Emo the Emotional Elf

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Good morning

Hi everyone how you doing today it has been a busy time here since my last blog so much going on sometimes I had so much paperwork this week to do needed a break from writing way to much time in front of the screen, broken up with some fun out and about, work and my uncles funeral and Quality family time.

The lead up to the may bank Holiday was my shift with little Tom, he always makes work so easy, he had just had his hip op that week so was still recovering as always he had his smile, something this young man always has despite everything he has been through.

Emo always gets up to mischief with Tom, Story time, singing, dancing, talking. helping the everyday tasks like teeth brushing eating more fun.

Tom and his beautiful personality and puppy eyes make my heart melt, I love making video’s with Tom being mostly nonverbal he has a lot to say, he just expresses it differently, Each person who gets to know and have the pleasure of being in Toms company has their own special connection and way of understanding his needs and wants I think he gives each of us this insight into his little mind I will always encourage him to learn new words. he does like to disagree with you, tells people no all the time, But it’s his eyes though they have always shown his cheeky little personality. he points to things.

Bank holiday weekend was relaxing with the kids and hubby.

The weather has been beautiful, So sunny.

This week we I took Jake kite flying it was Just the perfect weather for it.

Simple life , some thing peaceful about sharing things you did in your childhood with the kids of todays generation.
Even the Neighbours cat was enjoying our garden and relaxing in the sunshine

We have lots of wildlife sharing our garden and great to see Bumble bee’s enjoying the Nector the flowers here beginning to bloom and the herbs and veg growing so well we just cut the first lot of herbs fresh-cut is always so nice. Saves us a fortune every year

Quite a crop this year

Hayley loves to be in the Garden

Hayleys Date with Her Fred first time she has seen her boyfriend in a year since covid began

Setting things up ready, dad in back ground helping

BBQ and a good old catch up.

We got in a hair cut for Jake this week great to see his face again behind the hair.

Eye tests medical appointments and dentist, really funny how much you can actually squeeze into a week , picked up hayleys and Jakes new glasses. Now just have to get my son to keep wearing them he has developed an avoidance to wearing them.

Trip to local lake, every time you go there is a different veiw to take in as the seasons change so does the view but it really is the most peaceful and beautifully calm place to visit.

The scents of the flowers, sweet femine , quite strong in a lovely way though.

Climing amongst the trees

The lake and ducks and swans were beautiful and the sunshine leaving its shimmering colour on the water.

Doesn’t really matter where you stand in any part of this nature reserve its stunning every angle, every spot, you can forget everything an just be.

But most of all it’s the people you share it with that makes it more memorable and special.

and the visit to the ice cream van after, I think all families love that part.

Waiting for the kids to wake up still here fresh air does good for them. This morning I was up early sitting in the garden with hubby we were pottering around,

Just after this photo i was making us both a BLT for breakfastusing fresh lettice from the garden its really lovely tasting fresh and crisp, still waiting for our tomatoes to sprount though a little while yet they still have to finish growing.

We also had my uncles funeral but i want to do another post for that because it will be in honor of him.

That’s it for todays blog have a beautiful sunday.

Much Love Faye