Emo The Emotional Elf

What is your favorite form of physical exercise?

Dancing , I love to dance , I pretty much dance, multiple times a day whole I do other things,

Much to my kids, annoyance I randomly dance down the shopping Isles if a good song comes on with Mum stop it or ibwont bring you shopping again 🤣🤣🤣 apparently I make up my own lyrics to songs too,

What can I say? “I got the music in Me”

It’s kinda contagious. Hayley can’t help but join in.

Jake’s arms got stiff when I take his hands and try to get him to join in in the kitchen , and that little cheeky smile he trys to hide, and his escape is comedic.

My hubby is always the DJ, playing songs that just get me moving doesn’t matter what song he plays , I am like the penguin from happy feet.

As long as you’re moving, it’s all excerze

Keeps me pretty fit. Have a great Sunday

Much love Faye

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