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Good evening everyone, hope you are all well and today has been ok for you? to my American follows you must be sitting on the edge of your seat wondering how this election is going to go, what ever way it does people are going to be on the side that doesn’t get into to office , I don’t really like politics, just because of the divide it causes and the stress but and anger. but I hope when it is over who ever wins actually listens to all Americans voices and take the best bits from both sides to make it a better place for all who live there. But that really is not something I think about to much. I try to live a stress free life.

We had a tiny bit of sunshine today ,I did however have to scrap ice off my car this morning it was super cold so after the blog last night Jake was very anxious about todays exams especially science and although he study he got himself in the mindset he didn’t know anything and said he isn’t prepared and he doesn’t feel he has been taught the right things. He had only moved up to top set in September, I see a patten to his thinking as to why he doesn’t feel he knows the work, and maybe it isn’t that he doesn’t know it because of course it is all there somewhere in his memory it’s the reference the teacher uses , I won’t got over that because you learnt that in year 7 well for Jake it was the best year he had a lot of time out of the class because of his anxiety, the subsequent years he did work hard and had some help for teaching assistants, and worked so hard to get in the top set.

My biggest worry for him now is maybe he does still need the teaching assistant but is refusing help because he does like that it draws attention to him, it is something we discussed at his EHCP review as a concern to watch out for . He said he was only able 2 answer 2 questions in the test today which is a little concerning not sure if it’s his anxiety , he went completely blank or the way it was written. but we are just going to have to put that as one of them things and focus on tomorrows science exams Physics I think this is his strongest of the three sciences.

We made a big jump in maths he feels this test went well, he did say he got a bit panicked about not learning Trigonometry , the one thing he refused to even try when we were studying together , he taught himself how to do it before test. He did probably already knew how to do it but he sometimes puts these mental blocks up.

He also applied for his Six form places at the same school- English, Geography, Buisness studies he has his heart set on this music one but I think thats a no go, because he didn’t do it for GCSE I feel so sorry about the likely hood he won’t be able to do it because he said to me he will study real hard he will do what ever it takes to learn everything and pass it . I don’t want to be the one delivering the news he can’t but I will find an alternative way for him to get that course if i can, just maybe home study.

We also got an update from the school around the covid rules for his school once lock down starts tomorrow, they said as of tommorow all students and adults need to whear a mask on way to school in public transport, and on school property at all times except in the class room , the bubbles will still be happening and the social distancing rules no acceptions apart from those that are exemp. maybe if this had actually continued after they went back some of the cases that have arisened now would not of happened.

I guess we are all so eager for things to get back to normal, we become lax with things , and old habbits creep back, I am glad that is not something I had to worry about becase my kids where there masks outside of our home. and they regualy clean thier hands use saniteser when out and about. they definatly follow the distance rules out side our home.

Lockdown not the same for me this time as I still have to drive kids to school go to work and collect supply’s, I will closely observe the situation incase I have to change my work to the same as lock down, I will continplate doing double shifts one week on one week off. but not just yet and not unless it is absaloutly neccassary, if things change with schools and they do close again I will do that have hayley here one week here one week home it worked well last time and minamised my own time out of the house.

Hayley’s daycenter has stopped the out and about walks now but they phoned today to see if hayley wanted them to send a craft pack to her so we are getting a christmas decoration one,dot-dots and things like that. I obviously will do cooking and arts her zooms are going to increase again so she wont be left doing nothing, we are continuing with her learning letters on her tabletwe started the dance videos again we are sending them to mum to keep her spirits up during this small videos to next lockdown. we are uploading our facebooks for our friends and family, just a little hello every day. we are listening to music dancing. keeping Hayley doing her excersizes and treadmill. we are adaptable people as long as it is the same things she normally does in her routines.

My Josh is having his driving lessons now, and it is nice catching up on the phone everyday with him. of course I check in with my mum and dad several times a day, and my friends. Really looking forward to working with Tom and his sisters and Dylan on friday. I was talking to Toms Mum tonight and could here tom excided in the back ground when I said I would bring Emo.

We are going to go on an imaginary Journey, not sure where he will choose this time. Talking of imagination to end my blog I will share a video of me and Holly a few years ago pretending we could be anything we want to be excuse the singing and the fact we used the Barney Dinosaur theme tune we changed most of the words, and made it up as we went along. her facial expressions though so cute.

We are always explorying where our imagination can take us. we can be anything we want do anything we want alswys great to see where it takes us

Any way thats is my blog for tonight .

Sweet dreams

Much love Faye xx