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Hi all been a scorcher of a day today in my little part of the world sunny from the moment I finnished work.


I love when we finally get a change from winter weather, and chilly breeze’s.

It does a lot to put you in a really good mood, although working with the kids and Hayley last night was super fun.

Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is a wonderful place to be.

They have this freedom they say what ever pops in there head, that sometimes makes you laugh or shocks you. Sometimes without the understanding of whether it is a right or wrong thing to say. They then carry on without another thought.

Anyway, I gave Back happy kids that had a good 12 hours sleep and came home to my own little family, who were sound a sleep except my hubby he was already making me a coffee when I came through the door he knows me so well.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜Š

We sat and chatted for a while set the table in just the right spot and settled down for a day of music and sun.

I actually managed to just get a book out and read, I brought out the sun longer curled up and just read. That is what you call peace with my own little DJ playing some fab tunes bringing me water, and teaching Jake how to perfectly paint his bow staff , Jake choose the colour red , really it’s a recycled curtain pool but he loves spinning it.

This is what truly makes me happy, spending quality time with the kids, but also my hubby, we can talk about anything the topic doesn’t really matter I just feel so deeply at ease talking to him, no nerves at all like when I speak to others.

It really has always been that way since I met him 25 years ago. I definatley think we’re the right balance for each other, neither of us put up with rubbish from each other.

He makes me laugh even without trying, his stories end up being really funny jokes.

I haven’t seen him pick up a book except mine and one other I brought him can’t remember what it was but I got it one Christmas for him but if there is any subject he seems to have a deep knowledge of it.

Maybe that’s called life though and experience.

We had our first outside dinning for this year the kids even sat at the table with us, usual they would get freaked out by flying bugs and go back inside.

Not today though they ate all Thier dinner carrying Thier plates in after they finnished it is instinc for them to do that now.

What other things do you notice when you just sit back and really look around you and take in nature at its best.

The inside of a flower the tiny little details you capture in a photo, getting up close and personal with nature is fasanating sometime really makes you see the beauty you have around you. The bees busy collecting the necture to make honey, the little robin red breast the purches on the handle of the lawn mower as you walk away.

The intricate and delicate spiderwebs hanging from you washing line, the wet trail of slime the snails or slugs leave.

This is just some of the tiny details the world is such a big place with many beautiful country’s to explore many coultures, many languages.

If your willing to take a risk and look beyond the difficult, beyond the day to day of our every day life’s.

Out of our tiny circle of family and friends.

Any way have a beautiful evening.

This to me is perfection.

perfectly imperfect sometimes through a blurry lens and sometimes through a crystal clear lens.

Much love Faye xxx