Emo the Emotional Elf

If you could bring back one dinosaur, which one would it be?

Triceratops would be my first pick

Just look at that power

I am not sure why I like this one so much maybe it’s because my Jake loved it as a kid, actually to be truthfully he loved all dinosaurs we would spend hours talking about them while he lined them up. When he was little he always wanted to be a paleontologist. And hearing his little voice say the dinosaurs names and give me a list of facts about them.os some of my favorite moments with him when he was little.

But equality I like the wooly mammoth

Big and fluffy

Love Manny from ice age he made me laugh. I wonder if they are as fluffy as they look or weather it would be rough and pickerly.

Oh we must not for get that great big purple dinosaur that invaded our lives.

And sang songs about imagination, cleaning up using manners and brushing teeth.

The dinosaur that all of my kids loved and still has me remembering every word of every song,

The dinosaur that got grandad whistling I love you song while he worked.

Any way good night much love Faye