Emo The Emotional Elf

What strategies do you use to maintain your health and well-being?

I approach health and well-being as a mind, body and soul you have to look after each of these things because they can all have an impact on you physically.

Emotional well being is at the top of the list because if you really look after that it makes looking after everything else easier,

I don’t diet or cut food groups out it will eat anything but in smaller potion sizes, you need a balance of everything,

For metal health I am very open person so if I am having a bad day I will openly say it, No confusion then to people around you helps to show those around you it’s ok to talk about depression anxiety like an every day conversation you may have. I am not one for bottling up my feelings. Holding them in makes me feel unwell. I will say though it’s taken years of practice to get to this point. In our house we kind of learnt to give each other space when we are not in a good mood, or if one of us is having a hard day we will say to each other do you need a hug or let’s sit together and watch something and it’s quite for a moment before the person feels ready to talk about what’s bothering them.

Sometimes there are long silences while people process their own feelings ,

Talking when angry is not always good it ends up with everyone feeling bad. And miss communication. Hurt feelings and things that you have stored in your memory come flooding back.

As much as you don’t want it too because you moved on and your life is different anger has a funny way of bringing it all back to that present moment it’s important to try and take a moment when your angry and talk when your not so overwhelmed by those feelings or when you can express it in a calm way. I write I can channel it in a more positive way.

My Job and family keeps me very active, and of course my exercise of choice is most definitely dancing.

For a few years school runs were an absolute nightmare before and just after diagnosis , the anxiety before school was pretty intense we used to arrive earlier then when the gates open and would have a 10 minute mad music time in the car to shake off the anxiety we would put on silly songs and shake it off.ley out all that pent up emotion. That’s why we got there early so know one saw us 🤣

Laughter if you can find something that makes you laugh when you stressed it kinda changes the emotions , we also used to watch funny animal videos lamas chasing people cats and dogs doing silly things.

Your soul finding true peace with people you connect with the world around you nature

Giving yourself a chance to try mew things push past fears it doesn’t have to be big slow and steady them you suddenly realize that you did it then your confidence builds which is great for self esteem, pamper yourself a long bath a good book, music , something creative , expression through arts is very beneficial as well.All these things work for me,

Learning to listen to what your body tells you it needs , Going to doctor when you need to. How many people ignore little things and find they end up getting to a point where you could of avoided needing treatment if you just went to doctor sooner.

Sleep some people do well with 8 hours sleep , personally 8 hours sleep makes me feel real tired the next day,

I will probably have around 5 but then I will also take power naps in the day when I am not working or doing things with kids so it’s probably more sleep than I realize I get just spread out a bit through day and night.

Well that’s it for today’s daily prompt

Much Love Faye 💗