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Hi all how has your day been?

It started early here long drive to visit

my mum at the hospital I was so happy to take her something healthy to eat, and other bits she needed,

First I finnished night shift with Hayley got the tickets for cinema for my hubby to take kids to cinema we decided Sunday veiwing was better plus had to get really good seats. Toy story 4. It will keep them all busy while I visit mum again tomorrow with Hayley my dad and younger brother. No driving for me again. So will chill in back with Hayley.

The drive through the country side such a peaceful calming thing the trees, fields, animals the sunshining.

Was hot though some parts of the journey hit 34 on the temp gauge.

Good job my brothers car has awsome Aircon.

Swing mum was a blessing , she is such a special woman to me.

I don’t want to share a picture of her in hospital so here is my favorite picture of us both together.

We spent time there with her before the equally calm journey home.

Jake ,Niki and my hubby had a great day, been for a walk together, was really nice to get a phone call asking if I wanted dinner when I got home, very thoughtful.

I had all ready eaten though.

The kids all fed and relaxed, my hubby finnished painting my flower pots ready for Niki to add the details, what a great job she did now they are all planted and put in front garden adding more colour .

So all in all it has been a good day, will be even better when medicines are right for my mum and she is fully tested and home a long way to go but it is what it is. Staying positive and hoping it will be soon ๐Ÿ˜€โค๏ธ

Lour Niki wrote in her card get well soon Nan when your better can you make me some bread pudding.

It’s her and Nannies thing.maybe when she has some of the equipment off I will take them for a visit too.

Have a beautiful evening

Now if the heat don’t stop me I am going to sleep even earlier start for journey tomorrow .

Much love Faye XX ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ˜