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Well 2020 has been the year for thinking about things differently, education, health, social skills, politics, and diversity, environment and innovation.

we have all had to really look at what is really happening around us what we want and what we value. businesses have had to adapt and use their skills for community outreach taxi drivers escorting people to hospitals and delivering food, big manufacturing companies having to adapt to make breathing equipment , masks, and PPE schools and doctors having to adapt to the online world more and more.

People that were retired called into to rejoin the their fellow nurses doctors and front line staff. the delivery drivers that have a very vital roll in getting stock to shops and other places to keep everything running.

All countries showing a resilience and want for this pandemic to be over.

I think we all think this sometimes

we cant talk about this without mentioning the very sad and large loss of life and freedom to everyone, or the impact it has had on mental health, especially those that are extremely vulnerable to losing thier life.

The isolation for them and families of special need children and the loss of respite and other services.

And now we look with hope to the medical scientist to find a solution and vaccine so our world may open once more.

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So businesses can thrive and fill with people and heart once more. when people no longer have to socially distance and do away with PPE and masks. to be able to smile at someone in the street.

So families can mix and hug and really get to spend the best quality of time with each other.

So no shop runs out of toilet paper, or cake mix

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where we can roam the world again, see things we never saw before, with a new found freedom of being out of the walls that have surrounded us for so long, walking hand in hand or in a group, playing with your kids and friends in the park. or going out for a meal or movie.

life is so funny and as the saying goes you never really appreciate things till they are no longer there. So when things open still be safe, be thoughtful, be kind it is going to take a while for the trauma of Covid to subside. Everyone copes at different speeds some struggle but say nothing, some struggle and everyone knows. but being nice is the best thing for ourselves and those around us.

As you know I am a carer and have worked through out and I have had the best time of my life, work wise especially with Hayley and the kids . Hayley has just gained this happy confident presence, I am seeing her become less ridged and more adaptable each day a willingness to learn , a willingness to take care of herself obviously their is a lot of prompting and quite guidance and supervision. but she has just brightened every day, I found that the one on one I am giving her in this time has hugely been to benefit her.

Our day has been great, I woke up today with that song oh what a beautiful morning stuck in my head , its been thier all day we used to sing it in school assembly when we were kids, it was a positive calming thing. It had such an inlightning impact on my day I have been super happy.

yes we are very loud and happy today

Oh yes the christmas enthusiasm bubble has hit,we are going to have fun eveyday find things to make us smile and laugh, enjoy life even if it is just in our home. bring a little happy to the world.

we also listened to a christmas album while we work and did a dance video to send to mum who has been feeling a little unwell and is really feeling the isolation and not being able to see us all since our aunty Junes funeral at the begining of covid.

I Don’t own the rights to this music in the video its purley home video to share a little insight into how we try to stay connected with family and help just bring a smile to there face.

Zoom bingo with the day center was super fun for Hayley she didn’t get bingo but they all sang along to some songs after.

It was a bit of a joint effort to help Hayley with her bingo numbers today my hubby had to take over while I did the school run to pick Niki up from school she messaged me today as well she had a bit of a panic attack at school today sudden fire drill, she wasn’t expecting it she has never been very good sensory wise with these sudden alarms but she managesd to get it under control, she used some breathing excercizes and asked me for something sweet when she got home it is something that helps with her anxiety.

After dropping Hayley off i had to pick Jake up he has been having after school study sessions since his return and it seems they are really becoming a big help, and helping him get exam ready. this evening I got a call from hid geogrophy teacher saying how well he is doing lately and that he really wants to begin to push him a little further with the study, with a small group of his top set i think they are having small bubbles of six,

It is really rather rare to get them positive phone calls home I saver them, Jake really look s up to this teacher tonight after I was telling him about the new study sessions and he said to me “I wish all my teachers were like him he is inclusive” he teaches in a an easy understanding way, he pushes us to do more but not in abad way in a good way” I love hearing his perspective of things and Niki’s it really is insightful way not many people inspire Jake but this teacher does.

Nikis been pretty calm since she came home and seems to forgotten the early panic of the fire drills. and yes you never know when that panic and anxiety will come it just is thier she has always messaged me when she gets it at school we found that it helps her a lot just having that reassurance that it will be ok. I am her familiar anxiety buddy. a little routine in dealing with it when I am not present.

So thats it for family and Hayley now onto the excitng talk of Tom.

Emo goes to school with Tom

Tom asked if he could take Emo to school and i think it wasn’t just tom who got upto michief with him.

The day begun with excitement for Tom as he was taking Emo to visit his School, he wanted to spread some early christmas cheer and asked to wear his chrismas Jumper.

Tom was so happy to bring his smily friend with him it made him smile when Emo sat on his lap. 2 best friends who like to get up to mischief together can they bring that joy to school and get the teachers to join in,?

Well Tom had to go into a taxi he gets every morning with mummy working as his escort and support. the taxi arrive and everyone made sure tom and emo followed the saftey of wearing thier seat belts , very important bit of advise that.

All Strapped in and ready to go they both could look out of the window and see the world as they drove on the journey to school. In thier own private limo service

Oh tom was happy today he had lots planned with his teachers and a lot of work to do to show Emo what he got up to at school. Emo had the biggest smile like always,

Settled in his comfy chair and ready to learn, his key workers joined him.

They were telling tom and emo their plans for the day. what amzing people they are. joining in the fun with Tom and Emo. Tom loves his school, and the staff thier are the most amazing caing compassionate people. they are sometimes as mischivous as tom and Emo, on occations have been know to send tom home covered in glitter and once with a messsage for mummy written on toms belly, tom found this absaloutley hilarious and laughed when mummy saw it.

Tom started the day with some painting , cheecky Emo got a quick five minute power nap while he was doing that , getting glitter off Tommy is bad enough for mum getting it of an Elf would be imposible Besides Emo thinks glitter just gets everywhere and didnt want to take it back home.

After finnishing painting tom had some physio before going for a walk in his walker, oh yes we got to get them leg muscles working only emo sat on floor and Tom almost trod on him.

Learning to sit up , look how straight emos and toms sitting is.
Tom Practicing his walking

Emo is giving tom postive encouragement ” Go Tom , You got this Buddy” or so the teacher thought really emo was thinking of saying quick tom lets see how quick the teacher is, lets show her how fast we can run. OH Emo you are such a character.

Off they go,

Next Tom decided he want to show Emo around the room while using the sling, it’s super fun and you can move and jump a little. there is always so much to explore in the classroom. After a busy morning Toms was getting Hungry just like Emo can get a little grumpy at dinner time. Emo is an Elf who isn’t mischievous all the time, he loves to help care for people and help adults with chores. Emo really has a kind and compassionate heart. Even if he is a very lovable cheeky Elf, he has the same kind of personality as Tom. Likes to make people laugh and makes you want to hug him. Emo gives the best hugs especially when your sad.

Tom found it funny that Emo kept missing his mouth when Emo was helping his teacher feed him, they ended up letting emo sit down instead toms nose was getting more food than his mouth.

Besides Elves get hungry too

After Dinner Tom had some time on floor with Emo and the teacher, sensory and music time , I think they all enjoyed themselves.

what fun Emo had it was like having their own personal disco. this school is definitely on Santa’s good list, when Santa hears all about Emo’s and Toms adventure at school,
he is going to make sure all schools for elves adopt this fun policy and inclusive environment.

I think Emo loves How Funny Toms Teachers are they put on a show

These guys are so funny together Emo’s smile is getting bigger by the day.
listening to Christmas songs while messy playing

Tom and Emo had a fun filled day at school, before getting back in the taxi to go home, where mum his siblings an other carer meet up to spend time together and eat diner before sleep.

The journey home

Thank you, for reading about the day Emo went to school with Tom,

when I talk about caring and support vital support for families of children with disabilities it is not just about me and my thoughts it is about how the people we support feel too, it takes a whole team to support Tom mum and dad , siblings , care workers, teachers and support staff, doctors , nurses and Toms amazing disability social worker grandparents and other family members. A collaboration of the best brought together to give the best quality of life and care. Not every child or adult is verbal and not every child or adult who is verbal can communicate. each individual you meet should be cared for and catered for their particular needs, while tom can say a few things yes and no, hello , I love you, occasionally dad or grandad or even something else it really depends on how his mouth muscles work.

He is geed at eye communication he loves selfies , and he has hands you realy have to watch out for, especially when he is excited and ina cheecky mood.

I admire all toms other key workers, and how much they have helped tom be at the point he is now. they are truly 5* I would give them triple 5* if I could you can see just how happy tom is around them. How engadged he is his focus on harder task and the playful way they are with him.

I mean each of us that works with tom has there own bond with him but having seen these video’s i see they are very much how I am with Tom.

He has this whole community of extended honary family memembers who love him.

Good night and much love Faye. xxx