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Hi all how are you tonight?

Today’s been a little busy work with Hayley and the kids on holiday, great that my hubby is here to be company for Niki and Jake.

My Niko and Niki have been telling each other jokes, there really firming a better understanding of each other.

Very similar in personalities strong willed black and white thinking, they both have such a sensitive side as well.

Niki went to a friend’s for a couple of hours which was really nice for her, Jake speaking to his friends online,

I picked up Hayley up and took her to town today she loves Wednesdays it is shopping day.

As you can see she is really happy about going for lunch and choosing some new arts and craft thing and books she really has a want to learn to read ๐Ÿ˜€

Hayley choose five new books she likes the kids picture books with big writing.

Here are her choises

In order of what were her favorite ones. But she really loved them all i read a line at a time she repeated it after me. She even new a few words Dog being one of them.

1. Don’t call me Choochie Pooh

By Sean Taylor & Kate Hindley

Hayley found this one very funny ๐Ÿ˜‚

2. Bear’s loose Tooth

By Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman

Having recently been to the dentist herself books to do with teeth are great ones, it all helps her remember to look after her teeth, a little bit of Fairy magic at the end too.โค๏ธ

3. The chicken that hatched a cow

By Adam Bestwick, Illustrated by Claire Evens

This is a charming little book real beautiful illustrations.

4. Why I love Bedtime

Not to sure who the author of this is but lovely illustration’s

By Daniel Howorth

What I loved about this book was that it’s a great little bed time story.

About kids bed time routines.๐Ÿ˜€

The last book

5. The sleepy way home to bed

By Claire freedmen & Veronica Vasylenko

Cute book with a Mummy bunny rabbit following a trial to get home for sleep like real parents trying to get there child in a sleepy mood.

These are great little books to read with kids I really enjoyed reading to Hayley and have her join in.

Here she is mid story time.

Next I had to quickly pop and get Niki before coming home and making dinner.

Them onto some arts and crafts with Hayley she choose a hand print kit plaster cast how she managed to keep her hand still in one pesistion I don’t no but she managed it.

Leaving it to set for a while she didn’t get to Finnish it yet because I had to take her home , I am hoping to frame it but have to let it dry 48 hours first.

Should be ready for when I have a night shift Friday with her and little Tom and the girls .

Little Tom is still a little poorly with his chest at the moment more than possible the reason he had the seizure the other day. Hope this next lot of antibiotics work.

Why the Heart on the hand well that is an easy thing to say because Hayley is very sociable talks to anyone trusting gives love so innocently and easily her heart in her out stretched hand friendship, and we hold her hand for life, because she is special and needs support. ๐Ÿ˜€โค๏ธ

Have a beautiful evening

Much love Faye xx