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Hi all how are you?

Work and Hayley

Here it is almost 1 am not long in from work, had Hayley for the day today this week was a quite one as she has toothache and the dentist tomorrow for a check up.

We also were reading the book and listening to Sue’s book and audio of Harry a Cat’s Tale, now Hayley is unable to read but having both the book to look at and the audio to listen to I have hope she will learn a few words she can recognised maybe one or two.

She already has had the audio a couple of days and listened to it herself she memorised some of the story and was talking a long with the cd, some she was repeating after the sentance was read out, some at the same time.๐Ÿ™Œ

she really enjoyed the story.


Jake messaged me from school today mum I twisted both my ankles and fell down the stairs but (don’t pick me up I am ok ) just bring car close to school when you meet me cause they hurt.

Before getting a message like that would be a phone call striaght to the school to find out if he was alright, but I have come to learn lately not to instinctively drop everything, I am sure the school or him would call if it was really bad Plus I know why he didn’t want to come home, he had a cooking test for his catering class and didn’t want to miss it.

He has been planning a dessert he choose to make a cherry and chocolate cheesecake. He also wanted to work hard on the presentation of his food. It looked and tasted fab, although this one he didn’t want to taste himself Mum and dad were his testers.

As I didn’t do a post yesterday I didn’t get to say how Jake came home after school yesterday and asked if he could cook scrambled egg and have it for his dinner ,he proceeded to make it and are half a plate, for Jake this is something he should be so proud of I am slowly swing his mind changing towards food and he is beginning to want to cook and eat new things.

He did spend a little time looking at the plate of eggs first though.


Niki is working so hard at college and tomorrow is back at her placement.

There isn’t much to say but she is starting to really shine both at school and home. Her relationship with Tom still going strong her friendships are developing nicely and learning the dynamics of having a group of friends instead of one or to close ones, she has a friend coming round tomorrow.

Work with kids and dogs tonight.

Excersize’s and getting some of that pent up energy released before settling down together to read.

Holly’s school home reader book her choise was Hamlet, she read extremely well we took it in turns and read the whole book together, she said she only has to read three pages a night after we read them all ๐Ÿ˜€

What author would agree to three pages she was very engaged in the story stopping and asking questions about certain parts and explaining the story another way, it is great to see she wants to not just read but have a better understanding and grasp of what the story is about, my hubby and I did this when reading with our own kids maybe that is why they were always years ahead in reading.

We also began the story of Buster thier dogs memory book, Ellie and holly being very active of what to put in the book so they can remember the happy things about their do who recently passed away.


Little Tom

he was so excited to see me last night

Tom has many great carers helping him every day they are all fantastic with him and he shows that he is happy , his engagement with each of us carers is fantastic, maybe thats why he captures everyone hearts he is such a special young boy to all of us.

Tom is very blessed to have everything he needs to help his life be as easy as possible, all the adaptions now completed on his home, hoists specialist equipment like baths, sensory and physio. he really deserves the best life he can have given his disabilities , always happy smiling , very cheeky sense of humour never gives up. That’s our Tommy.

This i wrote last night but was too tired as finished at midnight.

Much love Faye xx