Emo The Emotional Elf

If you won two free plane tickets, where would you go?

That’s a difficult choice ,

There is so much to see in the world

Greece , The only other country I have been to and would love to revisit one day not with winning tickets but with my whole family and all the children❤️

Paris and the Eiffel tower the city of romance

Egypt and the pyramids when I think of Egypt I know it has a lot of things to offer but the pyramids they have the history of the country stores in the heart of them.

Italy has a lot of beautiful things to see Traveling in a gondola the Vatican. The food the home of the leaning Tower of Pisa and so much more. I would probably burst out with Just one Cornetto give it to me because I am a little weird

America it’s a big country with so much to see the shows the shopping the people the music, museums , the art galleries and ballet the space center. Country music actually I think America has some of the best artists in the world

Uganda to meet my friends Sebba,Sarah and the children, they captured my heart with their sweetness and their smiles sharing thier smiles and life through photos with us. I love hearing how they are all doing. Especially the children and their learning . Their birthdays. When they are unwell. They are such a beautiful family. You meet people sometimes and they leave a lasting impression on you that’s something to be thankfully for.

This world has so many places souch beauty and history and arts and culture to see listing them would take for ever.If I really one 2 tickets I would probably donate them. Because I love exactly where I am and even though I would love to see the world through my own eyes seeing it through someone else’s is even better

That’s it for today much love Faye ❤️

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  1. Rose says:

    Beautiful. When it comes to two tickets, there are so many places we would wanna go to. The world is too big and a mystery. What if something interesting pops up when I visit a country that was supposed to be interesting, but ended but a scam or bad weather condition?

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