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Hi all how are you tonight ?

Jake handle the change well this morning , we got to school by taxi with plenty of time to spare, you see every morning we have a set routine. Getting up, eating, breakfast, teeth and car , who sits in the front , what music is on.

Many different things to make the school transition calm and relaxed.

That is what helps my kids cope with school days better at the moment .

It starts them off well for Thier learning,

After Jake it was a walk to town and bus home to sort car out, the journey was pretty much the same timing given I always pop somewhere my dad’s or shops before coming home.

By the time I got home my hubby had already phone the garage and booked it in, I just had to call the tow truck to take it Thier , it was unfortunately as suspected slave cylinder snapped and leaked on clutch , so new clutch.

Because my life is super busy I never got round to the checks after it was fitted last year so warranty is void.

Very costly mistake on my part this time though I will make sure I make the time . Don’t want to be here in a year with the same issue again.

These things not easy when your a carer.i am lucky my hubby can do most of the the work on car we just use garages for the big jobs.

Limited budgets, Still the positive Is don’t have to borrow money this time I have emergency fund.

I should get car back tomorrow morning, till then another taxi it is the walk from our house is just too far for Jake.

Bless him he has a Migriane tonight.

Once Car back we will get all other yearly things done before Mot at the end of the month, all I want now is to have this car last till my loans are paid off in 2022, then it will be a new car. 🤞

My back is really sore tonight the too has started to peel the bottom is still red and sore , everything rubs or sticks to it, again my own fault,

Should settle soon.

Tomorrow a brand new day I am looking forward to what it brings.

Have a beautiful day

Much love Faye XX😀

Our Amy’s rose bush has a beautiful Rose today