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My morning post, practicing using some digital apps, working my way up to adobe before I can do more books, If I am to be my own publisher moving forward I need to really learn all the technical side of producing a book.
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Hope you are all well, the lead up to Christmas is gaining speed now, being locked down has made this year so much harder, we all have had a year like no other. Lock down not only has caused many Job losses but their has been an increase of families needing support for even the basic things like feeding their families. as if enough families didn’t live in poverty, this year has been truly financially crippling for families businesses shutting down even the larger companies affected by job losses, the airline industry one of the biggest world wide industries, that bring in money and workers to other countries, that reunite families living in different continents.

The health sector stretched and under the biggest test for along time.

Mental health services that were almost at crisis point tipped over the edge because so many more people are struggling with their mental health due to being stuck at home.

The catering industry and entertainment industry, crippled by the inability to entertain.

Adding to that a year of Brexit , and major elections, oh what a year we have had.

Now we are at a point of unlocking down, but still many restriction will be in place, we have to prepare ourselves for long ques, more traffic, more face masks, the injections that are to come.

what can we do to bring that magic alive again to pull a rabbit out of the hat to make this Christmas as magical as the rest. as inspiring, as fun.

The children already beginning to write there lists for Santa, you know our kids are pretty resilient they maybe disappointed to not get things on the list they asked for, but they will get over it, time give them your time, give them laughter, Hugs, take moments to sit and read to snuggle and watch movies, learn to play their favorite game. bake with them. so many things you can do they will remember more then that present they didn’t get you can always save up and get it for their birthday when you don’t have so many people to buy for . If your from a large extended family maybe buy a game they can all play together instead of an individual present for each person.


Emo Elf has been having an adventure with Tom since Friday, hugging each other at sleep time even going to school with Tom. Toms had a bit of a week with appointments and had some good news about the pins in his hip can be removed, he also had his Botox in his legs to help with his hamstrings and muscles this kid is a real trouper.

He even wrote his Christmas list for Santa too,

This boy really melts my heart, he is funny, super smart, he has a fighting spirit , he makes everyone fall in love with him when they meet him, he really is my little buddy. He loves purple lollies, saying no, and I love you. he is as crazy about emo an music as I am . some times it is hard to remeber he is as old as he is and soon that teenage stroppy may come , i hope not to much because he really is such a sweetheart.

How can i mention Tom without mentioning all his family, and other carers they are amazing.

The school Tom attends is outsounding, The work they do with Tom and all the other children who attend, I am so glad that Tom has this school he really has thrived since going there and the therapies they offer have really benifitted Tom.


Work with Hayley today was also another mix of making christmas decorations, music, Zoom quiz with day center, and learning on her tablet.

I used the time hayley was on her zoom to sort Niki’s banking out with her and also, deep cleaning we are getting house ready for the big christmas decoration that happens at the end of the month, thats when the true magic of christmas starts. you find it very uplifting for your moods the scents of christmas the lights, the foods, the present shopping it may be much less then years before but still it will be an amazing feeling. I love christmas, I love sitting with the lights on and the cheerful fsces of the elves snowmen and the movies and music.

I love making the Christmas buscuits, oh i feel the insperation coming, the photo’s and moments to caputre. the writing that will flow.


What’s Your favorite Christmas Song , or activity? Do you have a family Tradition, if so what is it?What’s your favorite movie?


Jake had a great day at school today, his meeting with the head of sixform went very well. he is really happy with how it went, the funny thing is it is the same person that our oldest son Josh had his six form meeting with all them years ago, Jake said he even asked how Josh was doing. Kind of an ice breaker that.

I am finding as it draws nearer to christmas writing is coming move easily, my blogging kind of lacked the strengh and time I could give it from the year before. I think this year I have work so much and it has been so much more intence. lots of changes and adaptions due to covid but here i am still doing what i do best and that is caring. My writing is becoming so much better then it was in the begining.

Today as it is leading up to black friday deals I am going to share the amazon link to my book ad the deal on it at this moment is great.

They are advertising a saving of 64% Get it before the deal runs out and you have to pay full price again

Anyway wishing you a beautiful night, I have to go get some sleep i overslept this morning , don’t want to do that again i hate rushing in mornings.

Lots of love to you Faye