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Good Evening

What a fabulous shot for this blog by Taryn Elliot. defiantly captured a beautiful shot My idea of heaven and self care a long soak, a cuppa and a good book. I make time for this regularly as past of my routine not always with a book though sometimes just with music playing softly. I do most of my thinking and planning for my writing in a fresh hot bath. Lay back eyes closed letting all the day just calmly leave. sometimes with a face pack on. I am absolutely a candle type of person, I love flower scented bubble bath or bath bombs.I think all of us have a way of relaxing that really helps with creativity. Some times the water makes you feel weightless. it just relaxes me a lot sometimes too much though fallen asleep a few times only to be abruptly woken when my head slips under the water. That happens mostly on very busy days when i have to be in and out all day. More so since the schools went back and Hayley returned to day centers activities.

The last few weeks have had a lot going on we had some warmer weather two weeks ago so got much of the garden done still have a few bits and bobs to do but almost complete once the wet weather leaves .

The front Garden is completed just waiting for it to fully bloom.

I love the mixes of pinks, blues,purple flowers and the deep greens of the leaves. The veggie patch and herbs are growing well, we also have sprouted some strawberries this week.

The rain has defiantly been a contributing factor as well as the sunnier days. but It is the nurture and maintenance that keeps them growing, a little bit every day.

All the rubbish that built up during the last lockdown has now been disposed of, and we are really beginning to see that chilled summer in the garden hopefully with some sunnier weather so we can spend as much time in fresh air as possible .

My hubby did most of the work really though, It was nice being in the garden together.

Hayley , she is still her lovely self, begging to settle to the different places, although she really does miss being at the day center they all used to go to. but then again I think all the staff and other adults that attend do.

WE managed to get some work on our YouTube,and arts and crafts Jigsaws, zooms and parts of our routines done.

Hayley has such a lovely smile, you can’t be grumpy around her or she refuses to do anything that’s where I come in with my full on positivity and high energy and my You got this attitude.


after dropping Hayley at the day center for the afternoon I had to get Car sorted ready for Journey on Saturday to Visit with my Niece and Nephew as it was their baby girls first birthday and we got to meet her on the Saturday for the first time. more about that in a minute.

Saturday was also my oldest daughter Amy’s birthday and because we wouldn’t be around Saturday I visited her grave side, and to be honest any parent that has lost a child will tell you it doesn’t get any easier as the years go by on these anniversary’s Amy was born and passed away after 25 minutes, 25 years ago. Every day i think about her what would her personality be , what would she look like, how would our family dynamics have changed if she was here. would her and Niki be the best of friends. There is a five year age gap between Josh and Niki and a five year age Gap between Niki and Jake Amy was the acception she was born almost 2 years after Josh, in my previous blog in the video of Josh’s second birthday it is hard to think three weeks before that day we lost her and Josh lost the baby sister he always used to talk to and read stories to when I was carrying her.

It was a little messy at the grave side and overgrown, no headstone just something small, I place my favorite flowers there. we have a rose bush in our garden we planted in her memory it grew roses on that day they we little buds not open fully nut they were there always comforting to see them every year on her birthday.

Tom , Holly Ellie and Dylan

Had an amazing few shifts with them some games, reading, and all things to do with my Job. lots of talking singing and one on one time but also sibling time. week one

Twister was super fun as you can see ended up in fits of giggles. I would tell you what made me fall over but it isn’t polite to mention. lol A tale never to be told.

Week Two

Ellie wasn’t there this time , Holly has found a new program she loves Ice hockey always sporty is Holly she has been playing fantastic at her football matched this is a girl to watch on a football field a natural talent and a passion to play.

Dylan was there, But mostly it was me and Tom as There mum was at home too.

When i got there he had just finished dinner so it was getting him changed giving him his meds before we had some time in the garden,listening to the waterfall and pond in toms sensory garden his dad made. and singing and dancing it is a big part of the process of dispelling energy and making them tired before bed.

Tom even Joined in we did a video for Nanny, we do them often little video messages.

I gave Tom a choice of a story or go for a walk he decided he wanted to go for walk to shops. He would choose the Hill which was ok on the way down but going upon our return required muscle and determination , surprising just how hard it is to push that wheelchair up the hill. we stopped a third of the way up to get some music motivation to get us up the rest of the hill. we looked a right pair sining Eye of the tiger, Tom thought it was very funny. he was happily clutching in his hands his lollipops and chocolate buttons he choose from the shop bless him he is mask exempt but when I put mine on he wanted one too.

After the full on work out once we got to top of hill we decided to treat each other with an award of a lollipop

Then it was time for settling down routine change in to Jammy’s teeth brushed a quick story, and some Mary poppins songs, he wanted to cuddle Emo and that was it Tom was asleep. i went and sat with holly to watch some of the hockey programs with her.

Tom slept well all night, and woke about 8 am . started Day choosing his clothes giving him his meds and a bath and massage, he was very relaxed after. his scar for his hip op and tendon cuts are healing well. All his stitches are out now. This time round he didn’t seem to be in as much pain as the first hip op, so that was great,

Finished the shift after Tom was all ready for the day.

Huge Surprise when I got home The day of his sisters anniversary my Josh was here Just what I needed my kids and hubby with me, we all took Covid test before we left to visited our Greek family and niece not taking that chance. armed with masks and hand wash we had a BBQ in the Garden wasn’t to bad a drive, I had the sat Nav but with all of them giving directions it was sat nav in surround sound only missed one turning on the motorway.

I think little Ivy coped very well being born in isolation and lock down, she was only held by those in her direct bubble but she is so beautiful, we didn’t need to take pictures that day we had the real thing. Plus they are very private people too so we respect that.

I did however get a picture before we left of mu kids reunited for the first time since Christmas,

So grown up look even Jake is proper smiling.

It was just a proper weekend together the best. This is my happiest place in the whole world

That’s me caught up for tonight, sleep well have a beautiful new week. I am blessed and truly thankful for my beautiful blessings

Much love Faye xxxx

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