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Hi all can’t believe another month has nearly passed, Here comes June with a bang. Saying Good bye to uncle Mark next Friday. still processing his loss but focusing on what I need to. Niki already finished college till September Jake has an hour in the morning to do and that’s his journey with key stage 3 over with and on to his next journey of six form he has one day in June for his induction day, and work to do over the next few weeks to prepare transition work see if the courses he chose really are the best for him. I finally got the ink for printer and managed to print documents for Niki’s UC appeal, going to print the whole lot again so when i turn up at the appeal i have a copy in front of me all numbered so less confusion and frustration on the day, Really hoping nerves don’t get the better of me and that stutter doesn’t return. The work that goes in behind what us parents or advocates share, a lot of hours we could spend with our loved ones we can’t get back, some times months and years of worry.

Believe it or not we are not an enemy we want to support people to make the systems fair and just for our nearest and dearest, every ones nearest and dearest. We see the things that are supposed to bring support when you need it most when life is overwhelming and you just need that helping hand.

We had an amazing weekend I took the children to the local comic shop, some where they love to go a lovely little community hub , they had an event there run by Autism All stars the theme masked characters great way to incorporate masks and still running such a positive event for kids and families, they made quite an impression on my kids especially Niki she even asked about volunteering opportunities.

Bless her Niki wanted to be like Superman getting up again was a bit of issue her hip popped out again, she won’t let it stop her though from doing things I think she thought the pain was worth it. You got to love pikachu though and all the others it really made the kids day, Jake choose not to have his picture taken with anyone. You know it was beautiful going to an event where they didn’t have to mask thier autistic traits and could be themselves. we still have 2 different autistic perspectives Niki fully embrasses the fact she is autistic Jake has yet to be comfortable with it. But then Niki is very flamboiant kind of personality and jake is more reserved.

I played about with the background on a couple of the photo’s just because I could for one , the shop to let behind kind of shows the sadness of the loss of our beautiful high street shops that are all about community.

This made Niki say Pikachu on a beach

MUM !!!!

This one had her laughing and wanting me to send it to her, just seemed the perfect background very Jurassic park.They love these dinosaur costumes when Jake has night a time anxiety we would watch YouTube videos of people in theses costumes had us laughing with tears rolling and a great distraction from thoughts that trouble you before sleep.

This wasn’t the actually clip we used to watch it was in a compilation but we do find it funny though kind of reminds me of the kids when they were little and you would say its bed time, I Never could tell them off for pillow fighting because i Joined in we had so much fun.

This week has been full of appointments as well Jake had his eyes teated and has knew glasses coming on Monday just a sligh change thankfully, Niki had her dentist No fillings so thats great, just some treatment for sensitivty,She did have some anxiety over it but he was very gental and kind so that made it go smoothly.

Hayley had her Opitcians and she also needs new glasses this time it was a more challenging visit for her she had the medical eye check too,she had trouble keeping her eyes open when they needed her to in the end i stepped in and helped lift her eyelids for her, was slight funny when they showed us the pictures though there were two that showed her eyes and one full face selfie wher she moved, they had a lot of pacience though because she cant read they had to get a little inventive she could say a few letters but we had to revert to picutures in the end, getting her to follow with just her eyes was tricky she kept moving her whole head, she needs new distance and reading glasses. it’s a good job she had the medical eye check they have advised me to get her blood pressure checked the last check up it was perfect by now its a little high. So getting that booked tomorrow to important to leave might have to pospone her dentist though which is ment to be tommorrow. also need to get her foot looked at aswell as it still is giving her some pain not quite sure if its just she has done a lot of walking lately or maybe she just sprained it a little. Just because there has been a lot of changes latley for her and she has been sad about uncle mark i am also watching closely for an seizure activity which she can get if she is too stressed.

Together is definatly better I agree with that saying.

Our Tommy had his operation this week aswell bless his heart such a brave kid, unfortunatley they couldn’t take the pins out his hip because it was spliting so they lenghened it he may need it in longer but they did do his tendons, gave his mum and dad a bit of a scare when he took time coming round from op and needed extra help with oxygen. but he is home recovering the next day. I will be on duty tommorow night cant wait to see him and his sisters. Nanny was down to look after the girls while he had his op. I popped in to check on them Jake and Niki came with me to see the Girls and nanny. so did Emo he brought a water melon over for Holly.

Always good to take the kids memory off the fact there brother was in hospital again.

A little bit of crazy Elf lady comes in handy. I was looking at some video’s earlier and found this one you want the kids to sleep i am your girl i wear them out with all my energy and laughter. wish it worked on my kids.

That laugh

This is my beautiful mum she doesn’t want pictures taken at the moment and this is my favorite one of us together, but it has been so lovely spending time with her we kept it to a minamal amount just because we want to keep her safe too just A hour each day she is staying down here and she is due to go home Friday for a few days and then back next weekend for Marks funeral. we have all been so glad to see her in person again.

Hayley has done such a good job with her dieting 1 stone down

We had some great family time too

All in a photo accept our Josh who has been on phone with us every day.

That’s it for today’s blog have a beautiful night

Much love as always Faye xx