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Hi everyone start the week as you have got it all sorted, yes today I was super organized, up on time for the school run. School for the kids has been going really good big changes for Jake in Engagement with studying since we brought the books in the holidays and i focused my time having a proper schedule for his study the exams are over now, before that would be books down and back to just home work. Jake has really impressed me with taking part in after school study sessions. he really has shown so much dedication. Last night he showed me a message for his geography teacher telling him how fantastic his work was and that if he keeps it up he will not only do well in this subject in GCSE’S he will also be great at it for six form.

He has his interview tomorrow with the six form leads so fingers crossed for that, he also told me he sent a message to to music department at the school admitting he made a mistake dropping music, and asking for them to send him some work he can do as independent studies. This kiddo has not only been teaching himself to play the keyboard he is teaching himself to play electric guitar too. So for now he is applying for Geography, Business Studies, filming, and an independent music, I cant remember if he said their was another one or not but i like the blend of choices the music and filming is very good for his mental health to run along side the other 2 subjects that he likes, and i think the choices are very wise for him.

When we have spoken to our kids about career choices it is always with a view of having a balanced future, I would rather them learn what they love and what makes them happy, then just accept anything. For Jake he has chosen his mind quite a bit lately about his future jobs I think it also depends on if it is a subject that first interests him and secondly he can academically keep up with. but also things that give a boost to his confidence. I am glad the school he is at also realize they are the best setting for him going forward. This is the young kiddo that was scared of school didn’t feel safe and refused to go. So it goes to show the right support in the education setting with consistent support, emotionally, Support to manage anxiety, and a safe place to learn with people who encourage you and never give up despite the challenges it brings. it took such a long to to get the Education plan , and its had adjustments and goals to work towards and a little bit of compromise on all sides to get it to be of the value it is now but it is working. and for that i am truly grateful for.

Niki is doing well at college, she is working hard, now she has the laptop the school has lent her while we save enough for a new one it makes things so much easier. The universal credit thing with Niki is still a battle bless her she has been waiting since march for this all to go through I am not giving up the fight for that though. It does cause a lot of added stress our family could do without but you don’t change things by giving up when it gets tough. I fight for my children’s rights to education because when they needed it the most when they struggled they were let down and missed out on what others take for granted sometimes. one of my proudest moments with the kids was when they stood by their schools side campainging for no cuts to the special education funding. The support teachers they so needed to help them feel safe so they could learn.

Any way that’s off my mind now to blog about the work and family.


She had a pretty pink Jumper and PInk Jeans today

She matched her clothes, she is starting to want to pay alot of atention to making herself look nice in the mornings, the lessons on self care and dressing in what makes you feel good seem to be working , she is alwas happy to show me what she is wearing, ready for her photo’s , you see there is a method behind photogrophy and using it to capture life lessons and daily living skills, they can see what to do by looking at photos a lot like pecks cards but with real people.

We had a lot on today, the day center pack of Christmas activities they gave us last week have been met with great enthusiasm from Hayley, we are working our way through them.

They are going to be used to decorate her gym at home so she has some christmas sparkle to look at while she uses her tread mill, oh a little bit of magic motivation . We listened to some christmas carol just the instrumental version just to really relax and enjoy the moment Hayley remarked that it was very calming and peaceful.

She had her friendship zoom meeting with the day center today and we have had to change where we set it up in our house now just because they last longer and we didnt want to keep walking in while she is talking to her key workers and friends. so now she has the use of my bedroom for privacy and it also gives me and the kids some privacy too, niki and Jake when they come home from school like to rush into the kitchen for snack and drink,

Plus they can be loud after keeping all that anxiety in all day, it was also making dinner time running late, we try to eat dinner no later then 5.30 pm.

Of course they like some supper later maybe some toast before bed, with some milk, that way they are not midnight snack running.

I finished work about an hour later tonight because Jake helped make dinner and Hayley wanted to stay and eat with us.

NIki was not at college today she isn’t due in till wednesday, so she has been pottering around she slept till lunch today, which has been an improvement lately she can’t sleep well at night so she sleeps most of the day, she has got her sleep cycle all messed up. An eggy sandwhich gets her moving pretty quick though. I know all the little things that get them motivated.

Jake phoned to be picked up at three as his after school study wasn’t on today, he was telling me about his day before asking if he could cook dinner he wanted to make lasanga.

Them onions today made both our eyes water, I had to take over cutting them. we ran out of white sause had to go get some more, and although it was absaloutly delicious, we added a bit to much sauce so it dinner look as good as it tasted.

He aslo made a pasta carbanara for Niki, which looked and tasted great. Always nice to have fresh bread and salad to go with main course.

After dropping Hayley home and Loading the dishwasher getting things ready for the kids to bake some cakes , I was thinking about writing this blog, thier is alot behind the scences I can’t talk about but i find writing positive things is a great way to escape things you can’t change. Its about balancing how much you can keep in your head before it needs decluttering a little.

oh The cakes are lush, soft, moist and full of creamy sause one chocolate one vanilla. They melt in your mouth.

The kids love these betty Crocker ones and I must admit they always turn out perfect. Jake an Niki have got super close i supoosed they have more in comman now then when they were younger, but seeing them side by side and working together shows they are developing that ability to cope with working with others. they were laughing and joking and neither one of them walked out.

All prepared and ready for oven.

They let me take photos with them today, I go with what they want sometimes they do and sometimes it is a big no, so all the ones I share I have thier permission for.

Jake has even cracked a tiny smile , I guess choclate cake has a way of putting a smile on your face.

Anyway that’s it for tonight, going to use that magic massage pillow I will probally fall asleep it seems to have that affect on me .

I love these kiddo’s so much,

Good night Sleep well,

Much love Faye xxx