Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi everyone how are you today?

Christmas Oh so near, yet still so far

So now we are a little more clearer about the Christmas rules, I can say I will take 2weeks holiday from work so I can have my son Josh home. Yes it may be 5 days instead of the couple of weeks that normally happens but I would of been happy with even five minutes I miss him so very much . Jake and Niki have too. Niki’s Tom still can’t come over from Holland. Which is kind of sad we got used to having him visit and it always makes our Niki super happy to see him. Bless it is almost a year since they have seen each other in person now. My dad and Hayley will spend Christmas together at there house, I will drop Christmas dinner over to them so they don’t have to go without that.

When I heard the news there was such a feeling of relife and I know I give off thiz real smiley positive vibes but it has been emotional for me not seeing my Josh that’s why finding those home movies ment so much, and made me feel super nostalgic.

I do talk to Josh regularly almost everyday , it’s not the same as being him draped across the sofa with his snacks spread out on the coffee table , the little noises and his very silly exit from a room. We might even watch some of the programs we used to watch together when he was a kid , and and play some board games together. The conversation never runs dry with Josh here, he can discuss anything, any topic .

He even can connect to Niki and Jake on a level even we can’t reach. Jake said on way home I don’t want presents mum I Just want Josh Home.

Siblings have a huge impact on each other the bond that is friendship, respect and love. I have the same kind of Bond with Hayley.

I will hopefully have a new blog post to write tomorrow about Emo’s trip to school with Tom I have seen the photos and videos they brought happy tears to my eyes. I don’t know why I feel more emotional in this second lockdown but somehow I am.

Or maybe it’s just the side affect of peri menopause that’s causing it, yep I said that I am 46 now fact of life it has to happen sometime.

There are many subjects now that are not taboo to talk about, it affects all us women sometimes know point in keeping it behind closed doors. The reality is if things like that are kept quite how can families support each other through all the emotions that come with it. We can’t change the fact that we grow older and our bodies minds emotions change.

To be a carer your teaching others about health, fitness, mental health and emotions so surely being upfront and direct about these things helps other. I mean to raise awareness for anything people have to talk,

Them moods the be prepared for the fluctuations

The flushes, hot or cold, 🥵or even both one after another, or being over sensitive . Or cry for absaloutley no reason.

Had a fun day with Hayley today she really is so super funny we were talking about the plans for over Christmas. She is Happy because I said I will still bring her Christmas dinner over even though I will be off.


Elfing around

Niki and Jake’s day was great

So now that’s really end of blog today, my eyes are already getting heavy.

Good night , sweet dreams

Much love Faye xx♥️😁