shimmer. we went on a rock and shell hunt before taking a walk across the bridge of the harbor to the little high street of shops.

Sorry for blurry photos sunscreen hands plus it was difficult to see the screen super bright outside.

The girls hit the shops and were a fan of the charity shops the most, their was some pretty unique shops lots of outside dining, pubs and this beautiful memorial and old church. Hayley got that new dress she wanted.

You know I love the different architecture in this town and the houses all something special and add value to this beautiful part of England first time I have been here and some where I would love to return for a visit. You can live in a country and never really see it in all its wonderful glory because you get fixated on traveling abroad , I definitely want to explore and visit England and Uk more see what i have been missing out on, I want to explore and share what I see what my kids see for the very first time in thier lives.

Of course Niki found the rainbow to stand next too, Hayley wanting to get into picture too went and stood next to her.

WE took the five minute walk back over the bridge this time the tide had come in and the shipwreck moored boats suddenly surrounded by water

What was on the other side of the bridge the ice cream shop,

Hayley choose strawberry and vanilla, Niki had Pastio, Ferraro Rosher, and salted caramel and I chose Raspberry, blackcurrant and bubble gum , wow super sweet, and quite a combination of flavors that melted in your mouth and tasted true to the flavoring, it was so hot almost melted before I could eat it. we stopped for about five minutes before going back to the beach for a picnic lunch.

and a well deserved break then getting our feet wet in the sea.

I loved that bit it was freezing and refreshing at the same time.

Niki First taking the first plunge not sure of the cold or stability of the ground but she gave it a try

Then me excuse the knicker reference , it was cold

We stay for a while then had to find a ladies room, before heading back to pick Jake up when we got to Jakes place we had about 45 minute wait all I had to do was keep them entertained till he finished, everyone was beginning to get tired out, we did carpark Karaoke it was spare of the moment thing i am going to share it excuse our singing and i don’t own the rights to song its purely the beauty of that moment in the car that i really want to share and not the song all though the song is one of our favorites and Hayley even remembered some of the words this time, see their happy faces, shame there weren’t any hair brushes would of had a comedy moment .

Musical shows are Hayley’s and Niki’s favorite ones. they give you a moment of unplanned joy of being in the moment. no inhibitions just total absorbed in the song.

we were just going all out

We Dropped Hayley home picked up some food and for once we all just slept as soon as we got home.

Friday I had to get Hayley to different day centers she had one on the other side of town in the morning she played pool, and talked with her friends then lunch back at mine before she had to go to afternoon art class, she was with us for the whole night we played games and did our you tube, before messing about with filters, we only ever do it for fun, because they make you look silly. I don’t understand why people think they would like to use them so much, they change you completely, especially the bunny one made me look like a blow up doll. lol no give me my real face any day I love it how it is.

The 19th of July was also my oldest son Josh’s 27th birthday, he wasn’t able to be here for it so the day out took my mind off not having him here but we spoke on the day and we will be celebrating when he comes for his visit on the 20th, going to be nice for us all to have him home not seen him since his surprise visit any way that’s our blog for today.

Much love Faye xxx