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Hi all hope you day was great .😁

Been a fab day for us today πŸ˜€β€οΈ

Jake took another food challenge today

He came down this morning with his little book I got him for Christmas with him.

In it he had hand written a pancake recipe he asked if he could make pancakes for his breakfast.

Shocked isn’t the word to use because I know he loves cooking now, and is able to cope with the sensory input from cooking. We are still working towards busy dinners with lots of smells at the same time though.

He did a fantastic job, he made one for me and his dad too share too.

He didn’t smell it, taste with just his toung, but took big bite and ate the whole thing, was a plain one but next time he might add a topping.

He gets a huge thumbs up for this πŸ˜πŸ‘

The only problem was it made us all hungry for more Niki wanted one Nik wanted some, and I never say no to food these days.

Guess who wanted to take over the kitchen next😁

I was left to set the table I quite like being waited on. I like to say the were trying to impress me but the truth is it was there tummy’s they wanted to impressπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Niki was at her work placement, it is really great that she wanted to still continue in the holiday as she didn’t have to but she has good work ethics so is learning alot.

The rest of the day just the usual Friday routine ,shopping for food to feed the hungry growing family.

Plus tonight I am on a Nightshift, I have the secret ingredient that gets others kids to sleep. Never work with my lot of insomniacs though.

Hayley’s Hand print we made now framed and taking pride of place in her room. I started work about 6.45 this evening.

Hayley was excited to show me her medal and certificate she got from the day center for the year it’s the knockout sports event.

Not long after the banging of the door letting the world know they had arrived for an evening of fun talking reading and general silliness, Thomas, Ellie and holly arrived big smiles on there faces this time. Ready for snuggles and stories.

Tom in a very cheeky mood.

With his buddy ‘Emo’

Holly wanted snuggles and Emo tooπŸ’–

This one is a crazy little thing wander where she gets it ( definatley me πŸ˜‚)

Being silly

Hayley lent us her new books to read and Holly read three to me and Tom

I read too they loved them all but the favourite one both she and Tom like was

The Chicken hatched a cow !

Not long after it was song time, Mary Poppins stay awake, and somewhere over the rainbow 🌈🌈

Tom disappeared to the land of a thousand Elves fast a sleep.

Holly one more song I made her laugh by dramatically lip sinking to don’t worry be happy she tried to hide her head under the blanket so I couldn’t see her smile, she seems to forget she has this very contagious loud high pitched laugh and I can still here her.

She followed Tom hoping to meet the fairies and the Elves. Fast asleep.

Hayley went up herself to watch her favorite programs.

Which left one pre-teen Ellie we were disscussing everything from school to to dance classes.

We watched a few parts of Dance Mums, I love that show some AWSOME talent of the kids who are in it. Not a fan of Abby”s methods , but I guess she is trying to make them tough to withstand that industry they want to take there chances in.

Duck pout that takes the internet by storm ❀️ still managed to get a smily one from her too.

Jake and Niki are at home with there dad tonight.

Good night all

Much love Faye xx