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Using this mornings Photo

How are you today?

Day 1 of second lock down.

well when I had to do school run and get Hayley for work, there was community officers at the shops, like there was last time. To be honest it is pretty much the same today as every other day since they reopened last time, you know the thing is this lockdown is different because kids are still at school, Jake was saying that everyone had face coverings at school today a rule that we got emailed about last night, the letter also said if you have extremely vulnerable children who were on the shielding list that the children should not be going to school and alternative education would be sorted also that if you weren’t sure if your kid still fitted that shielding criteria then speak to your doctors. It was scrape your car kind of morning again good job I woke up early enough to sort it and have something warm to drink before I left today, the one thing I don’t like about being slim no meat on me to keep me warm. I get the shakes in cold weather. Jake woke up in an ok mood again this morning ready to get what he thought was his physics exam done, he said he was surprised when it was actually a chemistry one but that it went really well. see i told you he had the information in him, so now the physic paper is tomorrow he will do good in this one I am sure. I mean mocks are their to also see where your weakness are before the real deal exams it helps show children’s strengths and what they need more help in. Hopefully the real exams will happen towards the end of the academic year so the kids get the chance to catch up and be where they should be and that teacher time. I am sure the kids are valuing there education more now that they had to do with out teacher time for so long.

Me and Hayley had a more layed back day today , we played cards and dominos wanting to ease her back into lockdown mode, so some of the rules for shopping is doing it alone, not in couples or families, she wasn’t to impressed by that but she understood it after a while I will just have to get her things for her when I go shopping so she doesn’t feel she is missing out on anything.

we were having a lot of fun together, we danced made some video’s sent a few to family.

Don’t let anyone tell you people with learning disabilities can;t cheat at card games , i have proof they can she peaked at the cards

We made phone calls to family, but no zoom meeting today for Hayley she does have one tommorrow though, so she is looking forward to her friendship zoom.

In the afternoon she did some learning on her tablet till the battery ran out and we listen to more music while we played a game of Deal or no Deal, she even busted some good dance moves.

She could of one and beat me but she dealt to soon, I love playing older offline games with Hayley it gives her eyes a break from the screen.

Author pages

loving the new layout of my amazon author pages spent sometime updating it and adding the photos from my book signings. will be reviewing them and updating them when I have more to share, hopefully I will get some more sales and reviews left. persistence and perseverance thats my plan.

As long as it takes, one book sale at a time, I get so excited even by one sale.

Going to drop the links here again

Kobo digital Copy


Paper back

Amazon have it on sale at the moment so could save you some money!!!

Any way its been pretty quite here this evening kids are resting , but i got to go sort them out now.


Much love Faye xxx