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Hi all how are you doing ?

Mum and hospital

Been a while since last update, my mum is feeling a little bit better and Thier is even talk she may get the get out of hospital card next week.

Very happy they are sorting ,occupational therapy , physio, and dietitian. This will hugely benifit a better recovery. Plus at home less chance of picking up more bugs she has had 2 while staying thier.

There are one or two things I don’t like

The food at the hospital, and the fact that when I visited Thier they hand sanatisers on the way to the ward were plenty but all but one were empty, not to good for infection control. As a carer I always look out for these things when ever I go to hospitals.

Another thing is that my mum was getting a bit upset just by some staffs attitudes to the little old lady’s need for using the toilet, she said one nurse told the lady it was an inconvenient time , while I understand nurses have a tough job we mustn’t lose compassion for these needs, the poor thing was crying and too scared to push her button. How can patients get well if we don’t give them basic dignity, needing help is hard for many people but being able to use a toilet when needed leads to many less accidents , how can this change because you here it all to often.


Wednesday I was with Hayley for the day she is not so worried now she has seen mum, we were sorting recycling I was showing her where things go at the local recycling plant, then took her shopping for her shin pads for today’s girls football match.

She came home with a medal from the day center she was very proud of herself and eager to show us.

Niki and Jake

Jake and Niki have had a good week,

Niki is preparing for her prom next week.

The time is near to her having her beautiful hair cut off yep she has decided on a grade 2 all over 😭

I used to love spending time talking to here she brushing and plating her hair, it’s not all bad though she has researched and decided to donate her 20 inches of hair to a charity who make wigs for kids with either cancer or alopecia so I am thankful someone will get the chance to plate Thier kids hair,❤️ this is such a big deal even grandad wants to be Thier to see it happen😀

Jake had the day off for teachers training, so a little extra sleep for me this morning.

Friday’s busy day’s was ment to work with kids tonight but a mix up on dates happened so it will be next week now 😭 was looking forward to ready the new books to little Tom and Holly.

My Hubby Nik 😍💗

Yesterday my hubby downed his garden tools the hard jobs out of the way now.

A real tropical feel looking forward to many meals outside with music softly playing , and company😀💗

Why did he down tools ⬇️

My book

He worked for a few hours on putting in the last details , it now has my booksElf publishing logo my own ISBN numbers and bar code, we are almost ready to up load again,

Working in Adobe for me is going to take sometime to learn quick enough, we don’t have that time for me to do that final change on my own.

I am more than grateful for his help and support he has given me since mum went into hospital he looked after kids cooked carried on with garden and helped with book.

He kept me calm , it helped more than I can say really.

Book event

Tomorrow’s event not long now everything is ready to go I am prepared, relaxed and excited.

You never no quite how much it takes for the authors out Thier behind the scenes until your one of them,

You here about the celebrity signings everything prepared ready for them to show up, when your starting out though as a newbie author unless your with a big publisher your doing the ground work yourself, making a list and checking it multiple times incase you forget something important.

Some things to look into if your just about to be published , as a self published author or partnership publishing like I was previously.

Public libiltities Insurance,

not every event will offer it in with you table booking price, I now have my own yearly one set up only, plus legal cover and personal insurance yesterday when I got the details of the event.

I couldn’t insure my stock I have because I still have a claim for losses with the old publishers and them still being in liquidation, so still held back because of that.

Have a spare gazzebo folding chair and table for those events that don’t have enough spare.

I am a children’s author so I like to give a personal homely touch to events and book signings, the kids they are worth the time you spend making things with your own hands.

Not because you have too but because you care enough to want too.

Invest in a credit card reader not everyone carries cash, I got one from Sum up a reasonable price easy to use even if you just starting out. The app on the phone that it links to is an added bonus as you can email or text a receipt to the person’s phone Thier and then. Have a cash float too my book is £8.99 so my float has plenty of pennies and pounds.

Booking a place on events costs not as much as you think, bit a good investment you may go to an event and sell no books and pay a bit of money out just too attend don’t look at that as a negative thing or waist of time, it isn’t always about what you make money wise but who you meet.

A big part of becoming known as an author is getting to know others Networking making new friends, supporting other authors also helps you in the long run to they may pass on a valid price of advise that that helps you move forward and learn more.

Be prepared for last minute cancellations it can happen especially if it’s an outside event.

Nerves they go as you get into it I found that out after last event and first talk.

We are donating a book as a raffle prize and this time selling the keyrings the kids designed and maid for 50p the kids want the proceeds of that to go to school event penny matters in raising funds for school these days.

Especially for specialist schools this is a Sen school and they also work with kids who are autistic so this is a wonderful place to be with my book.

Sharing , promoting, marketing, read up on it if you haven’t done much your going to need to work for yourself largely in this area. Even with publishing deals join groups so you can share and talk with other authors find your target audience first .

Read what helped Thier books sell, croud funding, gofundme, these are

Excellent sources of you need help with funds be prepared to put in daily updates on them get creative, and show who you are, most of the time it’s friends and families that donate but in between you come across some truly amazing people you don’t know who selflessly feel your story and connect with it on some level for them to donate.

Encourage even your kids to get involved they probally have more online reach then you do.

They are creative , teach them as you go along they make a lot of sense and are not afraid to tell you when you make mistakes .

Thier is probally much more I can say and have learned but I need sleep so I am fresh for early start, parking is limited at the event first come first served Places reminds me of school run when kids were younger💗

Good night hope to have so.e nice photos of the event tomorrow have to check if photos ok first though as it’s a school 😀

Much love Faye xx