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Hi all how are you today?


I got my car back, was quick really, good job to as the taxi was late today and we only just managed to get Jake to school with 2 minutes to spare.

While we waited out side he was anxious and pacing asking the time and for me too phone them. “I can’t be late Mum or I will get a detention”

A sudden change to his morning routine and although he coped it still caused him anxiety, in the mornings when we get to school he first goes to the social communications unit, this gives him time to get himself set up for a day of learning before going over to the mainstream school.

It has been this way since he started senior school to make transitions easier for him. Today he just had to go straight into mainstream. I told him it would happen before we got there.

He says if he is late he wants to go to scu because he doesn’t like walking into a class when everyone else is already there because people stare and it’s awkward, he doesn’t like to be stared at.

A little insight into how he thinks, is a great thing. Another thing he said tonight is people are treating him better at school I asked him if he thought that was because he was beguining to talk to more people and he said no it’s because I am learning to talk like them, and they don’t treat him like the autistic kid at the moment. I am not sure I like the fact he has to be like someone else other then himself ‘masking’ maybe.

He has a great personality funny smart caring and kind I wouldn’t want to see the qualities about him go.


A big day for Niki she did it the hair shave 19-22 inches of hair cut off for

Princess trust wigs for kids she made a little sign to show hair dressers how she wanted them to tie her hair first, and exactly what grade she wanted it.

This girl will always speak up for herself even with me, that’s an important part of her growing her own independance, choise and style , she is a very headstrong girl.

I tried to get her to phone and ask if they could fit her in but she couldn’t do it today so we just drove down to see if we could get an appointment.

I thought I would get emotional as I love her hair a lot my favorite time was talking together while doing her hair, but she let me wash and dry it before we went the best 20 minutes I took a little extra time to just savour the moment.

The before pictures

The team were awsome and excited as Niki to do this I think a first for them.

She coped so well with the cut

Putting it in bunches before the first cut. ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿคขno turning back she talked with staff all the way through.

Look at that smile she has , she is so happy with it.

Three long bunches.

My face as I am holding it in bags ready to send ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

She packages it as per instructions wrote the envelope.

If any one else is thinking of having a big change this is a great place to send it, I am happy other little kids will be able to appreciate it.

Jake and dad found it a little difficult to accept. Here is Jake’s reaction

Different perspectives in one house hold. They will co.e round to it after a few days, Jake did want her too put a wig on to go up the shops together but she said no and wore it with pride.

She kept laughing when she felt the air on her scalp she though it felt weird.โค๏ธ The adrenaline form having done it made her little heart pump hard for ages after.

She has prom Thursday last year we did the full princess dress hair and nails this year, super cool woman confident, sassy, edgy.

It was such a beautiful experience I got caught up in all the excitement of it all and am glad she got me to take her , not my little girl any more she hasn’t been for a while now. But she is still my Niki.๐Ÿ˜€ Oh goodness I have grown up kids, it the last few years flashing past. I captured every moment of it. When she is a Mum she will look back at her kids and see things from a mother’s perspective too.

I am proud she is brave.

Here is her video of hair cut all the editing she did herself, she speeded up some of it so it wasn’t to long and slowed down other parts, but the one thing I asked her to keep in it is her laugh it is so good to here that.

We would love to share this moment with you all.

Hope you all have a great evening.

Much love Faye xx