Emo The Emotional Elf

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Hi all How are you today ?

The songs were great today Christmas all the way ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’—

I am slowly recovering from the weekends event and excitement. my cold is suddenly beginning to shift as well, had a blip this morning just because we were all super tired the oversleeping bug hit our house we were late today not helped by the roadworks, but the positive thing is we got there even if it was just a little late.

Yesterday evening gave me a bit of a shock and a very negative online experience. It really made me sit up and think is it worth it. Putting myself out there as an author? Before I even started writing or really being active on social media other than with my own family and friends. Life was simple then I never had to think about being or presenting myself a certian way I was just me. Do I want the kind of attention that being an author brings with it.

Then I though my whole journey of learning social media ,learning to blog, to write the people I have met.

Yes it is worth it I won’t let a few bad eggs spoil all the hard work I out in to this, and the joy it has brought to my life. The amazing connections that have become friends, the communities I have now joined but would never have even thought of joining before.

One of the beautiful qualities of the online world is sharing your life with family and friends that you can’t be with in person. Meeting new friends sharing your family with others and them sharing theirs with you.

Talking about comman interests, music, books, family, food, businesses.

You can empower someone who is having a bad day just by what they post, noticing and sending a message.

I have changed over the last few years, I am not so nervous starting conversation’s with people I haven’t met in person. I noticed there are alot of people who can’t sleep well cause they are awake and pop a little message to me ๐Ÿ˜ด 2 of them my 2 mums ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‚ one my hubby.

I see many families that could do with a bit of parental empowerment, and someone to talk to.

I have definatley seen more and more families begin to talk about issues affecting there families, lack of mental health support and services for their children.

You watch as they are going through all the emotions of diagnosis. Their sadness, anger, confusion, trying to understand so they can ease the kids worries. Help their kids have better days, then you see this calmness, acceptance and them joy and empowerment they pass onto the next family.

I have seen business goal and businesses grow, I have seen people hitting emotional lows and triumphant highs.

This is the blessing that being in social media shows you, the human touch the polished photos on some days switched to the I just about got dressed days, the planned out running like clock work days, to days that completely and not so unexpected unraveled days.

Some Families like special needs probally have more of there fair share of all of this, but I noticed it is many families out there and not exclusive to special needs community.

We are living in a world that is beguining to become more aware because more people than ever are in the ladder to diagnosis, it is a sign of society shifting and saying we can’t hide or ignore these important topics any longer.

Now the media coverage of mental health in general is increasing, now there is over the last six months been an increase of bringing topics to do with autism , anxiety , mental health, disability , becoming huge story lines in soaps , medical dramas , and news.

I am proud, tondo my part in making sure these issues are out there through my work as an author.

So many taboo subjects , that people were shamed into keeping secret because they fear what others think.

This is why I will continue and if those bad eggs get through ,block and report, them forget them an not let them impact on the work I do.

This evening has been a mixture of fun, a little mischief and an over night shift with Hayley who is tucked in and sound asleep.

When she arrived here late afternoon time .๐Ÿ˜€

Jake came home from school happy and excited his teacher gave him something to make they couldn’t do it.

Jake likes these tecnicle projects putting things together,

He was a fan of the instructions and found them a little confusing but pulled up a YouTube video of someone doing the project, which help.

SeeIt was a shame the main plastic pipe that would later become apart of the car, and was the test before putting it altogether had a hair line fracture so we couldn’t even get past page six of the instruction booklet. Can’t make an air car if there is an air leak. Will be going back to the teacher tommorow uncompleted. Frustration levels were raised as he doesn’t like not to finish something, always quick to blame himself even when the answer is a defective part. Still I made him a hot chocolate with marshmallows and made him laugh when dad went for his nap. The Elves got up to mischief .

I really do have that many Elves now ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

On a real positive note I took the first steps to Christmas shopping today and got some of the Christmas food goodies the kids love each year.

With strict instructions not to touch till the month of December ๐Ÿ˜‚ I know kind of crule to put the things they love and tell them not to touch, the way I see it is they keep QUOTING to me it is to early to talk about Christmas. So good to use you can’t touch till Christmas month. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Not often they have to wait , but this time of year you got to slowly build the drama and excitement of what becomes the magic of Christmas

Ginger biscuits , advent it is slow close to count down to Christmas.

We will start the big decoration of Christmas things on Saturday after my night shift With my Little Tom, Holly and Ellie . Ready for the first traditional light up on the first of the month.

Niki’s squeal of I’m not happy Mum when I pulled up out side her college to pick her up with “Santa clause is coming to town playing in my car , I got the thumbs up from her friends though.

As predicted my Christmas tunes suddenly switched off and replaced by frozen 2 music. I so love my daughter and her little ways.

Another positive from yesterday was finally completing Niki’s pip renewal and sending it off , I now think that is it for a while on the form front thankfully another thing to not stress about.

Now I can focus on the book marketing, building my author platforms , and preparing for the month ahead. Planning fun activities and making awsome memories to share with family and friends who cant be with us.

Good night much love Faye XX