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Hi all been a few days since my last update so much going on sometimes especially at this time of year.

Trying to find the time to get this book sorted is not an easy thing I need a clear head, seems to be taken up with lots of things but always on my mind is don’t leave it to long.

I noticed the few copies left online right now have decreased by one so a sale must have been made that’s really spurring me on to get more out there,

I have to events coming up one at a school in July so get to meet some families to show my book to that is what I really want to meet with people and share it.

Then a bigger author event in November , I can get used to this😀

I enjoy meeting other authors as much as I enjoy writing and reading myself.

It is the connection and common interest in books I have always been an avid reader I get so focused on the book I tend to read it in one day.

Then re read after because like watching films for the first time, you always seem to miss one or two things when you watch or read again it adds that little bit more.

Who would of thought this cheeky Elf face could bring something very different to my life, to make me push past barriers that should have disappeared years ago.

There has always been this slightly invisible wall I put up to hide those insecurities of childhood, the self doubt the contiousness of my self made difficulties. The wall is firmly knocked down, this I do for myself and for my kids.

His smile, brings hope for a new chapter and hope for change

Change happened it may have been a forced change but it was for the right reason.

This is Niki’s creation her support for her friends and for the LGBT community

She has made so many friends lately,

She understands what it is to be different and be judged so treats others how she wants to be treated with kindness love and respect.

She has 2 more maths exams one tomorrow and one next week.

Plus she has nearly completed her first placement.


He is doing well at school and for the second time he has been invited on a school trip, Friday he goes to the local nature reserve and get to learn and let the animals.

This is a big change that I am liking about his school at the moment, there seems to be some good changes for the children who are attending the school who are also autisic.

Which it happened a little sooner, Jake’s friendships are now developing in the school setting too. Happening very naturally now.

He is starting to be treated by other kids alot nicer now this really is showing.

I sent the letter into the school asking for special permission for Jake to have one day off during term time next week, still waiting for them to get back to me. The only other times Jake has missed is if he has a flare up of medical issues which hasn’t been for a while there still there but he is managing with them at the moment.

Monday care home visit

My mum came to visit us on Monday and her my dad and me went to visit my aunty at the care home, her birthday she turned 61.

What I loved about this visit all though it was a surprise she new we would come she was hoping for flowers and she got them,

It was good talking about old memories with her, her short term memory is not so good. She is such a wonderful woman,

I hate to see my family slow get worse because of Huntington’s, she keeps going despite losing her brothers and sisters.

What I love about this new carer home is she likes it and feels happy there, she didn’t like the last one she said it was bad and horrible.

There is so much more about that I wish I could say but at the moment I can’t something’s are just so unfair to not be able to talk about.

Here she is with my Mum and Dad,

My Dad finds it hard to see his sister like this too, all his brothers and sisters, and there families have been affected by Huntington’s which first came to light when thier mother was diagnosed. They were a family of 11 children. There was no clue as to the Huntington’s before they were born or even till most of them grew up and had families of Thier own. Noone new or still has any idea how many more family members will be affected.

My dad isn’t which is good for mine and my kids sake but my beautiful cousins it is already affecting some of them.

There are one or 2 who have the the gene that we know of , it is so terribly hard for them they already lost Thier parent.

It is horrible feeling so helpless because you can’t take it away.

I hope for a miracle cure soon before more of my family start showing symptoms .

Any way what else I loved about the care home was an unexpected surprise emoji pillows on her bed and a little Elf hanging from the shelf. What a lovely touch.

I got my aunt a little chocolate cake and put a candle on it, she kepted wanting to look at it we told her after her dinner, she got really hungry so we left her to eat her BBQ chicken and so she got to eat her cake ❤️

I truly cherish the chance to still visit her and talk.

As we left the home about a minute away there was a lama place we pulled over to get some photos for Niki and Jake they love lamas and alpacas

My dad had his own adventure to a&e today I convinced him to go get his knee checked out, he just wanted to be dropped off as I had Hayley and the kids to sort. That couple of hour wait was horrible . Thankfully though it will be.

Now this is probally a very taboo type of subject but it bothered me so I am going to talk about it, I try to only show head and shoulder photos of myself so as to not get the wrong kind of attention after all I am a wife and a mother of teenagers. I have this thing of trying to give people more chances then maybe they deserve, and this was true today I am not trying to attract anyone with photos I share because it give a face to who rights the words that are read where ever they are posted sometimes I get inappropriate comment’s I normally handle them with humour and think no more about them but sometimes people cross the line with sending private photos I don’t want to see and when I say private I am talking about body parts.

Firstly it’s a big No No in my book why put yourself in that persition what happens online stays online. Thankfully I deleted it.

Second I am just not impressed with that kind of behaviour.

Between to consenting adults that’s Thier choise, I did not consent.

I hope he thought it was worth it, doesn’t mind show that but to scared to show his face.

I am a mother first and so many kids have been exposed to things like this online so easy, and it has devasting affects and lasting implications. I am just not afraid to call out that kind of thing. I wish someone in the Tec world would come up with a fix to stop things like that being in boxed to people.

Look at the world of celebrity that have all these tapes leaked of Thier intermate moments, then it’s all over the place and kids here and talk about it maybe even laugh but they still look up to them.

I have too son’s I know they have been brought up to respect women.

To value the personality the smile above all else to help them feel good.

Always to show respect.

Maybe I am more than annoyed about it right now.

These are my feelings not much I can do to change them apart from looking at tomorrow as a new day.

Have a beautiful evening ❤️