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Hi all how are you doing today ?

We got though Niki’s next maths exam today, she felt it went well, she said she answered all the questions one was a little bit tough but she got there.

We got her a little treat as we do after every big exam she takes she loves dolls but not just ones that are represent a standard doll but ones that represents all people on society, I love that dolls are becoming so much more diverse and represent that not everyone is one colour shape or size.

She really also likes the ones that show girls are capable of being anything they want. She also likes ones that have disabilities too or are unique, mister high ones she has many of that collection,

My daughter is a collector of many things actually all my kids are.πŸ˜€

I am Waiting for confirmation from Jake’s school for that day off, he did say that they were going to mark it as something but didn’t quite remember what.

Before I would of caught his tutor and asked but this is not so possible now I have noticed in the main entrance of the school they have this new barrier thing going on , Not exactly sure why.

There have been some great changes at the school but on another note it feels like they don’t want parents communicating in person anymore.

Not sure how long that will last or even if it is something that should be happening. More difficult for parents for kids with special needs. As communication is everything.

In one way it makes me think what are they trying to hide, because home school comunication was a very important part of of the school life before.This is the third Child of mine to have gone to this school, so at least 15 years of my life it has been a big part of it.

So after Dad’s turn at a&e yesterday it’s my mum’s turn she has been admitted for treatment and maybe be in till next week, the docs wanted her to go the other day but she can be a little stubborn and doesn’t like being in hospital.

They drive me nuts sometimes the quicker they get treated the quicker they can be home again.

My Family sometimes ignore things hoping it will magically disappear.

I don’t blame my mum though she just seems to be given more and more meds with very little affect. When I say more and more I mean 26 tablets plus insulin, inhaylers, she always says she rattles when she walksπŸ˜€

The thing is noone tells you the protocol for managing patients medicines and what is helping or not.

I’m sure quite a few are to counteract side affects of other meds. How many of them does she really need to be on.

She also has this very bad habbit of not telling anyone when she has to be admitted, till after and me being her daughter who phones and talks regually just knows when that phone is silent there is something up, I don’t know how I know I just do.

The not noing drives me bonkers, yes I know there is very little I can do from here, but I still want to feel connected and help by talking.

My mother in-law also phoned and said she had the doctor today,

I think her seeing a different doctor was good, as now she has a better understanding of her problem.

Sometimes I use humor to deal with with these things because it is better them continuously worrying.

I spent to much of my life worrying.

Today has been a good day despite that all these things. Now to relax and chill and hopefully get some sleep it all depends when the kids finally sleep. I may be lucky and get a good 6 hours. But one things for sure my phone will not be on silent tonight just incase.

Have a beautiful evening πŸ˜€πŸ’—