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Hi all, can’t believe I have left such a gap between my last blog.

I have been sorting paper work, appointments and so much out this week it has mess with my flow of though it’s all been to foggy to just write maybe if I wrote each day it wouldn’t all be in my head at the same time.


So now it all starts again this time with a new team for Hayley, long term care she has been moved to so a new disability social worker again, she has had about five in the last couple of years. Hopefully this one stays a little longer

13 hours of paper work was completed on Monday ready for the meeting on Wednesday, this time round there is a lot to discuss about her and her future, it goes without saying that she will eventually, hopefully sometime way in the future live with me full time. But for now things are working wonderfully as they are. there comes a point in life you have to have certain conversations you don’t want to have to think about let alone talk and plan for. but it really is better to have plans in place. I think it is fair to say it is really awkward and uncomfortable to deal with for everyone involved, even though we really close infact because we are all close.

we also have my aunts funeral next week to maybe this gets us thinking so much more on planning ahead for the future..

Although it is again under such sad circumstances I get to meet some family I haven’t met before and see some I haven’t seen for a while. January just seems to drag by bringing with it a new year of things to achieve and sort.

last week started with a beautiful sky

View from my back door while i had my morning Coffee

We had a flurry of phone calls first the long term care team, then Hayley’s day center, Then her doctors I wonder why this always seems to happen around her yearly review and no other time. the doctors wanted to get her blood tests in before her yearly assessment and to be honest why it only has been thought of now when it is normally at review then you wait for results, if you get a call that a doctor wants to speak to you about them and you have to wait for a phone call sometimes weeks away, even then that brings with it issues if your caring for more than one person because you have to leave your phone free till that phone call comes in, sometimes you miss it because you are dealing with another important call, and you have to wait again.

The day center called because they are doing bus training and Hayley needs her bus pass renewed which is part of the reason i spent all that time doing paper work, only for them to say they could do it for her through her doctors. we didn’t even receive a letter about it only Hayley coming home saying that is what they will be doing .

The chemist for once had Hayley’s medicine ready to go when I got there with all her medicine there and none owing.

I am not saying this as a moaning thing just that I wished the process smoothed through out the year instead of just around reviews.

This week I helped Hayley , sort her room out a big declutter of old clothes that don’t fit organized the draws so they are easier for her to find things she needs, took her shopping for new shoes and lunch, she loved that we picked the fresh veg from the garden Brussels her favorite and the biggest beetroot which we pickeled.

we should be able to eat these this week as you leave them to marinade

She loves that Wednesday lunch out we also spent some time going through my photo’s she wanted to put in her memory book.

Here she is at the computer looking for her favorite ones ones

Niki joined us for Lunch as she finished college for the day

she loves this girly time
With her room sorted we talked about wearing different things so no Mickey Mouse jumper every day Hayley tends to want to wear the same one all the time

Jake and Niki

Here they are my kids spending time with there mum watching some tv together I love this time with them, Jake had a good week at school got himself some aspire points and star of the week, which he didn’t tell us about i found out from the parents app he still isn’t comfortable was positive praise. He did have a bit of an issue in his catering course when one of the other students decided to put a spoon full of meat on his plain pasta he made. it is worse because his class mates do know about Jakes food issues and phobias, he took the right course of action because it made him feel very anxious he cleaned up and told his teacher he needed to return to the base to take some time out.

Niki started her new placement on Friday after I introduced her she went in ok and loved it. we were waiting for a letter from the pip people so we could go for her assessment and was surprised when they phoned on Friday and did it over the phone, I must say though I prefer it that way only because my kids have been assessed to much over the years and it hasn’t changed the things they struggle with they still have the same difficulties , I don’t like keep exposing them to these things they cause a lot of anxiety. we take things day by day good days, bad days, and ok days. still those daily living skills have to continue to be taught. It is sometimes one step forward and ten steps back I hope that one day they stay and don’t go. I think that’s all any parent really wants for there kids for the things they learn they apply to themselves like they do for others.

So Now we wait for the decision on wether Niki’s pip stays or go’s hopeful that will be in the next 2 weeks so we know where we stand on finances to continue to meet there needs. Pip has enabled my kids the same chance as a child with out issues it has opened up the world for them, it has opened up support for there education, it has opened up possibilities that were lost before. With this support my children have returned and remained in school, and are beginning to be where they should have been before the diagnosis of autism and anxiety. I really don’t want to deal with any more appeal processes I don’t want to have to fight to keep what is really having a positive impact in there learning, I don’t want them disabled by the system again. we all no the system needs a big shake up, a big turn around, from schools to hospitals to care homes , mental health yet the reality is that funding rules everything Funding limits the people that need it the most. Yet the same processes keep being rolled out. I believe in my heart there is some small steps forward just not quickly enough for families who need it, for the individuals that need it.

This is a subject I could talk for hours on but I don’t want it to over take the positives. so now moving on to my positive that’s my Book and family , friends and connections I have made .

Emo The Emotional Elf

I have started getting more inquires about the book, some positive reviews it really has been great to receive feed back

These are the 2 left on amazon this month, I am so pleased with them i am glad it made someone smile and I know exactly what part they are talking about in the book, the health and safety comment I remember thinking about that part of the book and wanted to add these little reminders for the children. I think when writing for children there is a huge responsibility to thoughtfully think what a child would do or copy. so Little reminders not to copy are a good thing.

I don’t just write books , blog, I like to leave reviews and photo’s for places we have been, if they have been accessible for my kids needs, when places go out of the way to make your visits great, and just like blogging and writing books I like to add photo’s for the human touch. One place is I do this on Google maps. it is also a great way to get your work and characters out and about to, to go from and own known to known and loved character.

You have to use and utilize all options out there if you have no funds for marketing, every little helps one person see your work, think outside what maybe the normal way to go.

Then there is the author follow and boost post where you can link with other authors, writers and people in the same boat as you of getting their work out there author lifts. Or encouraging and cheering other’s to take the step to help the think about everything it takes to publish to maybe give advise on what to avoid or what to go for. I always think if you can pass on the knowledge you have learned not only your book will have a impact on someones life theirs may too.

I am going to keep at it for as long as it takes, I am enjoying this so very much.

That’s it for today early start tomorrow good night may your dreams be peaceful and the new week ahead the beginning of something beautiful.

Much love Faye xx

Here is the links to where book is available both ebook and print but really it is good to shop around locally for the best price