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Good evening everyone, how are you today? It has been cold here this I found out when I had to pop to shop and stand in the queue outside, breezy. oh where has the sunny days gone I miss that warmth.

like winter months not only see you changing outfits to big fluffy socks and jumper and Jeans, and have you wanting to pull that duvet over your head because your big toe poked out of the bottom of the blanket and said “Hell NO”

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I always find I am more bubbly out going and extrovert in the summer months like that’s my in your face larger then life, slightly kind of goofy time.

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Then the winter hits and not only do your clothing habits change you go back into that introverted I’m going to hide mode. I definitely find it easier to write during the winter months I wouldn’t be an author of a Christmas book if I wasn’t like that. I do love the winter months too just not too cold. Maybe because I was a November Baby I came screaming into the world is it even possible to have that connection to a time when you were born making you feel certain sensory things.

Now I get to talk a little about public speaking , since becoming an author I have spoke a lot to people , really just getting used to talking to others I think is a great step into coming out of that introvert stage, I can hold a very deep conversation through typing, can pretty much talk about anything and really like to get a sense of a person so I can see if they are real and who they say they are, You just can’t be to careful online I am a very open person maybe a little to trusting sometimes I like to give people chances. Maybe their is a certain vulnerability that comes with that but I don’t think people should underestimate how smart I am. what really causes me issues is speaking in person and I Have done it a few times at author events even did and author talk signed my self up spontaneously one day, I was very elated when I left after proper proud of myself.

As I have been sharing some videos on here recently so I think this is the right post to share that first author talk on the positives and pitfuls of publishing. my Jake videoed it I was glad he was there to see his mum take that step to speak, I did it for myself to get over my speach issues and also for my kids to show them they CAN DO ANYTHING!! despite Their socal anxiety.

First author Talk

I think dressing in charcture kind of helped me feel like I was me while i was up there

I actually think it was much better than the ones I did tonight where I was just doing a Hello kind of video, Now those ones are super awkard, I will share them as they are like my bloopers, where it kind of goes wrong.

Being on the stage talking about the book I had a list of bullet points to glance down at as prompts but when you’re , when you want to speak to people on a personal level to like build a solid foundation of trust and build an author presence it is much harder.

See what I mean by awkard three different takes, they make me laugh because I know I can do better than that. I am a confiedent person and super bubbly but then the mintue the camera rolls my brain back fires, when I write the words are clear in my mind so typying I can actually hear what I am typying a split second before I start, total opposite of when I video there is know sound just sudden silience , I can’t seem to think and speak at the same time.

blooper 1
Blooper 2
final take

Well I am a work in progress each day one step closer to getting those videos down. I really am planning to do more before we start opening up out of lockdown and author events start up again .

What I want to achieve is to come over naturally and not like a dear stuck in the headlights.

Today has been relaxing if you didn’t already catch that from the clips , my paper work up to date and filed, good Job to as these documents might need to go to some legal experts to look into weather Niki has been discriminated against because of her disabilities over her UC claim I was advise to seek legal help with it by the citizens advice and to make a formal compliant I have tired to avoid this but it really has been along long process of being passed around from many different people. why do the make the process so hard for people with complex issues and anxiety. It has actually been the one thing that causes so much stress and it has been going on since March the day she turned from a child with additional needs to an adult with additional needs. I don’t know what there thinking like Your are an adult now your fixed you need no help.

Us this afternoon

I love her so much I will fight for her rights all the way to court if I have too hope it doesn’t have to come to that though. I am so Thankful for all the help the citizens advice center has given us and so glad they documented everything phone calls we did together , I don’t think they realized that just having them on that conference call with me helped a lot.

Jake came home From school with one of his real bad migraines last night this time it wasn’t just his head but his Jaw too we had to give him the emergency meds the ones you take at the beginning of the migraine he when to sleep for quite a while. so last night I was with him keeping an eye on him.I hate he has to have these headaches.

Well almost the end of my blog for today, Emo has still been staying with Tom but I should be picking him up, Sunday as he has to help decorate our home .

I hope he is real rested I have plans to keep him busy till the New Year.

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I am going to drop links for paperback on amazon again , They have it on a Black Friday offer at the moment so big discount if you want a copy.

Don’t forget every review helps

Good night, sleep well.

Much love Faye xx