Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi everyone , hope your weekend has been a great one.As you know i had the Brighton and Hove Christmas book event on Saturday. It was an early start to the day finished the night shift with Hayley, dropped her home on my way through to the event. The journey there was great not much traffic on the road, listening to some great tunes on magic radio. We left a little later then I would of liked, but in reality I got there on time, was great to be able to drive up to the event and unload the car. The carpark was not far away so that was good. The Unitarian church where the event was held was charming and full of character. Pillars outside the front and stunning stain glassed windows inside.

The grown up books being in the front room and children’s authors in the back, setting up didn’t take long.

I got into the spirit of things and in the end choose the elf outfit, was a bit cold out so a nice warm woolen dress helped keep me warm.

At this point I was a bit exhausted and the day hadn’t begun, there was a kitchen we could make ourselves tea and coffee in which was great just what i needed at that moment certainly give me a spring in my step and sharpened my brain.

The other author’s also put on a lovely display of their books and little characters , I was reserving my battery on my phone incase my kids called or I would have got pictures of them all.

After about an hour an half one of the other authors said it wasn’t working us being in the backroom so the event organizers helped move us all into the main area.

I even took my table outside to try and draw the people walking by in, as well as another children’s author. unfortunately there were not many buyers out there even though quite a lot came through the door. So no sales for me

Sitting outside with my table

But I managed to get feedback from some, and some went away with the leaflets and details, I spoke to a lovely man he asked if i could spare enough for a cup of coffee he liked my elf outfit and jolly personality. of course I gave him enough for his coffee and sandwich not that he asked for that. It was a pleasure, he was a very sweet man. another older lady from a small group came up and told me all about her and her friends dressing up as elves that night for a party and that they got there outfits form Ann summers they all looked like they were having fun, a girls day out. I think its great they had such a jolly spirit about them. I love talking to people so much you find out a lot about people you may not know about.

The event was also raising money for a beautiful little boy Named max who sadly passed away his parents raising money in his name to help others .There was a raffle and the authors donated a copy of our books to help. we also got raffle tickets.

oh i hope this shares ok this is the link to little max’s story

I won 2 new books which Niki and Jake are reading they enjoying them a lot.

Here is the link from the Brighton and Hove book event some great authors and books if you love reading

So for me it was a great day out, I learned that people loved the idea of my book the lay out, they liked the fact that the kids were involved with making it. and now Niki and Jake are older some of the young kids that have been diagnosed and there families can see and feel hope for their families. what more could make this all feel worth it than that.

Life teaches us many things through diagnosis what ever it is and parents have more strength then they ever know. they have the power to share to support other families through the difficult days and show them they are not alone they touch other peoples hearts by there journeys.

The end of the day I packed up, they kindly watched my things while i went to the car park to pick up my car, now this is the bit i struggled with the most should of been as simple as turn left and left again but the complicated one way system and added road works and a sat nav that was stuck on loading GPs had me driving around Brighton one way system about 8 times. I think it would of been ok if it hadn’t got so dark so quick .

I was also in total shock at the NPC car parking price , another author who arrived 15 minutes before me got charge £8.70 , I put my ticket in £32 I couldn’t believe it was such a jump for 15 minutes difference I was not the only one shocked at the price. defiantly won’t park there again. In fact as a mum on a tiny budget it wasn’t great. Good job no-one was in the car with me on way home. I guess I was really tired by this point.

During the day Niki had messaged me about going to the cinema at 6 pm to see Frozen to I did say if I got back in time, I made it home at 5.45 they had their shoes on ready before I even opened the door all bouncy and excited they were going to watch it together. we drove round the corner to the cinema no parking, this is where the anxiety kicked in Niki said i can go in with Jake and get the tickets, while I tried to find parking. i told them to phone me if they managed to get them only after they went in my battery on my phone died. They couldn’t get tickets for that showing, there was another one only it was audio described and she didn’t know if they provided ear phones or the whole viewing was audio described which she didn’t need, she had a bit of a panic attack, I found parking met up with them managed to get them to except that tomorrow was a better day to see it in the day time. the thing is we never know when anxiety and panics will hit , They were happy we choose tickets and seats together and they could go on Sunday, a bit better planned and a definitive time. I will always let them lead and try to make choices for themselves, I don’t want them to feel they always have to have me do it for them.

when we got back and i finally sat down my wonderful hubby had my dinner all ready for me, I hadn’t eaten all day I was starving. I never have to ask or tell him he just does it.

He even let me watch my program and sat and watched it with me,

Sunday morning arrived with some excited kiddo’s, things happen for a reason I really believe that, if they had gone last night they wouldn’t of had a truly wonderful experience today. we arrive at the cinema and there they stood Elsa and Anna all dressed in there outfits taking pictures with the families, all the kids and even some adults dressed as characters from the film Niki was in that queue for a picture she just kept saying i am so happy she had her Elsa costume on.

But it was not just that it was that they were there raising funds for autism all stars. can you imagine how touched the Niki and Jake were,

When Niki got to front of the queue she was shaking and almost crying. they asked if they could hug her and made her day.

Jake wanted to buy popcorn and didn’t want his photo taken was watching this unfold with his sister and it really was good for him to see how much this meant to Niki. they both put the change from there popcorn money into the charity box.

This would be a new experience for them both 3d and 4 dx, sensory can be tough on them some days sensory seekers other days they avoid it or cant cope with it. I walked them to the door with instructions to phone when it finished.

They did it together and loved it, Jake had a few palpations so was a little affected but Niki just was really into the film,

They were full of excited chatter when they got home but soon went to there rooms to desensitize and chill. I spent the rest of the day resting watching Christmas movies. and relaxing.

Thats my update for today whishing you a peaceful night

Much love Faye xx