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Today’s blog is a dedication and in memory of My uncle Mark and as I write this I know I will be filled with many emotions sadness , Pride, love, laughter,nostalgic, I will probably have a good cry during. But it’s an Important of the grieving process to be able to talk and share.

This is My Uncle Mark, a big Man United fan, funny smart, kind hearted loving cheeky chappie one of life’s true gents.
his passing came as such a shock to us all foremost his three beautiful daughters, and son in law and 2 beautiful Grandson’s and brother sister in law Nieces and nephews and friends.
Everything that could of been done to keep him with us was not ment to be but they tried so hard despite his Huntington’s disease. We find when great tragic event happens that warm envelope of our family surrounds each other in a warm embrace giving each other courage and love to get through the hard bit saying goodby and learning to live without this amazing truly loved man.

I have the most blessed and loving memories of my Uncle Mark but it was his courage and strength and fiercely independent streak to not let his Huntington’s stop him being the best father and Grandfather friend and enjoy his life to the fullest that will stay with me, I have written in a previous blog a while ago about how touched I was seeing him walk his daughter down the isle, and do that dad and daughter dance at her wedding, I had the pleasure to see it and capture the moment. To us Mark was always Mark , or DAD or GRANDAD OGGY,

The girls gave him the most beautiful send off just the way he would have wanted it a heavy football theme because he was a passionate supporter, and it wasn’t a sad goodby but a celebration of the man he was and what he ment to them. we gave him a very good send off.

The girls walked the coffin to his local so people who couldn’t attend got to say good bye, and Mark can rest easy knowing he brought up three very strong women they walked hand in hand. he would have been so very proud of his baby girls

Such a powerful picture this one caring to the very end

the colour’s were black and red and some wore the Man U strip even the celebrant wore his shirt.and said how honored he was to be there in the strip celebrant marks life.Mark had a cremation and soon he will be sent on his final journey of rest.

,The coffin layed out so beautifully covered in the Man U flag surrounded by love of his family in the most beautiful array of flowers and messages there were no children in attendance just because of there young age and limited amount of people able to attend. I was honored to be able to support my family.

my family were already at the service waiting so we weren’t at the drive past

My Mum had driven down the day before and i met her and my dad our friend Kay and my Brothers and Hayley at my dads house, the first time since covid we all been together it was so good to see them all again , i wish it was under different circirstances but still we were together for a while i feel blessed for the time i had with them.

so glad I got this almost photo of all of us

When we arrived at the service there was already A line of friends and family waiting Hayley helped give out red masks

Then it was time the car with Mark arrived folowed by his girls, Seeing My Dad have to carry another siblings coffin was so hard this one more so Marke was the baby of the family.

This beautiful song was playing as we entered it brought tears to our eyes.

Mark was placed down and the the service began, a few words and then and introductory to sophie reading a poem that was altered to fit mark.


The time has come tp let Dad go,
But not without one last show.
A man of love , a man of fun.
So let us not stop what he begun.
The things we will miss like a silly song.
Cheering for Manchester United when they won,
His love of shorts that never fit right 
and would often fall down.
We'll miss you Dad you've left your light,
in all of your family with all of your might.
Let's not be sad but celebrate, a life of kindness that's no debate.
His left us now, his left his Mark.
He left his humour his left his spark.
Bless you Dad for the love you spun 
 thankyou for listerning the poems done.

Next was my mums Eulogy saddly I don’t have a copy to add here

Followed by the Grandbabies choice of song one they shared and grandfather and grandsons and used to sing together while mark Ironed

The Witch doctor by The cartoons , this song played while we stood one by one and place a single Red rose each of his coffin.

A few more words were said and as the curtains slowly enclosed him in a hug a final goodbye his all time favorite song played and was so Mark with his baggy shorts.

Baggy Trousers by Madness.

A momaent of silence before we all left to Glory Glory Man United played us out of the service.

The Pubs have reopened here and Marks local was booked for the wake and celabratory send off.

the event was to also raise some money for the hospital who tried there best for him but also have supported many of our family with diagnosis.

At least some good will come of his passing, maybe what is raised will help another family.

The wake was beautiful speaking to people and getting others perspective of mark and what he ment to them was a little overwhelming you suddenly realise how many people he had impacted each of them coming into his life a time differnet ages and stages he was certianly loved by all.

A book of condolances and to write messages about Mark , so his Girls can caputure more of there Dad.

Mark was definatley given the best Hord Send off one we won’t forget, excuse the feet shot was trying to only get family in the announcment in video rather then the people but as you can her our Mark of respect to OGGY his nik name because he always said it at football matches.

and now he is on a new journey to being reunighted with his mum and dad and most of his brothers and sisters.

Pauline was able to attend she is in a care home late stages of huntington’s so I made a goodbye fon her behalf if she would of been there she would of clapped with us and cherred OGGY OGGY OGGY pauline is in the front of the photo and all the brothers and sisters and mum dad and nan are now welcoming him home

Uncle mickey Aunty Violie Aunty June

Aunty Susan on the top Uncle david Uncle Jimmy

Aunty Christine

MY Grandfather Nan and Great Nan

Aunty Pauline Aunty Barbara And my Dad Raising one more glass to see you on your way

So all thats left now of the family of 11 children is aunty pauline my Dad and my aunty Barbara.

so we are almost at the end of this blog now and I will end it with something I used to say evry night from a story book to my kids.

Now i lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep if I die before I wake. I Pray the lord my soul to take. iI remember saying it as a kid too.

one last song to see this this post out

Good night all bless you and keep you safe