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silver and black butterfly on red artificial flower
Photo by Sudipta Mondal on Pexels.com

Good evening , from southern England its cold and wet here today, sitting here with a beautiful country album playing while I write, I find Music has this very calming affect on me.

I love this photo wings spread ready to fly off, it reminds me of when you try out new things and it’s that moment you sit so still before you take that chance, I find my self pausing many times before I do things.

Am I ready? am I sure? do I take that chance. the answer of course is always a big yes. I was like that before I published and before I sent my book out there for the critic of the publishers the readers the world.

I don’t have any regrets it has given me wings to take flight form my Cozy corner of the world, opened doors, and opened my eyes to many things.

The experiences it has brought I never thought about before writing.

I have some real great conversations about publishing and being an author and about my book and each one makes me realize I want this now more than I did before, and as much as I want it to work for my families benefit it is really something I need and want for myself too.

It has made me a better mother , a better wife and a strong person. all the things it was meant to do in the first place when I started writing, a lot about writing is finding the person your truly meant to be. It opens up your mind to take a real good hard long look at yourself, what you like what you want what you feel. It makes you look closely at your own perspective with out rose coloured glasses, it makes you want to set goals , hit targets, build something bigger and more beautiful it gives you a thirst to learn more achieve more. It Breaks fears and boundary’s but also helps you set them too. I don’t want to live a life with clipped wings anymore my own nervousness holing me back from where I am supposed to be in the future, I want to spread them wide and take flight and see where it takes me. That’s also what I want to teach my kids, what they want is achievable yes they may need to ask for help, yes even adults do too sometimes it is just as adults we are slightly more stubborn.

wow a photo can give your mind an opportunity to let the words out, that’s why I use photo’s with my writing.

I didn’t know where i was going to go with this blog when I opened my computer I don’t plan them or have outlines I just simply enjoy writing what ever comes into my mind at the time.

but yes now to catch up on things that have happened since the last blog.

I have been working on some Digital creations for some of my sites , I like to use red, its my favorite colour but I also like the simplicity of a simple flower against the plain background, like a lone wolf ready to take on the world. Independent, loving, strong, that is how it makes me feel. I am a pretty expressive person. I think I like this one the best first I didn’t have to go back and edit it after posting it on my LinkedIn header second I did what I should always to closely look at the fine details before I hit the post button.

I am striving to do things the right way but also give myself a break when I do it wrong, it happens doesn’t do you good to dwell on mistakes. focus on the next thing is always a better way to look at things or you become stuck.

I am a bit of a dreamer, I love life, I love the people in my life, I say exactly what I feel , I don’t want to live a life holding anything back.


Work with Hayley on friday was another great day, she wanted to play more games and as you can see she was super happy to have beat me at a game, she continued with her online learning had her zoom meeting. I picked Jake up from school at 3 and he had an awsome day his physics exam he felt he did really well with, after school on a friday is always a bit of a rush when i have the day shift with Hayley and night shift with the kids its a flurry of feeding my kids dinner and cleaning up before I leave for my shift.I like to know my kids are feed and relaxed before I leave. I dropped Hayley off home at 6 on my way to kids house . This is where things got super fun and intresiting. I was going to put petrol in the car on the way but the petrol staition was very busy and I don’t like being late for work, besides I had enough to get thier to top it up as it was only round the corner from work, there is more to this story after I have shared my evenings work with you all.

I arrived with lollipops ready and Emo in my bag, the kids were all in fab moods.

Little Tom happy and excited to see me and the lollies and of course his buddy EMO.

Dylan and holly came to join us , we all played card games together Tom wanted to be there with us, we asked if he wanted to go to bed but he said No.

Ellie decided not to join in But it was ok I spent some time having a girly chat just me and her after the others settled down.

Now I did go in thier wearing a mask but tom was being a cheecky monkey and kept pulling it off , I think he like to see peoples smiles and thier mouths moving when they are with him.

This is Tom expressing his wants, and I think its kind of important to him that he can see your face he can tell your happy.

He aslo wanted to dress up and Face time his Nan , he thought it was a very funny thing to do, he was laughing a lot. All the kids got to say hello to nanny and see her as they havent seen her since covid began , i think it meant as much to her as them.

There was one thing I noticed whilse changing Tom and that was his equiptment, he has a changing mat that folds up but once opened it covers the bath so he is at the right high for carers to change him, it is so easy to see why his little arms bruise so much because of equiptment, on the side of the changing mat it has the folding hindges but they are solid plastic but Tom likes to hit things and he kept banging his arm on it. i have spoke to his Mum about them taking a look at the equiptment of maybe having something he can wear on his lower wrist so when he bangs things he doesn’t bruise himself. his wrists are so dainty and he doesn’t have much fat around that area, thier has to be something that can be used to minamise that, but it isnt just that though it is learning what equiptment needs adapting and padding added, he has had extra padding put on his wheel chair. Tom has a habbit of putting his arms out when you try to get him through door ways and things like that. sometimes its just he doesn’t have control over his arms other times he does it on purpose because he thinks it is funny, he is quite a characture is our little Tommy, any way the shift was a great one I left a little later this time

To my suprise the petrol staion near the house was closed, yes he comes the oh forgoodness sake Faye part. so I drove to the local Tesco’s which was omly a couple of minutes away more, yes big flashing orange petrol light.

The night window was open I went over and asked if they took cash, as iI didnt have my card on me, they said yes till 12. so i go to put petrol in standing thier waiting for them to authorise the pump, only a second late a voice over the tannoy said we only accept card, oh boy seems I am supper unlucky so I got back in car to go to the next petrol staition not far from there as I know they take cash. By now it is getting on for nearly 11.45 pm .

really I just wanted to be home with a nice cuppa before I crashed for the night, it definatley wasnt my night you guessed it my car decided to slow down and completely stop. This wouldn’t of happened if we werent in lock down again, so its super dark outside at this time, I am stopped in the safest place I can hazzards going the petrol staion abitu a 15 minute walk away.

First I sheepeshly phone hubby tell him what happened he must of senced something because just as i got my phone out to call a message came what’s going on. I told him I would phone dad and see if he could get some petrol and drop it to me other wise I would have to leave the car, for the first time he agreed to move his car out of his parking space only it’ s been sitting thier unused since march, yep dead as a dodo. flat battery. with this he was slighty panicky at the thought of me beeing out in the dark at night on my own wanted me to call police to help. My, dad I am a big girl now didn’t go down well. anyway i phoned hubby back told him i was walking to petrol station to get petrol, locked car with hazzards on and proceeded to walk to get the petrol just as i finished my hubby said where are you wait at top of the road for me he, came carrying a petrol can after i already got a can and petrol but was sweet he came though.

we both walked back to car, yes this is the reason I didn’t want him to come rescue me at the tesco petrol staion I put my petrol cap on top of the roof of my car, when I left I hadnt put it back on so not only did I run out of petrol I lost the petrol cap to. I was expecting a very long lecture about it, how i could be such a wally. Any way it did mean Niki and Jake had to stay home for 30 mins on thier own but they were calm and relaxed so it was all good they not babies any more and we was messaging them. we filled petol up went back to find petrol cap thankfully it was there.

We got home Just after 12,15. Jake had said the Police had phoned and asked about the car, he did a great job on the phone and explained we went for petrol. So that was my friday. I was so glad I had this wekend off to rest. saturday just was super relaxing the kids took a long time to sleep Jake finally setteling about 1 am and Niki it was nearly 3 in the morning, I got the most beautiful lie in today woke up about 1 pm I woke up to my hubby cooking the roast dinner and a happy Jake, today I have just not done anything I let other do it for me.

That’s all for today,.

Good night

Back to work and school tommorow

Much love Faye xxxx

Never a dull moment with us around