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Hi all how are you tonight?

What can I say it’s been a truly wonderful and eventful weekend, I took it in all its glory good and bad.

I found the funny side of it.

I will start off by telling you about the book event/ school summer fair.

What a truly amazing experience wonderful atmosphere, very welcoming, it was an honour to be invited to share my book.

Investing in the credit card payment system was an added bonus it was quick officiant and easy to use for a newbie.

I sold 5 books at the event so 5 more families get to read it.

I met some lovely people, the kids were amazing, the event was run by the beautiful Jen her son Ben in attendance such a sweet little boy.

Infact all the kids were amazing, I loved seeing them join in, play on the bouncy castle dress up and have Thier photo taken on the stall next to me.

I didn’t take photos of the children, because they were just having fun.

The lovely Katherine who invited me was an author I met at the last event she introduced me to some people and her out going personality really helped.

Another author I met at the last event as helped with tips Sue very kindly passed on information about the card reader.

Word of mouth is an important part of being able to get your story or book out Thier , I am not one for sending direct messages about the book more of a just right and if people like your style they will be drawn to read more.

If someone asks though I am happy to talk about it more, I like to make people feel at ease when talking to me.

I got really positive feed back, for which I am thankful.

The event seemed to pass so quick,

When I arrived I helped put up some bunting was a little nervous but got talking to a lovely couple who had a stall there also they told me a little about themselves and how they have done many events, they even spoke about Thier trip to devils Duke and how beautiful it is I think that’s a place on my future list to visit.

Then I made quick work of putting up the gazebo and setting up the stall, it was nice talking and sharing our mutual journey’s.

I loved when the kids came and asked questions they were perticualy taken with Derrick the elf who was sitting in the wheelchair, the keyrings were a success and we donated the proceeds of them in Jake and Niki’s name which the kids wanted About ยฃ24 pound.

Now for the challenging part my car ,

I got back in after loading up and my gear stick would not go in yes the clutch decided it had enough everyone went home, I phoned my hubby first, then the brake down, with it being the weekend they said they would get me and the car home

Then phone them when I have it booked into garage and they will get us thier , it was to late on Saturday every where was closed. It was a bit of a wait they said, but it was ok because I had a great morning it’s not the first time one of my car’s have broken down at the wrong moment.

I had a meeting at A school once when the kids were really struggling I just wanted to get as far away from school as possible at that time but my starter motor broke. So you see I have learnt to see the funny side of things.

It was a lovely day sun was shining I could think of worse places to be Thier in the school carpark it was tranquil I was watching the seagulls trying to recycle the days rubbish auguing between each other.

Such a funny thing to watch.

Then I got the phone call we are out side where are you.

It turns out the resume truck had been sent to my home address by mistake instead of to me. They would send someone else as soon as they can finally about 6.30 they arrived, the pour thing had to travel all the way form Eastbourne to give me a tow home. Never been more grateful then that moment.

Arriving home I was greeted by my hubby who assisted the break down guy in putting car into a parking space. Jake also running out to greet me “again mum” was his greeting.

My dinner was already cooked when I got home the kids already fed and relaxed Niki asking for her frog I got her for her collection before I even had a chance to drink something.

She collects frogs.

The other not so good thing is sunburn I did apply suncream but couldn’t reach all of my back noone Thier to help, I wander if any inventors out there can design a thing for self applying suncream to hard to reach areas , either that or shall have learn some yoga ๐Ÿ˜‚

As you can see it stings, I have a boo boo ๐Ÿ˜ง I wasn’t planning on being in the sun for quite as long as I was . Still I only just sorted my medical cupboard with supply’s of after sun and medical kits the other day so that helps a bit.

Today was a long day not particularly eventful because I had a 8 hour date with my YouTube play list and the ironing board. Not quite completed but at least I can close the lid on my washing basket for today I am sure soon cleaning Niki’s room tomorrow it maybe overflowing again pretty soon.

Funny I should mention that and my you tube play list. The first song

It was Soul to souls “back to life , back to reality” very funny ironing is reality most of us don’t enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

This week has now got a lot more busy a taxi to get Jake to school already pre-booked a bus home , a car to get to the garage Jake dentist appointment to book and a hair cut and things to get ready for Niki’s prom.

My mum is still in hospital, recovering only to receive a letter from DLA that Hayley is being moved onto pip and may have to go through medical check and by the way they have given her to the end of the month to apply for it, this is something she could really do without right now but if we don’t we may be left in the same situation as a couple of years ago when Hayley’s money was stopped for six months because they lost the forms.

Hayley’s needs are never going to change, she has a choromosome missing prader Willi syndrome learning disability, epilepsy, not not mention she has had two falls last year and broke both her wrists. One after the other. At the moment she has big sleep issues and is having some headaches again. Hayley doesn’t always show when she is worried but you know by certian patterns of behaviour skin picking biting her hands they stopped for a while but seem to now have returned this is when she worries.

When Hayley first started having seizures it was around the time of our band cancer diagnosis and subsequent passing and obviously our Amy’s passing she had one in her sleep and fractured her skull on the wall. She was then diagnosed and put on meds.

She needs constant supervision especially around food, sometimes others don’t help by sneaking her food when she has a strict eating plan, we don’t have this in place out of crultey it is life saving for heart. Eating and prader Willi is a big thing about the condition.

Any way fab event truly successful

Hoping to get more feed back about the book when others have read it .

Good night

Much love Faye

I forgot to say thanks to my hubby for taking charge of home the kitchen and for the big bar of chocolate he got me from the shops yesterday.

Nice though and delicious ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’—