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First day back to school for kids last Monday

The children’s transition back to school after holidays has been pretty smooth, although for Niki we are still waiting to find out if they can find a placement for her for Mondays’ and Fridays part of her course. this bit is causing a little bit of nerves. you would of though they would have had this sorted before she started the new term, the other’s in her class already have there’s when are people going to understand that for some one who is autistic they need time to plan and find out all the rules and what is expected of them in advance so they are able to begin in a positive way. her last 2 placements had no issues with her infact the feed back was very positive. Being prepared for what you need to do minimizes anxiety, and sets you up to go in there with confidence. This I think is the biggest hurdle and barrier if you have anxiety disorder and Autism, waiting on others sorting things out , Niki likes to know uniform rules who her point of contact is policies and procedures of the placement she wants to be able to do just as good a job as anyone else.

She also has to have a medical for her pip , we don’t know what to expect of this the child tax credit for her stops in march as well as child benefit, so what now if she loses her pip too. something that has helped to keep my child in education , something that has open the boundary’s put in her way since diagnosis. why do i think it is important for her still to receive this because the battle the last few years to get my daughter back into full time education and to catch up on all the learning lost through exclusions, the fight to have her up and out of the house so her depression and anxiety doesn’t take over. The research and statistics show that this is a reality for a lot of autistic harder to get employed and stay employed I don’t want her to end up another statistic , when I know if we keep working together everyday keep having access to support for her and not worry about her needs while she just concentrates on her studies. Why give a child an education and health care plan till there 25 if there is no intention of making it possible to support that .

I don’t think I am the only parent who is concerned about this, we just take one day at a time try and sometimes retry the important steps. any way its been on my mind all week do I talk about it do I not. well i have written it now no erasing it.

Now the rest of my week I have been trying to think of other things , what is good that has happened the positives.

  • We woke up on time every day , except for last Wednesday Niki’s second day back she was on a slight go slow so I had to do to trips to school both in on time though.

Tuesday after I dropped Jake and Niki at school, I had to go and look after Holly while Toms mum took him to school, a change of bus service that takes him to his special school made his first day back a bit of a problem for his family as Holly was off school unwell.

I got to surprise Tom with a visit in the morning

Tom said “oh dear” and “No” to everything I asked he also laughed and was very chatty lots to say for himself. Tom wanted a selfie he loves sharing his smile.

Mika wanted one too
Wednesday is my work day with Hayley too, so she came with me

Tom and his mum left, Holly was still asleep so just waited till she woke , that just happened to be when her mum came home from dropping Tom.

Holly was off with this bug that’s going round sore throat tiredness when she came down she just growled , I soon had her giggling though i told her a short story of a poorly girl who was sleeping and in bounds this crazy elf lady all happy spreading her positivity bubble, all happy jolly all singing and dancing the poorly growling girl couldn’t help but laugh.

The growly girl
The laughing girl, It worked cant stay grumpy around me too long I am to silly

Thursday was much better start. I woke up extra early so I could enjoy my coffee with out being called;

Starting the day with a smile

Niki and Jake up and ready to go on time i dropped them off at there school and college before picking my dad up and taking him to have his 24 hour ECG fitted. well that was a very quick appointment straight in and out. looking at the waiting room though we would have a bit of a wait.

Dropped dad off before coming home to catch up on things, get my house in shape. Before picking the kids up, we are getting that afternoon routine back home get out of uniform check for home work put the dinner on.couple of hours work with Hayley before dropping her home.

Jake came down wearing his Elf shirt ,

The post holiday blues. we all were wishing it was still the holidays it was so much fun being all together and relaxing. So we decided lets pretend it still is and baked the triple chocolate cake that was temping us from the cupboard shelf.

His face he found the apron
he smiles
He did good Triple chocolate fudge cake his favorite

The one thing with different textures he eats, he wasn’t to pleased when I cut it in squares as he wanted a triangle shape. we watched the war of the worlds movie Jake has listened avidly to the older version about five times , even correcting his dad on one part they were discussing.

Both Jake and Niki are still having sleep issues , we come to understand it is just part of them, believe me we have tried everything to stop this happening nothing has worked.

We are very lucky if we hit four hours with one or both of them during school weeks holidays they certainly make up for it sleeping in and catching up. It does mean though that us parents don’t get enough sleep , when they say get 6-8 hours sleep a night , Hello yes please that would be grate just not going to happen here. it is why most of my writing occurs late at night, it isn’t that they don’t want to sleep they just cant and there movements are bad irritable legs they have to keep moving constant need for toilet or water.

Jake is a rocker at night like a worm , constantly fidgets till he falls off the bed with a big crash, i don’t know how the floor boards haven’t caved in. Niki is constantly walking about, or creating.

Friday Niki got to have a lay in because no placement Jake went to school , I took my dad back to hospital to take his ECG off this time was quicker then the day before so quick infact we beat the 20 minute no pay for parking time. dad helped get all the last of the Christmas rubbish that wasn’t collected to the recycling place, not to mention the last grass cut of the year we hadn’t got round to taking yet. boy that smelt bad still he did the gentlemanly thing and dealt with them bags for me. So glad it only was in my car for the five minute drive.

Then on to do an small food shop to get us through till the next Tuesday when my wages come in, and pay my rent. oh and the last school run of the week. almost the weekend just the night shift with kids and Hayley to do that night.

I forgot I even had a catch up and hot chocolate and girly chat with my lovely author friend Sue, So good to just chat with her.

Was a great shift they all were in fab moods, reading and playing with the elves soon had them settled for the night.

All set up for when they arrived
having a chat
all ready for stories

They slept well, only one need for a change for Tom his pain is gone from his op now he finds it funny when you change him. We have our happy young Tom back only way you know he has had a big op is the large scar running down his thigh. He is such a brave sweet heart.

Morning soon came they slowly one after the other ,gave Tom his meds breakfast and dressed him for the day while the girls ate and got themselves dressed.

Tom likes to do little videos saying hello to everyone, especially Nanny and his mum and dad.


The end of night shift soon came, back home to my family freshen up and a day of rest, much needed this week. first week back of rushing around is very tiring.

Ellie is such a sweetie always respectful

Saturday was a pure feet up let dad do it day.

Sunday we begin again, preparations for the next school week, washing ironing ,cleaning shoes. preparing bags and so another new week starts. the last one busy and flying past.

Emo the Emotional Elf book

Still building author page still linking up with other authors. hopefully i can start generating more sales , build some book reviews and my bank balance a little. put pen to paper on new books and make a writing schedule somewhere between everything else going on.

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Good night much love Faye xx