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happy birthday card
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Hi everyone , I have blogged about everyone else’s birthday this year, now it’s time to give you a view into mine. I had an awesome day the night before I got sent to my room for the evening while my hubby and kids got things ready for my big day, I already popped out the day before to get a plain cake and some icing, a few balloons and the banners. my hubby took the kids to the one shop near us to get a few small gifts from them.

To be honest I would of been happy with just their company but I wanted to see if some of mums enthusiasm for birthdays had rubbed off on them. Niki was on cake decorating, Jake and his dad on decorations. I was a little lost on what to do with my own company for the evening.

The day of my birthday I woke up, excitedly to see their efforts and I wasn’t surprised by the fab job they all did.

Please excuse the paper work all over the back shelf , in the middle of sorting it all out , we don’t have a lot of storage space in our home.

very happy mum
I Love how creative Niki was decorating my cake

Our oldest son Josh couldn’t be here due to lock down but I was so surprised he woke up so early when he is off work to face time me he got to sing happy birthday and see me open the pressie he sent to me , I will tell you about how fab it was later in the blog, He always listens to me when I tell him things so was nice he found a present that gave me a solution for a problem I have had recently. I was working with Hayley on my birthday plus she wanted to be their for my birthday dinner too, she even asked for the very first time to try some lamb for dinner not something she has tried before or wanted to, but she is definitely into trying new foods now bless her she loved it too. She even told me she put on her best party dress so she could look pretty for my birthday.

My hubby cooked the roast dinner, while I helped Hayley with her zoom meetings , he even played all my favorite music, I was in the other room and noticed he played most of my play Madonna playlist .

While Hayley had the zoom bingo session, I had a chance to get my party frock on, actually it was Niki’s she lent it to me as I have wore all mine before. the kids were both at school I got messages from Niki saying I love you mum several times through the day as well as her showing me she has got 100% attendance and punctuality at college now this is excellent news , she always got so down when she didn’t hit the 100% target. Due to exclusions and her difficulties she had in her earlier education, she always tried so hard and always wanted that 100%.

Any way I just finished getting ready when Niki phoned and said she had finished so I picked her up and brought her home I just had time to set the table before going out to pick Jake up.

all glammed up for the school run

Little Jake got in the car and said mum you look beautiful. he is such a sweet heart , he had a great day at school.

We didn’t get photo’s of everyone in the morning because they were still groggy for sleep plus hubby’s phone was takn up with face timing Josh, I had so many beautiful birthday messages, from family and friends even from my kids childhood friends, it made my day so special. My niece Maria left a beautiful voice message my Mum phoned. So maybe not here in person but definatly here in spirit.

Dinner was so Yummy , I had a bottle of bubbly but couldn’t drink any till I dropped Hayley home after dinner I never drive if I have a glass . Besides I don’t very often drink special occations maybe one or two.

Party dresses

Before Hayley left we also did the cake and Yai-yai and Papou joined us via face time

The Greeks always love to sing there own song after the happy birthday it is a family tradition
Half a glass lasted me the whole evening.

After i got back from dropping Hayley the kids wanted to go back to talking to thier friends me and hubby spent some time listening to music we even danced to one song, I don’t know whats happened to my coordination but I kept standing on his feet, my legs seem to have a mind of thier own.

Now at Half past seven our Jake came down and told us off for having music playing late, trying to explain to him it was still early didn’t go down well, so we ended up swithing it off. It isn’t that it was late or even loud it’s just sometimes the kids can’t handle it for to long, Sensory issues it was nice while it lasted though.

I will tell you now about the reason for presnt from my oldest Josh, we have been chatting recently about health and his gym and also the fact i have had real tight neck muscles and right across the shoulders, I tend to get it quite often , I get so busy with work and rushing around my posture isnt always good, then it leads to bad migraines .

The masseger sent from heaven , this thing is amazing
the kids loved it too

This thing worked it’s magic, it was both uncomfortable and relaxing, i felt all those tight knots in my shoulders and neck disappear and yes it sent me to sleep too I am using it evry night now ,I wake up with real relaxed muscles and a clearer head.

So that was my birthday the little things that happened the people that shared it with me. what more can a girl ask for.

Friday was back to work with Hayley we made chrismas decorations the day center dropped off some activities to keep her busy while they are still closed.

Friday Hayley also had a zoom quiz with her friends, but the daycenter were also raising money for something to so it was wear a football shirt day, Hayley is a huge fan of MAN U, so of course she choose her favorite shirt too wear. She also didn’t want to miss out on trying the massager.

When Hayley went home , it was off for the weekend.

This weekend has been really chilled yes I had lots of ironing on saturday and the usaul washing pile to get rid of but it truly was very relaxed.

Walk down memory lane

Now a little bit of nestalgia my kids as babies we are starting to find all those videos we made like the wedding only this time baby video’s of Niki and our Josh, Jakes are all digital and somewhere on one of the computers so have lots of photo’s to organise before I can share Jake as a baby.

These ones may be a little blury or misty its just I am waiting on a lead to convert them to the computers but still want to share a few small clips I love

Me and my Josh his first kiss for his mummy, I realy loved seeing this one it was his first christmas so he was about 6 months old at the time. excuse the baby talk. I wonder how many parents do that different voice when thier kids are babies.

The kids songs you get stuck in your head Yes Barney the dinosaur was with us for all of our kids younger years, Grandad even got caught on a job once whistling Barney the dinosaur theme tune it gets in grandparents heads too.

Then there was when Josh was practicing some Greek

he was so cute

Last little clip sorry it’s blurry a little but it is Niki’s first birthday. They all covered there ears alot when they were babies. maybe an indecation of the later sensory issues. its funny wathcing things back we noticed a few things.

Me and Niki tonight

So thats it for tonight thanks for reading have a very beautiful evening.

Much love Faye, xx