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Hi all hope your day has been good πŸ˜€

Today here I have not been much use at all migriane’s are a pain. Good job it is bank holiday and no school run.

Having been woken up by searing head pain at 4.30 this morning and grabbing the pain killer I ended up going back to sleep till nearly 12.30 this afternoon.

My daughter cheerfully came in and said mum dad’s made you a coffee,😊

Waking up to everyone in super cheerful moods is an awesome thing, my hubby was even sharing music with Niki. She likes Andy Black and when she heard his first album she did not realise her dad would like her choise in music. Till he started playing and listening to it himself the joys of dad being a DJ in the past love of all musicπŸ˜‚

She was playing his new album in the car the other day and said mum “can you not tell dad it’s out yet so I can enjoy it a little before dad here’s it something slightly uncool dad enjoying same music as you”.

He was playing one of the older songs this morning and she said “dad if you going play his music make sure it’s up to date”

I liked that my hubby was really cheerful today, he has been working hard in the garden he came back in and said I am going to say something and I don’t want any answers back or excuses get yourself to doctor for check up. Maybe it is why he has been a tad grumpy i try not to go to doctors for myself as much as I can.

Carers can be a night mare when it comes to themselves sometimes, we put things off and ignore them.

The migraines did go away for a while but have returned and with a much more painful intensity. Before stress brought them on now I am relaxed they have changed a little.

This time though I think it’s because I had a small one at the beginning of the week and the dental surgery aggravated it.

Had to either be sitting or lying down today very dizzy.

So to stop him from worrying I will book that check up.

Still sitting and resting I got to watch Niki do her TikTok’s in her prom dress still looks super cute In it. Had to go and get it out of storage in the as attic.

Her little wigs look amazing she can change her hair colour depending on character’s she wants to play.

Jake has been talking with his friend form school, this is something new for him, he used to say “I have no friends mum” then it was I have aquantances before moving on to my friend.

The other day I was emotional when he said my best friends, every kid should have friends growing up.

Now I really am starting to see all our positive parenting paying off all the stress and hard times were worth it to be at this point in time where stability and a real sense of self for the kids are happening, would this of occured if we didn’t have our friendly elf bringing so much fun and positivity to our lives the answer is maybe. But it has impacted greatly on us all in one way or another and I bless the day it happened.

I will say goodnight to much screen time not good for my head right now.

Much love Faye xx