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October 2023 is almost over and Halloween is approaching are you ready for the trick or treaters.

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The last time I shared a bigger blog this month was after Hayley’s birthday, we have since celebrated my hubby’s birthday just a quiet one with me, my hubby Jake and Niki and of course, our Josh phoned his dad too.

Hubby Niko’s Birthday

sometimes the quiet ones are meaningful too.

Niki was there too for some reason she escaped the photo’s.

The cake was Choose by Niki we had it printed the Frog picture is actually a photo of him dressed as a Frog, as Niki used to love frogs and collecting them he dressed as one for her birthday surprise and danced a cross the garden, so you could say a special memory for them both.

When we lit the candles and woke him up to blow them out he was a little sleepy at first took him a little while to recognize the photo,

sleepy birthday boy.

We just had a beautiful meal in the evening together and some relax time. he had a good birthday.

Pre-Paring for Halloween

We made a start got all the decorations out of the attic way more there then i though we will do most of the preparing tomorrow. The pumpkin carving , of course Hayley will join us for the Halloween fun before I stay at her later after trick or treating time. I wounder how many we shall have visit this year hopefully this rainy weather will hold off so all the kids can have fun on Halloween night.

So far we have the fire place decorated and lots of stuff in boxes ready for set up. Halloween is our Niki’s favorite holiday.

We like to chop and change how things look as we go, Halloween is all orange , purple green black and white, bright and dark color mixes. It’s a great time for creativity. That’s how far we got so far.

Some shots of the moon , i always think the moon looks particularly lovely at this time of the year with the weather change , and the clocks going back an hour so it’s darker much earlier.

Five Nights of Freddie Movie

We probably heard the kids talk about that game, But the movie not made for kids though Think it’s a 15 film. Jake and Niki went together to see it i Dropped them off and picked them up after, they said it was good. Niki dressing up for movie and Jake subtlety wearing a hat.


Hayley Had her health check last week Her Mammogram we prepared her in advance talking her through what would happen at the appointment. After we booked her in She quite happily went in the room with the nurses on her own, which is a first for Hayley. Obviously when it requires information and talking through issues Hayley does need someone with her. she can recite her address or date of birth sometimes and her full name. this time she only remembered to tell them her first name and the year of her birth and where she lives. I fill in the gaps for her.

She has a dental appointment on Tuesday with the hygienist and her Brain MRI on Wednesday that one is at 7 in the morning so we will be up early as its a 25-30 minute drive to hospital. There is road works and it’s rained so much we do have some flooding around.

what we have been up to recently. and as a follow on from this mornings blog about what excersize you would choose as i said mine is dancing Hayley likes to dance and walk on her treadmill she does occasionally try to get out of her treadmill but with dad about she doesn’t get away with that.

Hayley Dancing in the Kitchen

Hayley just can’t resist a great song. Gets her moving.

Tom and Family

Friday was my Night with Tom and family, There Mum and dad were there too, Dad got involved with the pumpkin carving. Tom requested to stay up and join in and when i wheeled him closer to holly he actually as clear as anything said thank you. I love it when he says a word takes you by surprise sometimes.

Beautiful family. Holly and me got carried away with covering each other in pumpkin gunk, after carving me and Toms mum settled him before I had some Holly and me time watching a Spiderman cartoon.

Tom had his Vaccine boosters last week and the only side affect was an upset Tummy hopefully that will clear up for him intime to go back to school on Monday.

Halloween Karaoke Night

we were looking forward to this one wasn’t at our local but was great fun. It was a dress up event there were quite a few dressed up.

Our Niki Made her own wig out of wall and spent time painting herself blue, Hayley was a witch and me a cat.

Dad also came but didn’t dress up in a Halloween outfit he always dresses smart though.

Here is a little of our night out.

Hayley singing by the rivers of babylon, bless her she can’t read so only remembers some of the song but at least she gets up and gives it her all.

I save you from my singing voice this time, lol. I did get up three times to sing, Hey honey i’m home by shania twain. Fugees Killing me softly and Britney’s I love Rock and roll couldn;t stop laughing though when Richard the karaoke guy came out when I sung that dressed as a sauage roll, he always try’s to get me to sing the sausage roll version.

You see how music is a great thing for self esteem, relaxation and fun.

Josh And Danielle

Danielle was celebrating her birthday this month we didn’t get to celebrate with her because our Josh took her to Rome for a mini break, it’s so lovely to see them so happy and seeing the world together. I can’t wait to see Josh in November and celebrate Christmas with them both home here.

When Josh shared this it kinda reminded me of his dad wisking me off to Greece for a holiday and to meet his family , my one time of leaving the country What a welcome I Recieved made me feel Greek.

Well thats it for now I am sure there will be another blog to follow with more Halloween fun.

Much love Faye .