Emo the Emotional Elf

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My birthday present from my kiddos

My birthday week,

My birthday was on the 19th and it was truly amazing, my Mum dad and Hayley spent it with us was so lovely having them round to share the day, i got so many beautiful birthday messages and was truly pampered for the day. My hubby took the kids out shopping to choose my presents and I have got to say they did an amazing job in their choices they really do know me well and what I like.

We overslept so I had to wait all day till they come home from school to open them, I wanted to do it with them there. I was very tempted not to wait it was a bit like putting me in a shop full of elves and telling me not to touch lol. that is the first time in my life i have had to wait that long.

My hubby cooked the dinner and cleaned up after, pretty house trained he is. Hayley got me chocolates my mum and dad brought me a beautiful outfit.

Yankee candle, bath bombs , new boots as I wore the old ones out, more chocolates , socks so I don’t keep using my hubby’s oh and a new Elf just thinking of another name for it.

My hubby took Jake out after school, when my parents got here for a walk to the shops. they looked like they were up to something and they were the birthday Cake , it was fantastic and even had sparklers.

45 years old and loving it

It was so nice everyone joining in, I was really rather proud of them all for getting it so right.

we had a lot of fun, spent quality time together I couldn’t of asked for anything better this is my best life right here.

Our Josh couldn’t be here due to work but he phoned first thing in the morning and in the evening too so still felt like he was here


We have had this going on too, and it is looking fabulous My hubby has been working getting the shelves built, somewhat time consuming but they are not ever going to break.

The book shelf above our fridge can now store my cooking books, Plus my Emo the emotional elf book looks great up there too.

Next he put some shelves and the tv on a bracket on the wall just so we could create a clear worktop space. it is amazing how a few shelves makes it look less cluttered a place for everything.

We wanted to match these shelves with the kitchen units , but could get quite the right colour in shelving but we did manage to find some vinyl covering that was exactly the same. turned out to be perfect just the look we were going for and cost less then buying wood we used some shelving we got from my uncles house when we were clearing it, so a bit of upcycling. we only have the kitchen side of the room to repaint now, so getting to the end of the freshen up now, and just in time for the festive month, where the house comes alive with all the trimmings of Christmas, the warm Christmas scents, the food, the music the family all round. I love December a lot.

Work with Hayley

we achieved a lot this week, hair cuts, dentist all her Christmas shopping done and wrapped, hearing tests booked. my hours with her having to be a bit flexible due to her play rehearsals but still got all my hours in with her,this is the times I need to be most flexible. she has a busy time at the day centers so I negotiate my hours around what she has on.

She choose her own hair style talking with the hairdresser

Her hair grows really quickly and gets very thick and full she likes it thinned out and short so she can brush it herself.

We made lists of who she wanted to buy presents for friends at day center , family and her boyfriend and his sister, she is loving being Organized. I haven’t even started mine yet.

Niki and Jake

They are working hard at school , Niki had a bit of full on anxiety over assignments that are due, but she managed to get some support so that is great the college helped her make a list, to priorities what ones need to be done first. she will get it done I have know doubt. Her Tics have been a bit worse at night but I guess that is to be expected for holding them in when she is at college or on placement. her sleep is quite affected by this lately. We have also got her a hearing test and dentist check up booked. she had her ears syringed so now we can see if it is just build up or if there is any underlining issue with her hearing. she has become really good at lip reading when they are bad.she also can sign a bit she has been teaching herself.

Jake has had a few migraines but they have subsided a little, he still has bad syncope when the headaches are there. he seems settled at school still so that’s really great, his sleeping is not great either. Insomnia is challenging for my kids.

Book marketing

This is going ok, i have been preparing this week for the next book event tomorrow.

Really looking forward to this Christmas book event , meeting up with the other authors, sharing the book hopefully making some sales, going to see if we can get some reviews left. That is what will gain more exposure.

I have joined many author groups, spoken to various people in the book world, started to grow a follower base on my Facebook author page.

I have all my bits packed and ready to go I have charged my credit card machine , sat nav, got my money float and some chocolate coins and candy canes, give always book marks and leaflets and key rings. My table cloth is pressed oh I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. I will probably either wear the Elf or Santa dress to get into the theme. depends on weather tomorrow.

On top of all that I have had to do food shopping, pay the bills, school runs and a lot more, I have spoken to many people on many sites. My life is always full of things to do but each day is different and fun . Sunday is getting ready to start the next week all over again. what will this new week bring who knows, I am ready for it.

Wishing you a beautiful evening, will update tomorrow how event went if i don’t crash and sleep when I get back.

Good night Much love Faye xx