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Hi all how are you today?

Yesterday’s visit too mum at the hospital Hayley managed the long journey no travel sickness, but of a blessing that as we were sitting in the back of my little brothers car together.

My brother driving and dad in the front seat, we stopped at services once on the way Thier and once on the way back, thank goodness for Costa coffee, kept us going.

Was a lovely scenic route again this time though not the back roads the motorway’s .

I remember as kids we all suffered with travel sickness one setting off the other journeys were not so good them.

Think we all finally got over it now it’s our kids turn.๐Ÿ˜€

Was a lovely visit spending time with our mum right now is so important.

Her spirits were high.โค๏ธ

I loved the view s of the country a great time to think and reflect.

My brother accedentally programmed the wrong post code so tiny little adjustment and good old Google maps sorted us out soon enough.

While I was with my mum my hubby Nik took the kids to see ‘Toy Story 4″

Niki said she cried most of the way through so did dad at some points (sweet) I guess ‘Toy Story’ has been A favorite in our house since our Josh was little, we had all the Buzz,Woody, Mr potatoe head toys, I think we actually have some still.

The memories of the year we got Buzz

As a Christmas present and Thier was a defect in his wings we spent most of boxing day queing for a replacement part with many other disappointed kids and parents. Still it got fixed in the end. We got the silver edition Buzz to it is floating around my dad’s house somewhere.๐Ÿ˜€

Still the movie was a very big hit with Nik Jake and Niki, I will have to wait ร  while to see it.

Woody’s voice “Thiers a snake in my boot” that little string pulled so many times I still here it clear in my head.

I think us parents get to love these characters as much as the kids.

One of my hubby’s favorite movies is Happy Feet.

I personally loved The Croods the girl reminded me of our Niki and the baby reminded me of Jake.

Grandma is like Yai Yia ๐Ÿ˜‚

Focusing on happy memories in times of worry is a good thing. I find it helps me loads. It’s why I capture so many photos of my family ๐Ÿ˜€

I got home last night my hubby had dinner ready for me I ate then slept

I realy needed it .

My mum’s friends and my uncle visited her today, so she had company.

Today I was visiting the citizens advice this form I have to fill in is frustrating but they gave good advice I haven’t got the clear head to do it at the moment. So very thankful to get some help.

They confirmed what I thought gave me a number to phone.

My hubby still finnishing the garden today not much he is attending to the finner details,.

Today I just conserved my energy chilled a little, got some lovely feed back about the book it really lifted my spirits. Tonight I have begun the Adobe InDesign set-up I must watch all the tutorials. I managed to open up the book which was originally created in InDesign but the fonts were not embedded in print run file so it is another job to be done, so very sorry for the wait.

Anyway my eyes are finally heavy enough to sleep so I will say have a very peaceful night, or day

Much love Faye XX ๐Ÿ’—