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What would you change about modern society?

This one gets me thinking ,

yes I know 2am here, but sleep is not arriving. It’s quite here everyone is settled only the whirl of the Fan and my own thoughts.

No war or disasters, Children brought up without seeing bad things. While I know this is never likely to happen I wish it would.

People being accepted for who they are ,

Honesty to many people trying to scam pretending , I don’t know if they just bad people or desperate for some reason the story behind why they do it. Why there are certain people they target. The most intelligent people have been caught out too. You here stories all the time.

While life has changed over the years for the better we have lost that ability to leave our doors unlocked to truly believe our kids are safe playing out.

Instead we worry about if they are safe , if they are happy, who there talking to online.

I think though there is a lot more healing we have to do as society and all societies

The past we cannot change , we cannot rewrite it, but we can be more willing to hear others perspective. Being Open minded a willingness to listen to ask questions. We need more youth spaces more community parties, more voulenterring to make our own little communities look better, to rebuild what is destroyed

Now the sleepy feeling is coming see writing seems to be a thing that helps.😁❤️

Good night much love Faye

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